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I choose you!!

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1 I choose you!! on Sun Jan 04, 2015 12:05 pm


Hello my fellow Nexians! Im here today to ask for all your help! As some of you might of heard already I've recently made a twitch account. For those that dont know what that is its basically a website like youtube except mostly for gaming videos and it also does live streaming so you can interact with viewers. Basically im here asking you all, if it not too much to ask, to head on over to the link the below and follow my account and watch a few of my streams or videos and help me get started. Most of my live streams will probably Destiny, The Evil Within, NBA 2k15, Assassins Creed, pretty much any ps4 game I have and soon ill get my computer set up to stream games from steam so I'll a lot to choose from. So big thanks for taking the time to read this a bigger thanks for your support!


And for those interested I'll probably be swinging by the in the chatbox and linking my to my stream when i start them. The one thing about twitch is the more viewers you have the closer you are to the top of the list so more people see your stream so if everybody joins and its only for 5-10 minutes it can be a big help!


Stamp of Approval!


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