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Katsuro Michiki [2015]

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1 Katsuro Michiki [2015] on Wed Jan 07, 2015 11:42 pm

"I do not teach.  I only help them find it within themselves."

Name: Katsuro Michiki
Nickname:  The Demon Tree;  The Immortal Senju
Age: 32(Looks 29 with some Gross facial stuff)
Gender:  Male
Village:  Kumogakure
Village Rank:   Jounin
Skill Rank:  A

Height:  6'3"
Weight:  183
Hair color:  Black
Eye Color:  Black Sclera/Grey Iris
Looks Image:
Looks Description: Katsuro's physical appearance has changed since he was reborn as an Edo Tensei.  His eyes once bright and full of life have since become black and lifeless, holding a rage deep inside of them crashing against the cage containing it.  Across his face is a crack in his skin the runs from the left side of his face to the right where it branches off into two separate branches.

His clothing usually consists of form fitting, black long-sleeve shirt underneath his white flak jacket.  A rather utilitarian version with no scroll pouches and its fastened by only one strap over the left shoulder. The strap is attached via a button and the jacket has a strange design on the front which consists of one diagonal line going down to the left with four small lines on top and one medium size line line going down to the right that is perpendicular the previous line. And while the flak jacket only covers half of the torso, this is compensated with the use of shin and arm guards.  The clothing now sport many scars from his actions inside the Land of Tea where blades cut but no blood was drawn.

On his hands he sports arm guards that are more commonly seen on ANBU than a regular Jounin.  Strapped to his back, he wears three pouches containing scrolls, ninja tools, and other odds and ends to help him accomplish missions.  Sewed into the waistband of his pants is a razor in case he is ever captured and his hands tied behind his back.  He wears normal ninja pants and ninja sandals both black in color.

Personality Description: First and foremost, Katsuro is a man whos life revolves around three things. The first and foremost of which is his younger sister, Kiyoko. When she was born, he swore to her that he would protect her from the evil that permeated their world. When she was kidnapped at the age of six, he swore that he would never let anything bad happen to her again even if that meant sacrificing himself so that she didn't have to suffer. He clearly sees himself as being her Knight in Shining Armor that must slay the evil that has kidnapped her. However, he will not hesitate to punish her for any misdeeds she may have committed.

The second thing his life revolves, is his village. Since an early age he has been indoctrinated into loving Kirigakure with ever fiber of his being. It is because of this indoctrination that Katsuro can't even think of doing something that would harm the village in any way. His love for the village is so great that he won't hesitate to lay his life down for a comrade or the village itself, in the hopes that it helps the village in some way.

It is because of this love of his village and his sister than Katsuro has developed a mild disorder known as a Hero Complex. deep inside of him Katsuro wishes for people to see him as a hero. This can make him do stupid and irresponsible things in order to prove himself. He will often refuse medical treatment and food until everyone else has received it. And often times he will give away food and money to those less fortunate in Kirigakure and on his missions.

A side effect of his patriotism and his love of his village is his new goal in life to become a teacher to to help young genin along their lives to become shinobi. His teaching style, however, is very unorthodox. He believes teaching is not about forcing knowledge into his students' minds but allowing them to learn from their actions with real consequences in a controlled scenario. While most think his methods are dangerous, he believes it is necessary to insure the survival of the village for many generations.

Deep inside, hidden from all to see, is a part of Katsuro's personality that he is truly afraid of. His first goal in life was to become a member of the illustrious ANBU and from an early age he trained to become one. It is because of this extreme training that Katsuro now finds that he enjoys the feeling of killing an opponent, whether it be with a ninjato or a jutsu. It wasn't until late in his career that he found this out and was the main reason he left the ANBU to become a teacher.

While Katsuro doesn't normally have an addictive personality, he has become addicted to one thing. Starting at an early age, Katsuro has since grown into a full grown nicotine addicted smoker. He doesn't like it when people mess with his cigarettes and can even become extremely violent should someone break or steal one, or all, of his cigarettes. He is never far from his cigarettes and one can often be seen hanging from his lips.
Likes:  Teaching, Smoking, Making Stuff using his Mokuton release
Dislikes:  Disrespect, People who try to harm Kumogakure, Alcoholics, People who mess with his cigarettes, Smell of Blood
Catch Phrases:  It is my sole responsibility to see to it that you learn.
Nindo:  Make sure no harm ever comes to Kiyoko Michiki.

Element Affinity:  Mokuton
Sub Element Affinity:  Suiton, Doton

History:  Since his revival he wondered the world thinking about why he had been rejected eternal peace with his ancestors and brought back to this painful world.  He caste aside his duties as a Kumogakure shinobi in the hopes that is what he was destined to do.  He wondered into a small farming community in the Land of Tea and worked there for two years.  He watched the children with their parents and the joy on their faces.  All that did was remind him of his own Kiyoko whom he abandoned for the village, who had probably already forgotten about him.

That was until a bandit attacked the village reducing it to ash before Katsuro returned from the market trip.  Upon arriving back he found the battered bodies of children, women, and men strewn throughout the village and he lost it.  His mind cracked just as his face had and revenge was the only thing in his heart.  He tracked the bandits for several weeks until he finally found their encampment.  And then there was a massacre.  No matter how many times he was struck with weapons he continued his onslaught until he was surrounded by bodies and he could do nothing but laugh at his fallen opponents.  Their weakness was their downfall and he was simply too strong for them.  And then he disappeared into the countryside.  It didn't take long for rumors of a tree that killed any bandit that ventured into the land and harmed a villager.

RP Sample:


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2 Re: Katsuro Michiki [2015] on Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:19 pm


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