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Kurumi Hozuki 2015 Version! (Done!)

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1 Kurumi Hozuki 2015 Version! (Done!) on Sat Jan 03, 2015 5:32 am

Kurumi Hozuki

Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

"The opinion of others doesn't matter as long as long as someone loves you for you."

Name: Kurumi Hozuki
Nickname: Kuru
Age: 16
Gender: female
Village: Kirigakure
Village Rank: Chunin
Skill Rank: C

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120lbs
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Purple
Looks Image: At Top
Looks Description:
In the course of three years, the young Hozuki known as Kurumi has not changed any appearance wise. Her hair is still dark as night and Her eyes still shine a violet color. Her skin being the perfect color somewhere between pale and tan also looking smooth and soft. Her lips are still small and their color still being one between red and pink. Being part of the Hozuki Clan, the girls teeth are still sharpened from back to front. However, she no longer despises them as she once did. The girl still looks rather skinny and small however, she no longer gives off the look of weakness she once had. Instead, she gives off a look of confidence and is a teen not to be messed with.

Fitting over this girls small frame, would be the articles of clothing she loves to wear most. Her outfits continuing to consist of clothing that a lady would wear. From her waiste to about mid-thigh would be a skirt. The colors mostly being purple or black but she can still be caught wearing different colors from time to time. The girls top continues to consist of either a long sleeved shirt or a short sleeved shirt covered by a hoodie. The colors for her shirt normally being white and the hoodie being purple as well. Unless, she decides to wear a different color. Her shoes of course continue to be the normal shinobi sandals. The colors for these matching the girls skirt and hoodie. Of course, the girl continues to have her headband on her at all times. It can mostly be found around her neck.

Personality Description:
Kurumi is a teen that is still always told "Act like a lady." This means that she should always smile to others, be polite, use her manners, and so on. Well, considering that's all she has ever known it is how she acts. Whenever the teen is greeted, she will smile and greet that very person in return. Whenever she is told to do something, her response is "yes sir.. yes mam" and then it gets done. She has the utmost respect for everyone that has authority over her. Now, this doesn't mean she disrespects those younger than her but she knows better than to do what they tell her to do. (Don't most older people? Lol) However, she is still very kind towards them. With these good qualities she can get things done easier, is considered a hard worker, and can be found as very nice.  

Over three years, Kurumi has come to be quite happy with the way she is. After meeting two very special people she that started to like her for who she was, the Hozuki slowly started to come out of her shell. Three years ago, the young girl would have tried to keep her pearly whites hidden because she was afraid of what might be said about her. However, now she finds showing them off to be much better than constantly worrying about them. Three years ago, the girl would have felt as if she were nothing and had to stay in the shadows all the time. However, now the girl finds the need to be stuck out in the middle. Kurumi believes that if you don't step out into the world then you won't succeed. She also believes that you cannot do everything on your own because that only leads to one's downfall. Most couI'd say her confidence level has boosted from one of almost nothing to one almost through the roof.

Three years ago, Kurumi was a girl that had a bad temper when messed with. She could get angry easily and would be know to lash out unexpectedly. However, she wouldn't do anything to harm anyone of the same village. Since that time, the teen is said to have matured more than many might think. Now, the teen is said to have good control of her temper and doesn't get upset as much, which means it is very hard for someone to get her to a boiling point. However, if someone of the same village is said to upset her Kurumi will still react the same way she did so long ago. Words will spew from the teens lips that are rarely ever heard from her and many may say they never knew she could speak such things. If this begins to happen, then one might wish to stop because long ago she may have hesitated before attacking someone of the same village. Now, she would gladly attack without a second thought although, she wouldn't fight with the intent to kill. However, she wouldn't give a second thought to put you in your place.

When on a mission or doing something important, this teen brings out her more serious side. Her attitude towards her comrades is still the same kind, caring, and respctful one she always has. However, that doesn't mean she will allow anyone to fool around or mess anything up. Kurumi is all about passing the missions and failure is not an option. On missions, when the girl is up against someone she would consider her enemy the teen's eyes seem to sparkle. This sparkle that many would be able to see however, is not one they'll want to see again. That sparkle is one of blood lust. Many may not know the child has been trained ever since she could speak. The training increased everyday and taught her to never back out against an enemy. That's exactly what she doesn't do. Instead, the teen will go all out until blood is drawn and maybe even long after that. Secretly, the girl has a love for fighting and a love for blood.

The Hozuki's free time is spent half and half really. Half the time the girl is doing something considered free time. Whereas, the other half is considered something along the lines of work. Kurumi likes to spend a lot of her "free time" training or helping anyome that needs help. She finds it better to build herself up than waiste her time away. However, there are times where the teen really does like to do what she likes to do. Somethings she likes to do can range from reading to walking around the village. Kurumi likes to stick her head in a book and read anything from fictional books to books she can learn from. Walking around the village seems to calm the teen. She likes to look at the plants, the villagers, and just watch the children have fun. Kurumi wouldn't wish to be in any other village.

Likes: Books, Children, and Her Village
Dislikes: Bullies, Failing a mission, and Being Angered
Catch Phrases:
"Never let anyone tell you what you know is not true."
"Having a few good friends is better than having nothing at all."
"Don't make me angry. My attitude is sharper than my teeth."
Nindo: Becoming the,best she can without letting anyone tell her any different.

Element Affinity: Water
Sub Element Affinity: N/A


A little more than three years ago Kurumi's life was changed for the better and it was all thanks to a small pint sized child with mismatched eyes. The Hozuki had met the child on a crowded day. On this very day the child was lost so Kurumi promised to help the small adorable child. Her speech was in the third person and she wore what seemed like a sailor suit. The child's name was Shinku and everyday after that the girl would be considered one of Kurumi's friends. However, she mostly thinks of the girl as a younger sister. To this day, she still thinks of the child as adorable and loves the way she speaks, which has changed. If there came a time where Kurumi had to, she would gladly give her life for this girl. Shinku, the girl that changed Kurumi.

On the same day Kurumi met Shinku, she had met another. An older child, though still younger than herself, and she was looking for the very child Kurumi had found. If finding Shinku had ever happened, then Kurumi surely wouldn't had ever met this one. This girl was someone that Kurumi came to love. This one was a girl that Kurumi came to find that she could tell anything to. Her name was Chikara and she had also helped in the changing of Kurumi. Chakra came to be like another sister to the Hozuki. She came to be someone who showed her friendship and brought her slowly out of her shell. It was because of these two that Kurumi could finally feel confident in herself. It was the same for this one as well. If the time came, Kurumi would gladly give her life for this girl too.

A little more than three years ago, Kurumi started doing missions and it was all thanks to Shinku and Chikara. They had brought her on one of her first D Rank missions, even though they were younger than her. It was at that time that Kurumi began to do more missions however, most of the missions she did she had received help from the two girls. Without these two, Kurumi would not have been able to reach the status of Chunin. It had taken about three years for Kurumi to fully get into the idea of hard work but she had done so. She had finally got into the idea of comrades and self confidence. The Hozuki had also fully gotten into the idea of completing a mission no matter what. So, with the three year mark just now passing Kurumi is very excited to continue her life with the new rank she has gained and also with her friends.

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2 Re: Kurumi Hozuki 2015 Version! (Done!) on Tue Jan 06, 2015 2:14 am


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