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Kiyoko Michiki 2015 Version! (Done!)

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1 Kiyoko Michiki 2015 Version! (Done!) on Sun Jan 04, 2015 9:26 am

"The worst kind of pain... is the kind that you can't get rid of."

Name: Kiyoko Michiki (Senju)
Nickname: Kiyo
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Village: Kumogakure
Village Rank: Genin
Skill Rank: D

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120lbs
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue (Contacts)
Looks Image: At Top
Looks Description: Kiyoko's looks have changed drastically in the course of three years so has her attire. In the course of three years, the teen's hair color has changed from a light brown to a dark brown and has gone from straight to slightly wavy. The color is natural although, some may believe it's dyed. Kiyoko's hair is also about elbow length in the back but sides are only about shoulder length and hang down near the girls face. However, she likes to wear it up in a ponytail more than down So nobody notices. Her eye color has also changed from a reddish brown to a blue. However, this one is not narural because the teen decided to start weating eye coloring contacts. Her face no longer has that sweet little girl look to it but it has a beautiful and much older look to it. She has grown four inches and also gained about 10 pounds. The teen has also matured a bit in her body structure.

The teens attire is no longer that red dress she used to wear. However, it is much older looking and makes the teen feel the way it looks. Starting from the top,  she wears a white t-shirt with a brown vest over top of it. The vest contains two small pockets on the bottom of both sides. Her bottoms are now a pair of blue jean shorts. Her shoes consist of the normal shinobi sandals, which are the color black, and her headband can normally be found around her neck. On the teen's wrists, a black cloth an be found surrounded by pink tape, that seems to be holding it in place.

Personality Description:

Three years ago, Kiyoko could be seen as that girl that was spoiled and always liked to get in trouble. However, that all changed after about 6 months. Her personality went from trouble making to slowly getting a great bit nicer. The teen started to show people kindness and compassion. She started to help anyone who needed it and was always there to comfort those that were sad. Kiyoko decided that she'd be the girl that her brother hoped for her to be and would try harder than before to accomplish that goal. She decided that she would no longer cause anger and havoc. Instead, she decided to bring happiness, comfort, helpfulness, and possibly hope. Kiyoko wanted to be special to as many people as possible so that they would never feel what she was feeling.

Although this may be what the teen wants for others, it's not what she feels for herself. She often tries to keep this feeling hidden but Kiyoko feels nothing but depression. It had been about two years ago that the teen had started to convince herself that her brother was dead, which meant it had been two years since she started feeling this depression but she could never rid herself of it. The teen believed that changing how she was would help but it didn't. Despite the fact that Kiyoko felt alone, she couldn't bring herself to make friends. Kiyoko decided that having friends was just another door to more pain. Her brother was the world to her and then he just disappears, which meant Kiyoko felt her world had just been ripped away.
That was something she would never wish to feel again.

Although the girl had convinced herself so long ago that he wouldn't return, Kiyoko still holds hopes deep down. The teen doesn't want to fully accept the fact that he is gone. She doesn't want to close that door yet, which in turn only leads to deeper depression. Kiyoko often spend a lot of time sitting near the village gates wondering if it could be possible and filling herself with what seems to be false hopes.

As a result if her depression, Kiyoko often finds herself not ready to sleep or crying herself to sleep. If she cannot sleep the teen wills lip out in the middle of the night to sit in a high place of the village. She often finds herself looking out over the village thinking about many things. However, she often finds herself thinking of her lack of motivation to become more than a genin. Ever since that day two years ago, Kiyoko has felt no motivation or strength to move on considering she spends most of if trying to keep her emotions at bay around the village. So, she wonders when she'll be able to and until then she'll continue on stuck in the same cycle everyday.
Likes: Walks, Children, and Her Village
Dislikes: Bullies, Disrespect, and Pain
Catch Phrases: "The worst kind of pain... is the kind you can't get rid of."
"Always let your loved ones know you love them."
"Hope... it can bring you up but it can also tear you apart."
"I've heard those who smile the most are those that are hurting the most."
Nindo: To find a way out of her darkness.

Element Affinity: Suiton
Sub Element Affinity: Doton, Mokuton


More than three years ago, Katsuro left the village of Kumogakure but Kiyoko believed he'd return. To her, Katsuro was the strongest person alive and he was also every part of her world. So, the girl would continue on with her everyday activities of terrorizing villagers and messing up everything in site. She even got a chance to meet the Raikage although, she treated him no different than any other person. That seemed to be the last best day she had because everyday after was her slowly dying inside. She also started slowly changing but not in the way most would think. Kindness started to become stronger in the girl or at least in the outside. This was so that nobody would notice her breaking into pieces and falling apart.

After 6 months, Kiyoko started to convince herself that her brother was gone. For a few weeks, Kiyoko didn't leave her home she didn't even speak to her parents. The teen slowly started pushing everyone away and cried almost everyday. She began to wear cloths around her wrists with pink tape holding them in place. She started to claim it was just new fashion but nobody believed her. So, she changed all of her looks and her hair slowly followed. After a while of seeing her in such a state, her parents would force her to go out and meet people.

So, for the last few years Kiyoko has spent her time out in the village. Even if there is nothing to possibly do, she still does so. The teen started visiting the village gates for an hour a day and started wearing contacts telling herself that her eyes were too closely related to her brothers. She also started telling herself that he would one day return but always seemed to convince herself otherwise saying it was only false hopes. Kiyoko soon found herself trying to be a face of kindness,comfort, and even a sliver of hope. She would help the best she could to keep people from ever reaching the amount of pain she was feeling.

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2 Re: Kiyoko Michiki 2015 Version! (Done!) on Tue Jan 06, 2015 12:00 am


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

Someone be her friend. D: Approved.

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