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Wind Gust Capsule.

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1 Wind Gust Capsule. on Sun Jan 04, 2015 12:50 am

Name: Wind Gust Capsule.
Type: Air Supplement.
Appearance: Click & Click.
Rank: D.
Special Abilities: The capsule has the ability to absorb the air around it until it's gauge is full. This process takes one full post to be completed. Then the capsule is separated into two halves, the air inside shrouds the user and everyone within five [5] meters of them with air. If used incorrectly, the capsule will unleash a large raging tornado that not even the user can control. The purpose of this technique is to supplement the user with air, whether it be for a technique or for simple oxygen use in tight situations. The air released only lasts three [3] posts if not used for a technique. The air must be gather before hand. The air acts as a free technique that is C-Rank or lower.
Origin: This capsule was created by a talented merchant in the undergrounds of Kirigakure.
Materials: Iron Painted Blue, Rotating Steel Vacuum Fans Hidden Underneath Each Capsule Head, and Navy Iron Bolts.
Total Price: 1000.


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