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A spar or a Conversation? [Mission|Hitomi]

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1 A spar or a Conversation? [Mission|Hitomi] on Wed Jan 07, 2015 4:42 pm


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
Name: Fight Me
Rank: C
Type: PC
Mission given by: -
Rewards: 200
Participants: Anyone
Daily: Repeatable
Description: Spar with an opponent of the same rank as you and get to know them.
It was just another one of those days. Lavii felt as if he was becoming to lax; luckily there was the perfect mission for him to do. The Instructors at the Academy wanted someone to come in and show the kids what a fight between two shinobi looks like. Lavii thought it was the perfect chance for him to get back into shape. He debated if he should use his Sharingan in the spar or not due to the simple fact that he did not want to go ALL in because this was only a spar and activating his sharingan in a simple spar seemed a bit excessive. He pondered this thought all the way to the Academy. When he arrived he greeted everyone and moved outside to the training area that the Academy housed. He stood there still pondering what he should do. While he did this the students would come flooding out of the building. Many of them if not all knew Lavii. The young Uchiha man had gained quite the Reputation some even dubbing him as a Prodigy. They all began to carry on about the impending spar; Lavii had not even noticed due to his solitary thought about how serious he should be in this spar.



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Hitomi Shiruku

Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
She had come back with the full force of her newly trained talents from her family in the dessert. She fel invigorated and ready to go but not overly proud, she still had some issues and kinks to sort out but in general she felt free and happier. Much more than she had ever been as a child. Whilst her years as a child and becoming the only one of her class to become a med-nin genin, she was a total shut in to the world and feared all. However as many times as she put herself down she gruelled through the years and went into the exams with her comrade. Together they out-smarted and grudged through the place, able to finally reach the goal of Chuunin. She had never felt more proud for herself and neither her family either. She felt able to protect and serve as she should and not just a kid playing with kunai.

As she had left the village she was given information, training, and most of all confidence. She was pushed full fledge with the feeling that she really coul do something thanks to her elder cousin. With that she eventually grew over the three years abscence in Konoha and became a woman, an adult. As she left to go back to her home she could only wonder what it would look like, frankly it looked even more beautiful than before. Perhaps that was just optimism but she really felt things had a glow to them now. A sense of life given to her eyes that she bore.

She was called upon to teach the genin class on sparring, and fighting. It was typical as she did need something to do and the genin could learn that being a med-nin doesn't mean you stay behind the crowds or at the hospital all the time. Sometimes you have to do the work on your own and learn to outsmart the enemy. That being said her opponent in the spar was none other than Lavii, a Uchiha around her age whom was considered to be a prodigy. Obviously prodigy or not she felt compelled to raise an introduction to him.

As she walked over to him she smiled and waved then held out her hand to him. "Hitomi Shiruku, nice to meet you and good luck on the spar!" She said giving a sense of sportsman ship for the younger ones to look onto. She awaited his response and then after he would finish she'd back away and take a fighting stance to be ready.

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