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Clean Up The Hospital [Mission|Solo]

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1 Clean Up The Hospital [Mission|Solo] on Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:21 am


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
Name: Clean Up The Hospital
Rank: C
Type: Normal
Mission given by: Hospital
Rewards: 200
Participants: Anyone
Daily: Repeatable
Description: Clean up Konohagakure's hospital, things like toilet, blood, poop, stains, etc.
Lavii was standing in front of the Konoha hospital with a mop and bucket in hand. He had decided to come help out at the hospital. There was a astonishing lack of maintenance workers due to god knows what. Lavii was dressed in a all white sanitation suit and had a face mask handing from his neck. He looked as if he were some kind of warrior of cleanliness that was about to have a epic battle against germs. He gave the building one more good stare for the road before walking inside; there he would find the nearest nurse or doctor and explain to them his purpose for being here. He was then swiftly directed to the cleaning supply closet. “This is everything we have in terms of Cleaning Supplies. We really appreciate the help. Thank you so much!” The nurse would walk off leaving Lavii to his own devices. Lavii would give a light sigh before slamming his hands together in order to get himself hyped up. This would cause the bucket and mp to slam together making a loud and disturbing noise. The noise caused a few of the wandering patients to look in its direction. All they would see was a open closet door, as Lavii would have lunged into the closet in order to hide himself; not meaning to make that loud noise he was slightly embarrassed. Moments passed and Lavii was finally ready to start cleaning the multiple story building. He had gathered all necessary cleaning supplies; Lavii would then close the closet door and head straight for the public bathrooms on the first floor. Lavii made sure that he also had a sign with him, so that people would know he was cleaning the bathrooms and would not walk in on him doing such. Lavii had shifted the mask so that it covered his face. This mask was primarily to keep any unwanted germs, but also to keep him from directly breathing in any chemicals. Lavii would reach the first floor restrooms in no time at all and would proceed to start with the men’s restroom. He walked in to see no one was in there and swiftly proceeded to clean the restroom, making sure to hang the sign up outside of the entrance to the restroom. After finishing up that restroom he proceeded to knock on the woman’s restroom door to see if anyone was in there. He waited and heard no voices he would knock a few more times only to hear nothing, but silence. Lavii would then proceed to enter making sure he hung up the sign.

Lavii would soon finish up with that restroom and proceed to clean every empty room on the first floor. This took him about four hours. The young Uchiha man was making good time being able to do this. Lavii yawned and decided to sit down for a few minutes he felt like this was a just break. He flopped down on a chair in one of the empty rooms. He would let out a small sigh of relief; it felt wonderful to be off of his feet after he had done all this cleaning. However he knew he had a lot more to do so after only five minutes the shinobi would stand and continue his duties. Lavii would comb the entirety of the first floor leaving it spic and span. The staff, patients, and visitors alike were astonished by the sight of the almost glistening first floor. “Oh wow, he is doing a good job…” mumbled one of the doctors to a nurse; one who would quickly nodded agreeing to the doctor’s statement. Lavii would go from one floor to another doing what he had done on the first floor until he had the entire hospital so clean that he looked like it could have just been built. Lavii felt accomplished with what he had done there and proceeded back ot he first floor in order to put away the supplies that he had been using. There really wasn’t anything left to put away besides a mop and bucket; he had taken these because he had used the hospitals because there were of better quality. After he put away the supplies he would removed the sanitation uniform and dispose of it and the mask he had used. The staff all thanked him as he walked from the lobby to leave from inside of the hospital.



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