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Fine Day to Watch Someone's Post[Mission]

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1 Fine Day to Watch Someone's Post[Mission] on Sat Jan 03, 2015 9:11 am


Kumo Chunin
Kumo Chunin

Name: Watch My Post
Rank: D-Rank
Type: Normal
Mission given by: Gate Guard
Rewards: 200 Ryo
Participants: Kumo Nin
Daily: Yes
Description: I gotta pee, watch my post until I'm back.

Another early morning for the Genin as he had to wake up to make his regularly scheduled commute to the Village Hidden in the Clouds, Kumogakure no Sato. The sun had barely just mad sit over the mountains to bless the entirety of the Land of Lightning with its radiant glow. Yawning while putting a hand to his mouth Sachio shielded his eyes from this blessing as he was a bit irritable today. His father having been imprisoned for his crimes, a lot of new responsibilities had spontaneously fallen onto the young Genin's shoulders. He knew soon enough if things continued how they were going, he'd have to give up or at least postpone his shinobi career. He sighed at the thought as he was just settling into things, but he knew it'd be considered selfish of him if he didn't. He couldn't possibly leave his mother, bother, and sisters to burden all the weight of his father's absence alone.

Nearing the Kumogakure no Sato gates, Sachio didn't even bother taking out his ninja identification card. He was a well known traveler in and out of these walls, given he had to come from the moutons every time he wanted to even participate in the most minuscule amount of official or logged shinobi activity. Stepping through the gates with nothing but a wave to the familiar guards, he was only but a meter past the entrance to the village when his name was called. "Hey, hey, hey, Sachio. You think you could do me a favor and watch my post for me? The Genin wasn't in the mood for such petty favors and shook his head in a negative response, though it was against his normal behavior to do so. "Come on, I just gotta go to the bathroom and as a Jounin I can log it as a mission for you. Here . . . I'll even pay you, just help me out, the others won't let me go without a proper replacement." "Yeahand Sachio hardly qualifies as a "proper" replacement, but we'll let it slide." "Fine, go ahead . . . but don't take too long now Oda. I'm not foolish enough to know you guys don't take advantage of Genin like me!"

It was a known fact and a legendary story. Once a Jounin had let a Genin temporarily relieve him to go on a quick restroom break and he never came back. The Genin had other duties to do of course, but sadly the poor sucker was stuck watching his post until the next day came and the Jounin finally turned up. The whole story was obviously false, but it was a small anecdote Jounin Sensei's told their students, so they wouldn't be late to things like PT and studying. "So Sachio, how are things going up in the mountains, in the compound for you Kazan?" Sachio looked at his superior who was standing eyes out locked on the mountains, before his optics too rested on the large structures. "Things are well." He lied. "Clan is really starting to get used to this new area and are planning on making some moves, probably send in more prospects like me to become ninja in due time." Expansion was also being discussed. Not against Kumogakure or anything, but against other local clans that had taken up refuge in areas Kumogakure or the Daimyo had not the smallest bit of feelings for.


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