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3 Years Later.

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1 3 Years Later. on Tue Jan 06, 2015 7:36 am



Suna was an unbearably hot place, or so Zero had been told by almost every person that wasn’t use to the heat. She had also been informed that Snow Country was an unbearably cold place by the merchants that came through Suna with goods from around the world. She had been only told so since she apparently reminded said merchant of Yuki, though under the intense sun of Suna he wasn’t complaining much about her surprisingly cold body temperature. Zero herself didn’t know, she had been a resident of Suna for three years now but never had she felt this heat others were talking about. She had visited Yuki once simply out of curiosity, but she hadn’t felt this cold so many people were talking about. Perhaps she was simply use to extreme temperatures no matter if it was hot or cold, but than again perhaps she couldn’t feel temperatures period. It definitely explained why her mother insisted on her wearing a coat before she hugged her, but that had been dependent on rather or not her assumption was correct. It had been a year into her stay within the village her mother ruled before she noticed that she could see her breath, and another month or two before she finally concluded that people around her weren’t crazy.

Her body was indeed freezing cold and it never changed, a piece of information that had intrigued as well as explained why she didn’t feel hot or cold. Yet knowing this only had her thinking about what it would feel like if she could feel these sensations, yet with nothing but words of the people to go on, it was impossible for her to imagine it. So she had shoved the thought from her mind with little intent to allow it to plague her mind any longer for it really didn’t matter that much. Sure she would never feel the heat of an incoming fire attack, but than again her companion would and Zero was rarely by herself. Even if she were by herself, she would still hear the distinct sound of the flames or the crackling of lightning and thus be able to react. So again there was no need to focus on something that she truly didn’t need, having lived without it for so long. But still the thought crept up on her every once in a while, and she couldn’t help but futilely attempt to imagine these sensation. Usually after an hour of trying to feel something, Zero would head on up to the top of the administration office, sitting upon the highest point with feet dangling over the ledge, her hands holding onto her umbrella as she looked out at the village that Akatsuki had rebuilt.

It was at that moment that her thoughts would turn back to what had occurred three years ago, on the battle that had been waged against the Daimyo for ownership of this once desolate land. He, or maybe it had been a she, Zero couldn’t care to remember the gender nevertheless the name of the Daimyo, but either way he or she should had taken the deal that her mother had presented. If they had, well they would still be alive, watching as the group restored Suna to its former glory. But she guessed she should thank the foolish individual for her mother could do what she pleased without going to the Daimyo for permission. As for her relations with the people that had helped secure the now prospering lands, well they were still pawns in her mother’s rather complex game of chess and they would remain like that. With her complete and utter disregard for the people that she loosely called her allies, it wasn’t much of a surprise to her that she didn’t know where those people went to nonetheless their names. She briefly wondered if her mother knew where all her chess pieces had gone, though it had been purged from her mind. Of course her mother knew where all of her chess pieces were and it was ridiculous for her to think differently.

She chuckled softly, closing her eyes as she tilted her head down, a soft smile upon her face. Those eyes would reopen once again, adjusting her head so that her eyes were on the sun as she swung her legs back and forth. If one were to stumble upon Zero they find the child like this, all the while singing a very pleasant sounding song.


2 Re: 3 Years Later. on Tue Jan 06, 2015 8:40 am

It had only been three years since the Akatsuki took the village of Sunagakure. However, to Akira it felt like a lifetime. At one point the woman, the woman started to think it was a bad idea. She didn't think putting so much work into a pile of sand was worth it. She didn't think that the Akatsuki would be able to bring this village back from the grave it had been buried in. However, those thoughts quickly dissolved as she began to remind herself that it must. Akira had to do everything she could to get it up and running. She needed it for her goals and for goals of the Akatsuki. She had promised to help Akatsuki in exchange for their help. So, that is just what Akira would do. This village was exactly what she needed. It gave the Akatsuki a place to stay in secret and it gave Akira what she needed to get close to the other villages. Her plans were almost flawless or so she believed.

Akira had been looking out at the village that had been taken and dug up. It had finally become something. It had finally become something that Akira could look forward to. It had taken some work but the Akatsuki had pulled it off. Akira had decided to take a bit of time off from all this work so today she was on a trip. Her eyes darting between every building, window, and rooftop. She wanted to make sure that everything was in the best of shape. She wanted to make sure everything was perfect. Though, she knew nothing could be completely perfect because the world was a place of disaster. So, anything that lived on it, touched it, or looked upon it was destined for disaster. However, she was determined to keep disaster from falling upon her. She was determined to reach any goal and every goal without fail. Akira was ready for an anything.

Akira's journey would take her to the very building she was the most familiar with. The administration building. It housed all of her works upon the village. It housed all of the very ideas she had formed in the last few years. It housed every word that had ever been spoken between it's very walls. However, there was something that had caught Akira's attention. From the very location she was standing, she could hear someone singing. It was a very beautiful song that just so happened to catch the woman's ears and the voice. The voice was very familiar to the woman. So, her adventure would take her somewhere to the top of the administration building, where she would find a very familiar someone.

" That's a very beautiful song your singing there and a very beautiful voice to go along with it." Akira would smile and sit down next to the girl. "Also, those eyes of yours are very pretty as well. We wouldn't want you ruining the by staring at the sun too long. Do be careful will you?" Akira would then look out over the village and sigh.

