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My New Home | Open to Akatsuki | NC

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1 My New Home | Open to Akatsuki | NC on Tue Jan 06, 2015 8:56 am



Kazan, Sukochi

I'm too old for this..

Three long years. Time flies when you are occupied and it just happened to be that Aktasuki was occupied for them long years. They had sketched up a plan to expand but also remain under the radar and the plan started with taking the long lost land of Wind and Sunagakure. They wanted to remain undercover so what better way to do that then run things from the shadows and that was exactly what they were going to do. They were going to control Sunagakure from the shadows and hopefully expand on their master plans. They had originally planned to take Suna by discussing with the top leaders of the land of wind and if that didn't work then they would take it by force but lucky enough, it was all resolved in civil manners thus making Sunagakure the new home of the Akatsuki.

Kizaru attended all the events leading up to the take over and was bored through the entire thing. He actually wanted to sleep but he had to attend to deliver his unclear justice if things didn't go according to plans. During these three years, Kizaru got caught in a few bad habits that involved the neighboring minor countries and a little blood but nothing to bad but since he got caught in this, he had to lay low for a while just to let the juice die down before revealing himself once again - boring but crucial if he wanted to live. Kizaru didn't have much to do in Suna but bully a few of the guards and his favorite place to do this was the top of the Kazekage building and so he made his way to the location finding a guard on duty. They exchanged a few words and agreed to a friendly spar. Kizaru was almost caught with a spinning double round house kick but luckily he missed. "Oooooh what a scary kick.. your Taijutsu is no joke haha" Kizaru would say in his sarcastic tone with a shady smirk well adjusting his mafia styled glasses.

Word Count: 342/-

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2 Re: My New Home | Open to Akatsuki | NC on Thu Jan 08, 2015 10:19 am



Zero could hardly believe that it had been three years since her mother had gained control over Suna, three years since the Akatsuki dug Suna out of the hole it had made, three years since the country was returned to its former glory, and three years since she had seen somebody apart of the criminal group known as Akatsuki that wasn’t her mother. It was sort of a surprise to the youngest looking member, but oldest canonically, of the group that they had so quickly gone their separate ways after the takeover. She had expected them all to plan meticulous over the three years, but that hadn’t happened. Some members left the country whilst others stayed put, assisting with the reconstruction of Suna, making sure the country was stable before going out to do whatever the hell they wanted to do. There were some who didn’t leave even after the work had been finished, she was amongst them for the simple fact that she didn’t have the desire to leave her mother’s side.

She had gone off and visited Yukigakure out of faint curiosity, but had returned a week later with very little to tell about the country. The threat of boredom and the thought of leaving her mother were the only two forces keeping Zero within the country. Outside of Suna not much was happening, well not much in the way of interest. Konoha had tighten security around their borders, making harder to get within the village. Kumo had done the same, though she would say that their defense wasn’t as impressive of Konoha’s, they having suffered major blows to their population thanks to the return of Suna. As for Kiri, well they were off doing their own thing, which happened to be wiping out crime within the village as well as the country as a whole, which made Zero thankful that she had never visited the place. From her understanding, those who desired to cause trouble were not welcome within Water Country, or any country for that matter. They had relaxed a little bit since Akatsuki suddenly poof from existence, but there was not one doubt in Zero’s mind that the villages were ready to combat any threat to their country.

But that didn’t really matter much since Zero had no plans of visiting Kumo, Konoha, or Kiri anytime soon. She was comfortable in Suna, saw it as her home, and thus say no reason to leave it. Besides the country always had some form of entertainment to provide the amnesic child, and for the day that came in the form of two individuals fighting at the highest point of the administration building. With her being quite the distance away, she couldn’t tell who was fighting, but as she got closer she noted that she wouldn’t had been able to anyways. She vaguely recognized one combatant from the Akatsuki meeting that had occurred three years ago, though she couldn’t recall his name. As for the other one, well he was some nameless guard she had never seen before in her life and wasn’t about to get to know.

She twirled her umbrella around slightly as she approached, halted her advances when she was a meter or two away, having little desire to get caught in their scuffle. “Morning boys,” Zero softly said, a serene smile upon her face, hands mindlessly rotating her umbrella once again, “I am guessing it was a nice day for a fight.”

3 Re: My New Home | Open to Akatsuki | NC on Thu Jan 08, 2015 11:46 am

Kazan, Sukochi

I'm too old for this..

