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Sachio Kazan[Time Skip App]

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1 Sachio Kazan[Time Skip App] on Sat Jan 03, 2015 6:33 am


Kumo Chunin
Kumo Chunin

"It ain't sinning if you winning."

Name: Sachio Kazan
Nickname: Meech
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Village: Kumogakure
Village Rank: Genin
Skill Rank: D-Rank

Height: 6`0
Weight: 165lb
Hair color: Blonde-Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Topaz
Looks Image:

Looks Description:
His build has stayed slim and athletic, but over the years as men his age do, he grew to the height of six feet even. His once urbanized garments have been hidden in his closet collecting dust, while he has dawned a more mature look. Lots of Kimono's and Haori's, but his lower wear remains the same with baggy ninja pants and the traditional shinobi foot wear.

Personality Description:
Age 14 wrote:
Sachio is a ninja with a heart of gold and a strong sense of loyalty to his clan. Even when betrayal is the easiest and smartest choice, the child has and probably never will succumb to such serpentine ways. He's always looking to learn and grow, so he can one day be a pillar of strength for his family. At a young age he learned quickly that even small things are helpful and can go a long way or help those at the top of the totem pole he is steadily climbing. Sachio always looks for ways to not only make things fun, but also ways to learn from even the most tedious activities. Not the most patient, but he is very diligent in his endeavors regardless that they are arduous.

With this sense of willpower, unlike most with such prominent mannerism, Meech is a very cautious person. He's not a great strategical mind, but he always tries to play out scenarios in his mind before acting. This sometimes gets him lost in thoughts or daydreams as the scenarios lead off to many tangents often, but when he's focused on something or it demands attention, that rarely happens. Another downfall of this trait is that sometimes it makes him indecisive and he'll often second guess himself. Albeit, during light hearted events and activities he easily relies on his instincts since the repercussions aren't as great as opposed to more stony instances.

The base of his personality has remained and he still puts his clan first and that doesn't seem to be changing. His sense of cautiousness has been replaced with a militant sense of confidence. As the years passed and trials were thrown at him, he adapted a sense of leadership as well. He doesn't force himself to such positions of course, but when he notices a situation is lacking control and needs a figure head, he has no issue stepping up to the occasion.

Also with the test of time he's become rather docile and silent having had to grow up fairly fast due to inheriting his father's debts and responsibilities. Around vibrant souls Sachio seems to come out of his reclusive shell however.

Age 14 wrote:
Kazan Clan

Age 14 wrote:
Gruesome Deaths
Catch Phrases:
Age 14 wrote:"Don't get burnt by the same flame twice"
Age 14 wrote:
"To first and foremost bring glory to my brothers and sisters of the Kazan Clan!"
"To sustain the well being of my clan, while creating a brighter future for the youth."

Element Affinity: Yoton
Sub Element Affinity: Doton & Katon

Age 14 wrote:Sachio was born into the Kazan Clan, a clan that is known for producing spectacular ninja's with the ability to utilize the Yoton Kekkei Genkai. He and the branch of the clan he lives with hails from Sunagakure and that explains his unique clothing. Reason for migrating to Kumogakure was simply due to a harsh season for produce and they figured finally making a big move to Kumogakure would benefit their branch in the long run and should have been done long ago. When he was three his clan had finally settled in the outskirts of Kumogakure in something akin to a colony, but hidden in the mountains. As he grew, his father was always eager and proud to instill the mind set of a shinobi in him. His father wasn't his only teacher however. His whole clan contributed to his growth as a child into a ninja, just as they helped the other peers he grew up with. A joyous, but beneficial childhood was the result and soon enough he was enrolled in the Kumogakure Ninja Academy along side two others from his clan.

Knowing greatness was expected of him, he had developed this tendency of over thinking in the Academy, something which his instructor praised and looked down on him for. It was such a rare trait in such young ninja's, to not be so hot headed or eager to jump into combat. This was what awarded Sachio with a stronger relationship with his instructor, this man being like an older brother to him, given the man had just achieved the rank of Sp. Jounin before the start of the season. Sachio himself, seasoned into a fine young man and an even finer ninja for his rank, now being Genin, the boy is still nervous about what he has to offer his clan.

Over the years Sachio has distanced himself from the ninja village Kumogakure and put his focus into his clan and its prosperity. His father having been imprisoned for the use of forbidden techniques and harming others in the clan, Sachio had to adopt the role of the head of his household at the age of 14 and also assume the role of a clan head in his father's place. Along with these responsibilities, he was shamelessly given all of his father's debts to pay off and work to do along with his. Needless to say the young Genin was robbed of his childhood, but from it he learned many arduous life lessons and discipline at an early age.

Surprisingly handling the harsh lifestyle he was thrust into with maturity, the other clan heads noticed this and began to take time to further his ninja training since he had not the time to journey to Kumogakure any longer. Along with missionary work out to other lands and a few short lived wars with other clans, the Kazan clan has not only expanded their territory, but they have also began to grow in population. Sitting at the table with fourteen other well qualified A-Rank powers, Sachio has learned a lot about the world and how to get by in such a vile place. It's an understatement to say that he's wise beyond his peers when it comes to wisdom. Perhaps he's a bit trapped in his mental often and very thought based, making him give off a weird aura in social environments, but in the field he is a great asset to any team.

RP Sample: ~

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2 Re: Sachio Kazan[Time Skip App] on Sun Jan 04, 2015 4:44 am


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin


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