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Just Another Day..

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1 Just Another Day.. on Tue Jan 06, 2015 9:08 am

Kiyoko had awoken a little later in the day as she normally did due to her not getting much sleep at night. The girl had struggled with depression for quite some time but she hadn't quite been able to get used to it as she thought she would. So, she stayed awake most of the night and slept most of the day, which meant nobody would bother her. However, she was always forced to go it into the village for at least a small while. It didn't bother her really because she had learned to hide her depression from others. She still would rather stay inside but there was no arguing with her parents, which meant it was out the door for the girl.

Kiyoko walked throughout the village looking normal as ever. The teen's wavy hair would be thrown up into a pony tail. However, the sides of her hair were cut a little shorter than shoulder length so she let them lay flat. Below that, in the girls neck area would be her headband. On her wrists, she wore black cloth, which was help by pink colored tape. For her top, she wore a white T-Shirt with a brown sort of vest over it, which contained pockets on both sides near the bottom. Below that, she wore a pair of blue jean shorts and her normal black shinobi sandals. The girl wore a smile only until she had gotten passed many of the villagers.

From this point, Kiyoko would make her way down to the grassy area known as, Lightning Plains. She liked to be in the area because not many people usually came there. So, she would have time to herself to sit and think about anything she wanted. When Kiyoko made it to where she wanted to be she would sit down in the grass. Despite the fact it rained there every night, it was very much dry, which surprised the teen some. Though, she didn't think about it for long before her mind was lost in other thoughts.

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2 Re: Just Another Day.. on Tue Jan 13, 2015 7:43 am

Nara, Hiryo

A new Friend?

Daily walks were the usual for the young teen Hiryo Nara. He loved to take daily walks to clear his mind, think about life or just to see daily events but this time he wanted to visit an area known as Lightning Plains. It was said to rain 24/7 there but luckily enough, Hiryo always wore a long, black cloak that concealed any kind of Physical detail he had - perfect for rainy days. After leaving his apartment, he made his way to the lightning plains where he managed to spot a sitting stranger resting on the soft, flowing grass. He didn't know who the person was and didn't have any current interest to find out so instead of going to say hello, he would just walk to a nearby oak tree and lean against the trunk closing his eyes and trying to find his inner peace. With his black hood, covering his face giving him shelter from any kind of light source, he had the perfect silence to communicate with his mind.

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