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Gēto Ichizoku | Spirit Gate Clan.

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1 Gēto Ichizoku | Spirit Gate Clan. on Thu Jan 08, 2015 3:41 am

Clan Name: Gēto.
Clan Element: n/a.
Special Characteristics: The members of this clan are very in touch with their chakra and spiritual energy. They are also generally people that have a strange kindness towards living things; such as animals, plants, beasts, and humans.

Location: Konohagakure | Village Hidden in the Leaves.

Bloodline Name: Seishin Setsuzoku | Spirit Connection.
Bloodline Ability:

As most shinobi know, summoning contract beasts aren't jutsu or spells, they are living beings that live in their own secret realms or even inhabit parts of earth. The Gēto people are like vegans in the aspect of protection. They preserve and tend to all summoning spirits, no matter how malevolent or benevolent the summoning spirit is. Whenever a contract is being overused or underused, spirits, otherwise known as summoning entities, undergo traumatic exhaustion or traumatic malnourished behaviors that tend to build spite between their contract owner and themselves. Most of the time the Gēto are somewhat of counselors for those spirits and teach them about their rights.

However, what makes the Gēto special and different from psychics and mediums, is that they hold the ability to grasp keys to the spirits' hearts. The Gēto people have specific chakra within them that act as gates to the spirit realm. However, they are only limited to spirits that have not been contracted. Once the key for an spirit is found and rightfully given to holder, the spirit becomes theirs and cannot be contracted.

One flaw that the Gēto have is their love for the spirits. Their love and affection for the spirits stretches must further than just emotions. Whenever a summoning spirit, or key spirit, is defeated and not simply vanished, the holder takes internal damage. This damage cannot physically kill the holder, but the holder's chakra and body strain durability will be depleted. When multiple spirits [3] are defeated that are in the hands of a novice [genin] shinobi, the holder faints from the stress. Two more spirits per rank are needed to successfully subdue a holder. For example, when nine [9] spirits that belong to a Jounin are defeated, they are subdued. Spirits act similarly like the dogs in the Inuzuka family.

One other thing about the Gēto family is that their abilities don't end at gate keys. Their's a final tier to the gate keys. The first tier of the keys are simple silver keys and are very common to find. The last and most rare tier are golden keys. Golden keys are utensils used to open the gate to zodiac deities such as celestial gods like Cancer, Leo, or Pisces and other gates. These keys are more taxing to use and are mainly A to S-Rank. These spirits are stronger than most summoning spirits. Keys, unlike normal contracts, require a simple chant: " Open, gate of the ___, ___!" For example, the golden key for Aquarius would require: " Open, gate of the Water Bearer, Aquarius!. One final thing about keys are that silver keys can be used by more than one Gēto family member because there are thousands of duplicates, while there is only one [1] golden key. Most silver keys don't reach higher than B-Rank.

Once more, Spirits can deplete their own chakra by half to summon themselves with the holder's permission. Meaning that the holder loses no chakra. However, the self-called spirit can only remain summoned for two posts, no matter what.

A final thing to mention is that the ruler of the Zodiac Spirits can be specifically called by the use of all spirit summons. Those Zodiac Spirits must be forfeited and cannot be used for the rest of the thread. When the Spirit King is first called, each Zodiac Spirit obtains a new evolution. This evolution doesn't grant them any new jutsu, but it does grant them additional chakra and power. However, this form can only be used once while in the holder's possession until the Spirit King is called again.

However, the spirit king can only be called three times while the holder has all twelve of the original Zodiac Spirit Keys with them. And each time he is summoned, the longer he is capable to be called again. The holder will need to wait one week [ooc] after the first call, two weeks [ooc] after the second call, and then after the third call, the Spirit King cannot be called for assistance.