The sun scorched over the administrative building and also over the entire land - just the usual for Sunagakure and the land of wind. It wasn't the heat that got to people but the actual dryness within the air, humid to be exact. At the top of the kage building, Suko was having fun with a local, nameless guard until being interrupted half way through by a college of his. He hadn't really gotten close with anybody in the group so the voices and faces were still a puzzle to his mind. His eyes were set on the guard even though the voice and remarks made by the stranger until a few seconds later where his mind clicked to the voice and told him that it was familiar. Suko then wanted to know who it was so he turnt his head to the side to notice a member of the akatsuki twisting an umbrella that she held with a firm grip. "Oh... what brings you here um... whats -" Sukochi said until being rudely interrupted by a punch to the face from the guard. The punch would of been strong to a genin or something but sadly not strong enough to do any real damage to Sukochi. Instead the punch would just dig into his face and stopped in its tracks by his cheek bones. "How rude... haha" He would then say shifting his eyes to the guard before rotating his body bringing his left leg around and using the momentum of the rotating to increase the force behind his leg. Upon the rotation, the punch from the guard would slide off his face and the guard would also be caught and caused to stumble forward a little but not enough to fully fall over. As the guard stumbled, Sukochi's leg would come flying across his body smashing down onto the back of the head of the guard and causing him to come crashing down into the roof of the building create a small crater with blood splatters all around. "Whoops... I think I overdid it haha..." Suko would say holding his leg into the position his kick stopped with both hands in his pockets and his akatsuki robe hanging over his shoulders with the sleeves flowing in the wind. "Sorry about that... I was suppose to ask for your name? I sadly forgot it?" Sukochi would say well bring his leg down to the ground and standing straight giving off a small smile adjusting his mafia styled glasses once again.

Word Count: 763/-


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4 Re: My New Home | Open to Akatsuki | NC on Sun Jan 11, 2015 8:51 am



Zero took a step back, not wanting to get caught in any thrown punches or kicks, and though known came her way she was happy she had removed regardless, the man sending the guard into the ground, a crater in his wake. “Hm… It’s a good thing there are people who can quickly repair this roof, otherwise my hiding place would have a gaping hole,” she said, smile on her face as she rotated the umbrella once again, allowing shadows to be casted upon her face as she stared down at the guard. Those blue eyes would quickly flicker up at the man, noting the fact that he donned his akatsuki cloak before looking at the ground once again. “Zero is the name, and I don’t think I gave it when we met three years ago.” She stated, head cocking to the side as her eyes snapped up at the man, done assessing the guard.

“How many of these people do you fight?” Zero said, faintly curious on how frequently the man fought the guards as well as came up to the roof, briefly forgetting her manners though she would remember them. “Forgive me, I should had asked for your name first. So let me retry this… What’s your name?”

5 Re: My New Home | Open to Akatsuki | NC on Sun Jan 11, 2015 5:54 pm



Kazan, Sukochi

I'm too old for this..

Suko would raise an eyebrow well adjusting his glasses when the young lady made a comment about the repairs of the roof. He knew he overdid it but did she really have to make the situation worse by adding her comments.. it was nothing big but Sukochi found it funny. "Ha.. yeah, his Taijutsu was scary so I had to finish him some way before he knocked my lights out haha.." Suko would say in his snaky, sarcastic tone that he always spoke in and angered people because they didn't know if he was serious or being sarcastic. After his comments, he would tuck both his hands into his pockets and let the akatsuki coat float in the wind well hanging off his shoulders with empty sleeves. "Zero eh? Do us akatsuki members have numbers we were recruited by and you were zero or something?" Suko would say letting off a funny smile with his eyes closed, holding the posture for a few seconds before returning back to normal and putting his right leg on the back of the dead guard well watching Zero clock her head to the side and study the dead guard.

Suko wasn't suppose to kill the guard but sometimes he miscalculates his own strength and tends to perform techniques a lot harder then he plans. Well resting his foot on the dead guard, he was questioned about how many he fights and if its a daily routine. Sadly it was a daily routine where Suko tries to test the guards of the village to see if they are strong enough to protect the now claimed village and always ends up killing them. "Well... Lately this has become a daily routine where I usually fight about 3 a day? most of them die which kind of explains the decreasing amount of guards missing.. I don't want Akira to find out so I usually bury them around the outer walls of Sunagakure haha..." Suko says rubbing the back of his head with his left hand well smiling at Zero. He held the smile until he was asked about his name. "Oh my name? My name is Narut- ... haha na I am kidding. My name is Sukochi Kazan but you can call me Suko or Heat.. either all." Suko would say in his normal sarcastic tone.

Word Count: 1,151/-


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