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The Harbinger Of Misfortunes [Mission]

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1 The Harbinger Of Misfortunes [Mission] on Wed Jan 07, 2015 5:10 am


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin


Name: Powell
Rank: A
Type: Group Eradication
Mission given by: Water Daimyo
Rewards: 450
Participants: Chikara & Those She Brings
Daily: Once
Description: Simple enough, eradicate the Powell gang, leaving not one individual alive.

Name: Moriarty
Rank: A
Type: Group Eradication
Mission given by: Water Daimyo
Rewards: 450
Participants: Chikara & Those She Brings
Daily: Once
Description: Simple enough, eradicate the Moriarty gang, leaving not one individual alive.

Name: Setsuro
Rank: A
Type: Group Eradication
Mission given by: Water Daimyo
Rewards: 450
Participants: Chikara & Those She Brings
Daily: Once
Description: Simple enough, eradicate the Setsuro gang, leaving not one individual alive.

Screams erupted throughout the small town of Kanto, a place owned by the Setsuro family, a notorious mafia family within the area, or should one say former notorious mafia family in the area. Chikara wasn’t all too sure one could hold the title of notorious if there was no one alive to claim it, and since she had ensured that every last person apart of the family gang was dead and then burnt alive in the fire that had been started at the estate, courtesy of Shinku, she knew for certain that her old connections wouldn’t come to haunt her. Albeit she was there under the pretense of wanting to rid Water Country of criminals as well as the organizations that they worked for, a crusade against crime the Daimyo had said, though he wouldn’t had uttered such words if he had known of Chikara’s true intentions.

It was nice that she would be solidifying her status in the eyes of the people in Kirigakure as well as those outside of the village, thus chances of her ever being considered the sort of person to do wrong by the country would be lowered significantly. She was building a reputation as an individual who didn’t tolerate crime and due to this intolerance was willing to rid the country of it despite being only ten-years-old. A lot upon her plate indeed, but it was something that she would tackle with efficiently and effectively, especially with the help of her eight-year-old sister and their wolf pups, both of which had certainly grown a lot since Chikara had adopted them many moons ago. They had been the only individuals she had decided to bring along on her little crusade, for she had little desire of being exposed for who she truly was, and only trusted her sister to not speak a word of her past actions should they come up thanks to a Moriary, Setsuro, or Powell identifying her as their former employee. And since wolves couldn’t actually talk, not unless someone possessed the ability to communicate with animals, she didn’t have to worry about them spilling the beans.

As for the true intentions of these missions, well they were to pick off those she had previously worked for when her plans had been to defect from Kirigakure, a place where she had lost her papa, uncle, and two brotherd though she had no longer thought of one as such due to the psychological torture that he had put her through by allowing her to severe the head of her uncle. Plans that she had dropped, may she add, for the appearance of somebody closely related to her had thrown her original plan into disarray. She had been presented with several options, either leave her new found baby sister in Kirigakure alone, defect with her sister, or to simply stay within the village for the sake of her sister. From where she stood now, it was obvious that she had chosen option three, and upon deciding that she would be staying, she had decided that Haruna Oshiro, her mentor, couldn’t be allowed to live. So she had quickly killed the older girl before presenting her sister to the Mizukage, asking that she be recognized as a citizen of Kirigakure as well as allowed to join the shinobi force. Something that the man that had taken the life of her brother, Nikolai Kaguya, agreed to, though in return she would be required to join the Anbu corps.

That had been a fair trade in the mind of Chikara, and thus she had agreed to it, but despite having done so much, there was something that still needed to be taken care of so that her brief history in crime never came up. She, without the assistance of her sister, tracked down and murdered every minor crime boss she had been employed by, presenting the bigger groups to the Daimyo. With her deceitful personality, she had been able to weave a story made of lies, playing the entire mission off as a war on crime rather than simply wanting to ensure that she didn’t end up behind bars due to her transgressions, and by no means was she doing this to right the wrongs she had committed for that required her to have some sort of remorse for what she had done. Of course being the sort of man that didn’t like to see his people suffer, he had agreed to the entire thing, never once of how she had come across such information about the three groups ever coming to his mind. That was good, it meant that she didn’t have to weave another story of how she had come across sensitive information that she shouldn’t had been able to get her hands on. With a smile upon her face, she had thanked the Daimyo for his time as well as green lighting the operation, which she called OK, or Operation Kingpin, told to return when the task was complete so that she could be paid for her services. That had been a week ago, as for why it had taken her so long to proceed with the mission, well that had everything to do with research.

Since she had only worked for each group once, she didn’t know much about their schedule nor how many people were involved in the family gangs, so she had to do lots of surveillance. She looked for patterns, checked when all members of the household were at home, when everybody left the residence, and who was on the ground. She had also witnessed several other things, mentally taking note of them, but there was no reason to bother with recalling them, at least not for now. It was obvious that tracking the families every move had been a good idea, for how else would she had managed to murder all apart of the Powell family? Magic? Certainly not. With the smell of smoke filling her lung and the fire dancing in her eyes, Chikara decided at that moment that moving along to the next estate would be a good idea. Soon enough people would be arriving to put out the fire, and she needed to get rid of the other two groups before they were notified of the incident. So with one smooth motion at her sister, the two would depart from the scene, the wolves following close behind as they headed for the Moriarty estate, leaving a dead family and a burnt down mansion in their wake.

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