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Weapon| Jinsoku-Ondori

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1 Weapon| Jinsoku-Ondori on Mon Jan 05, 2015 5:28 am


Kumo Chunin
Kumo Chunin

Name: Jinsoku (Swift)
Type: Ninjato
Appearance: Reaches 19 inches, blade is black with a non reflective surface despite the image.
Rank: C-Rank
Special Abilities: N/A
Origin: Bought in the Land of Lightning during Sachio's travels.
Materials used: Steel
Total Price: 500 Ryo

Name: Ondori (Rooster)
Type: Katana
Appearance: Despite being made strictly from magma of other Clan Elders, the weapon sounds, feels, and even gleams like it's made of steel or another metal and is just as durable of course. Reaches 25inches.
Rank: C-Rank
Special Abilities: N/A
Origin: Gifted to Sachio from his work as a Clan Elder.
Materials used: Magma
Total Price: 500 Ryo

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2 Re: Weapon| Jinsoku-Ondori on Thu Jan 15, 2015 5:32 am



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