Contracts that strictly belong to the clan will be posted separately.
Instead of twice the initial cost for the rank to cast, a spirit cost the same as a jutsu of their rank. For example, if the caster is D-Rank and summoned an A-Rank spirit, they are only taxed eighty [80] chakra points. Purchases for summoning spirits are cut in half. For example, an A-Rank summoning spirit will only cost two thousand and five hundred ryo [2500] to buy. Enhanced chakra pools.
While prices for purchasing a summon are cut in half, the word count needed to obtain a common key contract and a normal contract become one thousand [1000] and golden rare key contracts become one thousand and five hundred [1500]. The holders are spiritually and mentally taxed when their spirit is destroyed. They lose ten [15] chakra points per destroyed silver and average spirit and twenty [20] chakra points per destroyed golden spirit until they are Jounin rank, then they will lose ten [10] chakra points for every silver and average spirit destoyed and fifteen [15] for every destroyed golden spirit.
Secret Clan Jutsu:
Name: Urano Metria: Ultimate Key to the Star Gate.
Rank: S-Rank.
Type: Ninjutsu.
Used For: Offensive.
Element: n/a.
Range: 0 - 50 Meters.
Duration: 2 Posts to Charge | 1 Post to Release.
Hand Seals/Charge Up: Snake → Ox → Horse → Hare → Boar → Tiger → Repeat while chanting incantation → Open Arms Wide.
Description: This is a very strong, yet very complicated technique that requires a lot of focus and energy. As the user completes the required handseals, they recite, " Survey the heaven, open the heaven. All the stars, far and wide. Show me thy appearance. With such shine. Oh, tetrabiblos. I am the ruler of the stars. Aspect became complete; open the malevolent gate. Oh, eighty-eight [88] stars of the heavens...Shine! Urano Metria! " As the chant is underway, exactly eighty-eight [88] planetary meteors surround the using in an interstellar phenomenon. The user's chakra is expelled and surrounds both the user and their target in a somewhat stellar field. The celestial meteors, about the size of basketballs, launch at the target when the incantation and hand seals are complete. These eighty-eight [88] spheres are absolutely deadly and if you are hit by at least half of them, your death is impending. The blunt force trauma, second degree chakra burns, and sheer volley of spheres are all too much to handle at once. Target has only a short time before all of the sphere's collide. They aren't heat-seeking, but they can be aimed by the user. Live Appearance.
Weakness: S-Rank Chakra Generated Barriers Can Defend Against This Technique & Anyone with Taijutsu will Have Little Difficulty Dodging this Technique & The User Will Suffer Migraines and Loss of Focus After the Technique is Used & If Used Twice in One Thread, the User Faints & No Matter What Your Ninjutsu Combat Skill Deducts, You Are Still Depleted the Full Amount of Chakra.
Clan History: The Gēto family originated in Ushiogakure before it was destroyed. Many of their family members perished in the destruction, but they still continued to strive. They worked side by side with the Uzumaki and that's where they learned to increase their chakra, with the help of the Uzumaki. The two families were practically adopted siblings until the Uzumaki were practically obliterated. Soon after the genocide of Ushiogakure, the Gēto family ventured from their homelands and settled in multiple places around the Fire Country. However, being nomadic was not their cup of tea, so they pleaded with the Fire Daimyō to allow them to become residents of Konohagakure. Sure enough, the Fire Daimyō at that time allowed their plea to come true.

Ever since, the Gēto clansmen have been built within the Village Hidden in the Leaves just as much as the remaining Uzumaki. Despite it being a new generation, the Uzumaki and Gēto never lost touch and they completely trust each other.

Members: 1/12.

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2 Re: Gēto Ichizoku | Spirit Gate Clan. on Tue Jan 20, 2015 1:49 am


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3 Re: Gēto Ichizoku | Spirit Gate Clan. on Thu Jan 22, 2015 7:52 pm


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

Yeah, Sato was very specific about allowing no Pains, and this clan would allow for Pains, it getting around the fact that one can only have one contract. So unless it's somehow the only thing, or amongst the only things a clan member can use, I won't be approving this clan.

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