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Miyamoto Musashi [Post-Timeskip]

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1 Miyamoto Musashi [Post-Timeskip] on Tue Jan 06, 2015 4:30 am


Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin

"This is how I'll kill.... like this.... like that... "

Name: Miyamoto Musashi
Nickname: N/A
Age: 46
Gender: male
Village: Konohagakure
Village Rank: Sannin/S-class Jounin/Former Hokage
Skill Rank: S

Weight: 150 lbs
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Looks Image:


Looks Description: Wears a black haori and hakama. His Takashi blades are at the front of his waistline wrapped around by a blue sash. Wears wooden sandals. Has grown slightly taller over the three years.

Personality Description: Hasn't changed much:
This man... this man who has changed. He has adopted a new name, and has become closer to the samurai path, but still upholds ninja ideals and tactics. Ryuho has become more serious and cautious; conversely, he is less lackadaisical and easy-going. A more hostile suspicion of others has replaced his usual friendliness and acceptance of others back when he was Hokage. Such is the path that recent events have done to him, tormenting soul and spirit until his mind has undergone a radical change in perspective and desire. A major alteration in personality is that his characteristic reluctance to kill or even to fight intensely has been eradicated. This man.... this man no longer has any qualms about killing, whether it be he the one to make the first move or in self-defense. Such is the path that his bloodlust has turned him down upon. Ever since his climatic duel with Musashi, he has found that wisdom lies in the spiral of death and killing, and that he must dwelve into it in order to learn about the worlds that exist and cope with the extremities that have haunted him and his village. He will hardly regret anything about cutting another down - taking their life, whether it be man or woman. Although he does not like to start fights out of nowhere, kill people randomly, and reviles war, Ryuho is not non-violent. He is a peace-loving man, without a doubt. He wants to be left alone and do what he wants. But if he is bothered, attacked, or have reason to suspect hostility, he will attack while seriously considering to murder in cold blood. The man has found a new way of learning through fighting and killing. Courteous, peaceful, and respectful, but if someone tries to put their greasy yellow hands on him, he'll send them straight to the cemetary.

He knows now that there are people out there trying to destroy him and all that he stands for. Becoming more isolated, like a wanering traveler, but still with the thoughts of his villagesmen in mind, Ryuho seeks out knowledge and interactions all over the Shinobi World to attain the mind of a sage. He has to follow the path of a true man. with human beings no longer able to sit in the same dinner table together to talks things out, it is time for swords and arms to be raised for full retaliation. More reserved and quiet, he has also changed his manner of speaking. He has taken on more solitary activities such as calligraphy and sculpting, avoiding the partying that he used to do.

He is far less perverted, or at least something more interesting has preoccupied his mind.

He still loves Konoha and all that it stands for, so he will return one day. The sword he uses is to kill evil men, rather than to protect. Modest, he leaves his Hokage position in more capable hands.

Openly aware of his surroundings and cautious of others, Ryuho takes on a new identity, new perspective, and new life: As Musashi.

- Fighting
- Boobs
- Traveling/Wandering
- Being alone doing solitary activities
- Konohagakure and the Will of Fire
- Tea
- Finding himself

- War
-Hot Springs with men
-People who oppress others
- People who bully girls

Catch Phrases: "Are you greater than me?"
Nindo: His nindo evolving into a more complex code, Musashi's ninja way involves "embracing" and "following" the spiral of killing and death (a.k.a. Curse of Hatred) all the way.

Element Affinity: Wind, Fire
Sub Element Affinity:

The Timeskip.....
Over the three years, Musashi has grown very dedicated to the sword, studying its ways, techniques, and philosophy. Interestingly enough, his view of the blade has grown more and more simple, and applies it in all manners of life in the most simplistic ways. He still feel he has much to learn about the way of the sword before he has truly mastered it. As his own prowess as a swordsman grew, he also mastered Iaido Kenjutsu, becoming very proficient in it by his own practice. In addition, he also acquired a greater arsenal of techniques. At one point, he elft Konohagakure in order to wander and visit other villages, specifically paying visits to Kumogakure, Otogakure, and Amegakure. He stayed there for weeks on end. He dwelved into many areas to gather information and obtained a significant amount of knowledge from contacts and resources. Recently, he has returned to Konohagakure, as the Sannin ronin who has returned home.


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2 Re: Miyamoto Musashi [Post-Timeskip] on Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:20 pm


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin


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