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Hyuga, Kira

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1 Hyuga, Kira on Mon Jan 05, 2015 11:16 am

Kira Hyuga

Kiri Genin
Kiri Genin

"I will turn my pain, into strength and use that strength to crush my enemies"

Name: Kira Hyuga
Nickname: Byakugan princess of the mist
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Village: Hidden Mist Village
Village Rank: Genin
Skill Rank: D

147.3 cm
Weight: 45kg
Hair color: Dark blue
Eye Color: white
Looks Image: look above
Looks Description: Kira has short hair that is leveled with a hime cut style, with white eyes, when her byakugan activates veins go around the eyes popping out. she  wears a cream colored hooded jacket, that has sleeves  and fur around the cuffs and hem, she likes to wear navy blue pants and her forehead protector goes around her neck. Under the jacket she wears a blue blouse with a high collar.

Personality Description:

Kira is an energetic individual, she has a love for training, sparring and actually fighting. She tends to treat combat as a sport, and seeks it out where ever she goes,  Kira for the most part for the win, she spares her enemies after defeating them, she would only kill as an absolute last resort.

Kira does have an overwhelming determination, even if she is out matched in a fight, she will not give up. She will keep fighting to the point of exhaustion and still she will continue, pushing herself onto her feet fall after fall, the determination she has carries on into her studies and training regimes she is often found training alone in the training grounds at night.

Kira is at times a very unique and contradiction young lady, she is emotionally influenced on things that she views significant see a lot of the time Kira  is emotionally constipated, she doesn’t feel emotions like normal people she just feels numbness, and the two emotions that she can recognize and distinguish is anger and sadness, the rest she isn’t familiar with. So when doing things like listening to music or seeing scenery it can influence her on an emotional level to feel emotions but she wouldn’t recognize how she feels.

She likes to be on her own a lot, she isn’t exactly a social butterfly, generally when alone she will do things like study medical journals to expand on her knowledge of medicine and learn new things so she can come up with to help save lives, She one day wants to learn medical ninjutsu and maybe be a medic. She practices the art of Yoga to train her body and keep it in shape, she also likes to practice the art of meditation to try and keep a clear head. Kira  also likes to do things like reading books and develop strategies for combat.

Kira does have a tendency for being late, mostly because she sleeps in and thats caused from training in the middle of the night to early morning. Kira  is very big on the mystery she doesn’t talk about herself much, She doesn’t like sharing details which can makes it hard for people to get to know her, and she keeps her techniques secret from both allies and foes making her big on mystery and partly because she has trust issues.

- Rainy weather
- Music
- Meditating / Yoga
- Fighting
- Studying
- Food

- Sunny weather
- Rude people
- Rogue shinobi
- Losing
- Burned food
- Cleaning

Catch Phrases: “I refuse to lose”

“Underestimating me is just about the biggest mistake you will make”

Nindo: If I am not strong enough during the course of this fight, I will shed off my weaknesses and become stronger than I was a day ago, an hour ago, a minute ago…I will transcend weakness and pain to complete my goals and protect the people I Cherish that is my nindo, my ninja way”

Element Affinity:
Sub Element Affinity:


Early Life
Kira hyuga was born near the hidden mist village, when her mother went rouge from the hidden leaf village to search for her husband, she couldn’t accept that he had perished during a mission and so she went to search for him. Things didn’t seem to work out as Kira’s mother was cornered by rogue shinobi of the mist.

She managed to fight them and hold their own,  but by the time shinobi from the mist arrived to hunt down the rogue’s Kira’s mother was mortally wounded, Kira was delivered by a medical ninja minutes before her mother’s death. The Discovery of Kira was kept secret from the other villages, possessing the byakugan gave potential for a rare kind of shinobi in the hidden mist village.

Kira was raised in the hidden mist hospital, for the first four years of her life she was raised by nurses until the age of five, when she had learned all the skills she needed to survive on her own. Kira was given a small apartment and an allowance for food and living that came out of the village taxes.

Academy Arc

Kira’s first day into the academy was one, she would never forget. She was hopeful that she would make real friends and have some one to play with, but that didn’t turn out to be the case as the kids noticed her peculiar eyes and were afraid of her. Kira was disappointed, but focused on her studies at the academy, she was the first person to master the Clone jutsu being able to make five clones in total.

Kira seemed to pick up taijutsu naturally, while other students struggled with it, she was learning faster and faster than the others, eventually she befriended a young  girl named pumpkin. The months went on and Kira enjoyed having her first friend to play with and study with when it came to tree climbing and water surface walking. As much as Kira liked her friend, Kira felt pumpkin was holding her back, so when Pumpkin left Kira would go to the bloody mist training grounds and would train there most nights until dawn, and then attend academy lessons. The new found routine often left Kira falling asleep in class, which meant she would have to stay back after class.

Over the next three years Kira would notice many changes happening in the community, like the village being slightly safer from the criminal, and the discovery of the kaguya temple a place she one day wanted to see, and the village becoming more prosperous. One evening after just arriving into the training grounds, Kira was challenged by a Genin who tried to bully her into giving up the training spot.

Kira fought the Genin and barely defeated him, after discovering the use of her premature byakugan. Kira continued her training and quickly became known by her classmates as the top student. She eventually succeeded in mastering all of the jutsu taught in the academy and when the time came for the Genin Exams, Kira graduated as one of the top students, becoming a genin A kunochi in training by performing the hidden mist jutsu.


Coming soon

RP Sample: Kira couldn’t believe it, tomorrow will be her first day as a fully fledged genin, a shinobi in training she looked at the full moon, she knew she should probably be getting a good night sleep for what would happen tomorrow, but she couldn’t help it, she had to train and grow stronger, to become the strongest kunochi in the village.

Kira had sat quietly in the field, her eyes closed as it appeared that she was doing nothing, in fact she was training her other senses, listening to the sounds around her, the young girl heard a twig snap in the distance and she kept herself from getting alarmed, she listened closely to the footsteps around her coming closer towards her.

Slowly she picked herself up and stood still, the speed of the footsteps were picking up and she opened her eyes, jumping up into the air she did a back flip and pulled out a kunai knife throwing it at the person who attempted to attack her from behind with a kunai knife, she smiled as it hit, but her smile vanished when a puff of smoke surrounded the attacker and it revealed itself to be a replacement with a log. As the rookie genin fell to the ground she started to perform hand seals and as she landed she saw some one come at her from the side and punched her in the face. Kira was sent rolling across the ground stopping near the log with the kunai sticking out at it.

In a puff of smoke, Kira’s body did the transformation jutsu, turning into a log. She waited; her attacker would either think she escaped or lower their guard. Kira’s attacker came close the attacker’s foot inches from her, canceling the transformation jutsu Kira attacked with a kick to the attacker’s chin sending the attacker flying.

she watched as the attacker landed in the distance, standing up the attacker glared at her before running up, kira watched wishing she could have seen her attacker’s identity. Picking, Kira bent over to pick up her kunai from the log and placed it in the holster. She ran from the training grounds that was an interesting spar, I need to find out who that person was so I could rematch them…for now,  I need to get home get some sleep I guess she thought to herself.

The young kunochi made it home, and locked her doors she undressed and went to sleep, the next thing she knew sunlight was on her face and slowly woke up “awww man it feels like I just closed my eyes” she mumbled to herself, the young girl looked at her alarm clock her eyes widen with terror “OH NO IM LATE” she yelled out, Kira jumped out of bed and got dressed she jumped out of her bedroom windrow running towards the meeting place “CRAP IM LATE ON MY FIRST DAY” she yelled running through the village going as fast she could until she arrived on the meeting spot.

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Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin


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