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A child's Task

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1 A child's Task on Sat Jan 03, 2015 8:25 am


C-rank missing ninja
C-rank missing ninja

Uchiha, Tennin


"So much blood...hope the boy didn't overkill....Nothing wrong with that but I do have to have this place killed up." A man making his way down bloody steps would say, his hands in his pockets as he walked. Besides this man was another who was the one to travel with Tennin to Konohagakure, he still wearing his black cloak but the hood was down. They both walked down the stairs with blank expressions on their face, blood covered the walls and stairs. But it wasn't too slippery but the two had to take their time unless they would fall down and mostly land in an unpleasant way. The Stair chase that lead down was lit by a few torches but nothing else, as this place was one of the many passages that lead down to an secret area in the Uchiha Stronghold. 

The two would finally get to the bottom of the stair and make it to an an empty room, besides the few bodies that littered it along with the blood of them. Well it was also pretty damaged from all the rumble that was around, but still not really a big deal to the two. The only thing in this place that was the person they ha left down here. They didn't though leave from their spot, the bottom of the stairs. "Where is he?" the man would ask the other as he turned his head to look around. His question wouldn't be answer with any words as both their eyes would turn to their left, someone pushed through some ruble on the ground. The person that would push through the ruble was some buff guy who was missing an arm, as he came toward he couldn't speak as his jaw was hanging from being broken. Before he could reach the two though an sword would be thrown. The Blade going through his neck, he would fall down to the ground. 

The blade would be grabbed by a boy, Tennin, and put back into it's scabbard. "Took you guys long enough, this fucks really made me mad....and I lost it." Tennin would say as he would walk passed the two of them and made his way up the stairs, he wanted to get out of this place and take a bath and eat something. Order to stay down here for a week until those two came and got him, will only little food, was bullshit in his opinion. A form of training that made no sense. Putting him down here to fight captured criminals for a week to the death, and only being allowed to use his bullshit katana. Also Tennin had suffered a few injures during this time, even though he tried not to show it, knew that he needed medical attention or he would be in really bad shape. 

"Come on, lets get him fixed up." The man that had brought Tennin to Konoha had said, this being the first thing he has said all day in probably the last. He didn't talk much even though he was an Kumogakure Elder, but he did take care of things. The man beside him would nob in agreement and the three would head up stairs, it was time to go over somethings. 

What it look like:
Word Count: 0545/0000


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2 Re: A child's Task on Sat Jan 03, 2015 8:44 am


C-rank missing ninja
C-rank missing ninja

Uchiha, Tennin


After they had left that place Tennin was taken to get his injuries taken care of and his belly filled, and after that the long chat with those two. After it all Tennin needed to be alone in a nice warm room, where he could sit and clear his thoughts. "Hmm, this is better then that damn place..I guess..." Tennin would suddenly say to himself as he would lay down on the floor, looking up at the ceiling. This young boy had many things going through his head as he had to accomplish many task set before him. But at this time he wanted to just relax as he just sat there, staring at the ground. 

Word Count: 0000/0000


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