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Save Me [OPEN]

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1 Save Me [OPEN] on Tue Jan 06, 2015 5:57 am


Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin

"Miso with kakuni, please", a voice said.

The head chef took the ryo, and thus was obliged to carry out the customer's order. While he was preparing the food, he shot a few casual glances, without any particular intention naturally, at the man behind the voice, who had his back turned against him. The hairstyle did not tick him off because he had seen numerous hair like that, but it was something about the black outfit that he had on as well as the aura that he had which the chef was strangely familiar with. When he put all the noodles, toppings, and broth all in one clean bowl (despite its use hundreds of times over many months), he set it all down before the man on the table-top, looking at the customer. "Here you go", the chef said.  

"Looks like Kojirama wasn't too shabby in keeping the tree together...", the man said.
"Excuse me?" the chef retorted, his ears detecting a familiar tone from the man.
At last, the man turned and sat down, dipping his chopsticks into the bowl of noodles, and darted his eyes up at the chef while his twin blades were settled down right on the counter.

The chef's eyes squinted so that his senses could fully trace the source of the familiarity, before his eyes flared up and a smile hatched from his face.

"Ah..... Musashi!"


"Quality has not gone down at all, Tenchi-san...." Musashi said, as he was almost done with his ramen. "Haven't seen you around in months. I heard that you left and just disappeared on some village duty or something. Well, welcome back. And where you been?"
"It was just some leisure time. I just made a personal trip around the world. That's all. Came back a few days ago, actually haha..."
"What?! Oh, man! You should have stopped by earlier then. We had your favorite".
"It was a tiring day. All that walking and training. Ah well. I picked up a few things". With the last slurps from his bowl, Musashi finished his order and used a napkin to wipe off his mouth. "You're still in business, old friend", he said, satisfied. Musashi grabbed his belongings as Tenchi tended to a bunch of other customers. He left Ichiraku Ramen, happy that even the meal reminded him of home. He was older, hopefully wiser now. As Musashi collected himself, he blended in with the crowd of his fellow men, with new and old ninja alike introduced to the busy streets of the village. He had become a shadow among the leaves....


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2 Re: Save Me [OPEN] on Tue Jan 06, 2015 11:00 am


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
Lavii was out and about as always. He had gained some kind of noteriety within the village having gained 3 tomoe sharingan as a child. Something that he had hidden his entire life, but had come to light. The young Uchiha was wearing normal Uchiha styled clothing that consisted of a black short sleeved shirt. Under said shirt he wore a compression shirt which covered his mouth. The outer shirt had the Uchiha crest on its back. He also wore simple black shorts and blacks shinobi sandals. He himself was just returning to the village and had heard there was a attack on the village as well as other things happening. He was baffled at the news, but this was a major village with a lot of enemies. He walked the streets with no real purpose; he passed by a man a man whose presence felt familiar. Lavii turned to head and looked at the man. "Musashi Sensei..." He spoke loud enough for all to hear.


Sharingan Development

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  • Word Count: 2,450|5,550
  • Tomoe: Unastered 3rd Tomoe

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3 Re: Save Me [OPEN] on Tue Jan 06, 2015 1:22 pm

Hitomi Shiruku

Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
She seemed to come back to the shop with a seemingly happier demeanor. 3 long years of training and gruelling as a chunin under the care of her family near Kumo. She came back ever so often to check on her close family in Konoha and friends of course. She of course missed it's calm wind and beautiful scenery. Of course most of the population hasn't gone off well but she knew the place was still her home. More so she missed her friends, her sensei, even her rival. So many people she felt trust towards and put herself on the line if needed to help aid them.

She took a breath of air and went inside for a moment as she took her place farthest from the others like she always had. She then rose her voice to the chef with a small smile. "Spiciest you have if you have it..." She asked awaiting her meal thinking back to when she was a genin and barely seemed to smile, now with growing up she felt more comfortable and stable in her abilities. More so more able to trust others without having to go through a ton of trouble.

Once her dish arrived, she ate it properly without a blink of an eye or tear drop from just how spicy and hot it was. As she finished up she nodded a thank you to the man as she paid her meal and just as she began to exit she noticed a larger figure leaving. It took her a while, looking it over as she blinked for a moment before lighting up. "Musashi, good day my old sensei..." She grinned to him for a moment as she looked to the boy around her age come up as she laughed lightly. "New team already it seems, how nice...looks like you've got alot of work then." She mentioned before sighing out. "Sorry for the intrusion it's just I wanted to thank you for training me but also helping me out with a few troubles. You're an amazing teacher really." She said with a smile as she turned to the boy. "He really is, just try to keep him away from the girls...he loses his attention near them." She chuckled slightly.

WC: 376

((well it did say open and I wanted a bit of closure and fun with old sensei!~))



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