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Katashi Sakumotsu [2015]

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1 Katashi Sakumotsu [2015] on Wed Jan 07, 2015 11:16 pm

Katsuro Jr.

Kiri Genin
Kiri Genin


Name:  Katashi Sakumotsu
Nickname:  Sakumo; White Lightning
Age:  17
Gender:  Male
Village:  Kirigakure
Village Rank:  Chunin
Skill Rank:  C

Height:  5'10"
Weight:  160
Hair color:  White
Eye Color:  Brown
Looks Image:
Looks Description:  Not much has changed about Katashi over the past three years, aside from various changes brought on by puberty.  He now stands at a mediocre height of five foot ten inches, but his frame is still made of a series of corded, and lean, muscles that only someone who spends a lifetime training and fighting could get.  His hands are now heavily callused with the use of weapons over seventeen years of life.  His hair, still spikey, no longer stands up on its own and he has adopted a more carefree hairstyle, it appears he has permanent bedhead.

He has since abandoned the tight, black shirt for a white kimono top underneath his chunin vest.  Underneath the kimono top, he wears a long sleeved fishnet shirt.  Over everything he wears a white haori to add a final layer to it.  On his legs, he wears black shinobi pants that have a white line going down the outside seam on either leg.  The pants lead down to a pair of normal black shinobi sandals.  At the small of his back are a couple pouches for scrolls and shuriken.  On his left leg is a pouch for kunai.  He wears his forehead protector exactly where it should go, on his forehead.

Personality Description:  Katashi has really matured over the past three years and grown into a respectful young man.  Being on the cusp of adulthood, Katashi maintains his playful personality while also staying respectful to his elders.  Even so, he has limits where he stops being respectful and playful and becomes a angry or opens the door to his shinobi side.

When angry he is often the first to throw a punch at his opponent.  Or the blade of his sword.  When on a mission, he often locks his real personality inside a box hidden inside of him to protect it from the things he must do to protect his village, his family, and his friends.  He still has his tendency to hold a grudge against someone if they do something to him or his family.

His hormones have stopped wreaking havoc on his system and he has since discovered that he does indeed like girls.  His palms no longer get sweaty, knees weak, or arms heavy when he talks to a girl he likes.  He maintains a calm exterior in most scenarios and has since grown into a large flirt with the girls of the village.

Likes:  Girls, friends, food, having fun
Dislikes:  Training too much, people he doesn't get along with, perverts
Catch Phrases:  Ready for the White Lightning?
Nindo: Become a great Shinobi for Kirigakure

Element Affinity:  
Sub Element Affinity:

Pre Time Skip:
Katashi was born into a family with a long history of strong Shinobi stretching back to the time of the legendary Naruto and the legendary Sannin of Konohakagure.  Their family name is said to come from one of the many strong shinobi from the family.  The family had immigrated to Kirigakure many generations ago from Konoha.  Since then the family have proven their loyalty to the village and have gotten their hands involved in every aspect of the village.

Growing up, Katashi was a member of a liked and respected family where no one mysteriously died or tried to kill the entire family under orders from the Kage.  His mother and father were Chunnin and Jounin respectively and they didn't hesitate to punish their children when deserved or rewarded when earned.  Because of this Katashi grew up with a respect for elders and a complete arsenal of manners.

When he joined the academy he was no better than anyone else and needed just as much training as everyone else needed to get better.  He of course also had his challenges.  Sometimes he needed a little more instruction than everyone else but sometimes he would already know somethings the teacher was teaching, just as most of his classmates did.  Of course he also made his fair share of enemies and friends in the academy.  Even was involved in a few extracurricular fights, which he was punished for by his parents.  He graduated towards the middle of his class.  He was no better or no worse than the normal kids.  Having just recently graduated he is still waiting to be placed in a genin squad.

During Time Skip:
Katashi spent a majority of his time, besides training, fighting the criminals of Kirigakure alongside his comrades.  During this time, combined with his training, is how Katashi gained the nickname White Lightning, thanks to the white color of his lightning chakra element.  It wouldn't be long before the young Katashi was promoted to Chunin due to his dedicated service to eradicating the criminals.

RP Sample:


I do not check things unless Chikara asks me to.  If you bug me enough about it, I will deny whatever it is you want me to check.

My job:  Making Plots/Events/Ruining Days/Being Lazy

[12:14:50] Itome Hikaraku : i think katsuro is a really godlike event coordinator my body is ready for more events
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2 Re: Katashi Sakumotsu [2015] on Thu Jan 15, 2015 4:29 am


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

You can have my stamp of approval.

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