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3 Re: 3 Years Later. on Fri Jan 09, 2015 6:38 am



Zero closed her eyes, a smile spread across her face as the last verse of the song was uttered more passionately than the others, her mother now next to her. Silence would descend upon the two as Zero continued to swing her legs back and forth, adjusting her umbrella ever so slightly so that she may now stare at her mother upon opening her eyes. A second or two later, those blue eyes that were unique from person to person stared at her mother’s face with enthusiasm. “I will be careful,” she chirped, her grin growing larger as she resisted the urge to pounce upon her mother, enveloping the woman into a tight hug. She hadn’t a coat with her, and she knew that her mother would become cold instantly thanks to her freezing cold body, but it was hard to hold back.

It had been a good three years since an amnesic child known as Zero was released from an icy prison by the woman who sat next to her. From the moment she laid eyes upon Akira, she had dubbed the woman her mother and no one could tell her differently. She wasn’t concerned with figuring out why she had been frozen in ice, nor was she concerned about recovering memories for she believed both things to be terribly bothersome to find out. So over the years she had been building memories with her mother, strengthen the bond with the woman along the way. Her mother was the only person within the entire world that she truly cared for, everybody else was simply irrelevant.

She continued to smile at her mother, rotating that umbrella of hers once again before finally deciding to speak. “Has mother come to visit Zero because she is done with work? Or has mother come to avoid work?”

4 Re: 3 Years Later. on Tue Jan 13, 2015 7:21 am

Akira would listen to the girl finish her song As her amber eyes looked upon the village. The Kaguya may not say the words out loud but she really did enjoy listening to the girl sing. It meant the child must be happy, it meant she was still breathing, and it meant Akira wasn't alone. Admitting feeling wasn't something the Kaguya liked to do. The woman had learned to lock her feelings and thoughts away in a box. She learned to leave that box stuffed far down into herself so that it was weighed down by darkness making it hard to resurface. It made it hard to open. However, there was a couple people that could shine through that darkness. This would allow that box to inch open The longer she was around them. One of the very few, was sitting right near her at this very moment.

This child sitting near Akira had started off as nothing but a nuisance. The child was greatly upset when Akira denied that she was the girl's mother. She had started off as nothing but a leach stuck to the Kaguya. However, as time moved on the two were together longer and the longer they were together the closer they came. Now, the girl has been moved completely into the Kaguya's heart. From a pawn to the one precious to her. Akira would do anything for this girl and do everything to keep her safe. Without this child, Akira would be broken and be back in the pit of loneliness. Without this child, Akira would grow unstable. The woman's thoughts would disappear as the girl spoke to Akira. " I am here avoiding work. Today, I've decided to take a break. Until now, I was just wandering but I'm glad to have found you. Now, I'm not so alone." Akira would smile slightly towards the girl. These words would bring her back to the day she had found the girl.

Akira had just been wandering, when she stumbled upon a child frozen in ice. The woman wasnt sure why she did it but she freed the girl. At that moment, a slight part of Akira was changed. Little did she know from that one act... She wouldn't be alone and she'd once again feel a sliver of happiness. It had been a long time since she felt that.

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5 Re: 3 Years Later. on Fri Jan 16, 2015 12:16 pm



Zero grinned at her mother, quite pleased that her mere presence could ward off the feelings of loneliness that sometimes descended upon her mother like a pack of wolves ready for its next meal. Her mother didn’t always state how essential the child was within her life, how the, unbeknownst to everyone, the relic from a time before villages had changed the life of her mother, it with good reason. She knew that she could be used against her mother if one were to figure out the true nature of their relationship, though it would be a very difficult task. The two played their parts well, the legacy being overly attached and undyingly loyal to Akira, and for her part, Akira played the part of the annoyed Akatsuki leader well. No one could deny that the woman was an actress, serving as the kind Kazekage of Suna without alluding to her position as the leader of a band of, well killers.

She had calmed her antics down over the pass three years, her mind seemingly growing much more mature than it had been before, though she still had a talent for forgetting people. Unless one was a prevalent figure in her life or an important figurehead, one would have to simply accept being called by a nickname the child had created on the spot or ignore the fact that the child couldn’t remember their name nonetheless ever meeting them. Zero was good at remembering details though, very much so for she was her mother’s eyes and ears, and having a bad memory wouldn’t do. Though, since she forgot faces, pinpointing who had done what to whom was a rather tiresome job, and so when she had been replaced by somebody who could perform it better, well she understood. Yet that didn’t stop her from barging into her mother’s office and talking the woman’s ears off, Akira being the only person that she felt like she could talk to freely.

She scooted closer to her mother, pushing the umbrella further back as she rested her head upon Akira’s shoulder, the shadow of her umbrella shielding the woman from the rays of the sun. She closed her eyes, “I am happy that you have come. Being left to my own devices can be boring. So much so that I have contemplated taking up a Genin team just to ward off my boredom. But…” She trailed off, watching the expression of her mother’s face from the corner of her eyes. “I am not sure rather they could handle being with somebody like myself, nor am I sure if it would somehow compromise the secret. Though such things mean so little so long as your plan comes to be.”

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