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Tetsurō, Kuroo | Konoha Chunin [2015]

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1 Tetsurō, Kuroo | Konoha Chunin [2015] on Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:16 am


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin

"When I jab you with my sword, you'll feel it."


Name: Tetsurō, Kuroo
→ The Ghost: There's something about Kuroo where he just seems like he's never visible, but he's clearly there.
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Village Rank: Chunin
Skill Rank: C


Height: 6'2"
Weight: 147 lbs
Hair color: Brownish-Black
Eye Color: White-Gray
Looks Image:

Looks Description: Kuroo's clothing is assembled of a white dress shirt, with a sleek black tie along with it. Kuroo wears his head protector on his arm (under his shirt), where it's rarely ever seen. This is to protect him from people knowing where what village he descends from. He'd rather not take the risk of being assassinated by being known from what village he was from. Despite having a different attire from many of the other shinobi in all the villages, he's remembered really easily when he's just wearing that formal clothing. (Not to mention all the ladies he gets. Some have even dared to say he's 'dashing.')

Kuroo stands at a tall six foot two inches, weighing a nice 147 pounds. The Chunin's skin is a pale peach colour, and no matter how much time he's out in the sunlight, he can barely get tanned. His eyes are a piercing grayish-white which is rare, matching with his pale skin. Although he's special like that, he often scares people off, since he can give off quite a scary, deceiving look when he's serious. But, as you can tell from the picture at the very top, he can also seem kind of lazy and innocent. Given his taller height, he is also very skinny, but not skinny to the fact where you can't stand looking at him because he seems like all bone. Although that's how it appears, inside, he is quite buff and had a lot more strength than how he appears. Don't judge a book by it's cover right?

His hair is always a mess, no matter how many times he could attempt to fix it, it never stays. This is supposedly because it's his bedhead hair, where he could never return it back to it's 'original' state. Even though that's how it seems now, like it'll never change, Kuroo finds it quite interesting, because it adds to his intimidating looks. Now given the intimidating aurora around him, it also seems that no one ever senses his presence. Whether it's obvious or not, it seems like he's a ghost- a phantom.


Personality Description: There was a time where he was a quiet boy, and to this day he still is (relatively), however had a change a heart during the years he fell into the shadows of the Leaf. Kuroo is quite the extraordinary ninja, at least in terms of his personality. Kuroo is an outstanding shinobi at his age, however presents otherwise nowadays. He is claimed as a loyal, and honourable ninja, however is doubted by many, and not too trusted- mainly due to the fact of how much of a phantom he seems to be, and because of his brothers death, and father being missing. Being honourable, he believes in good form, always presenting the best.

After feeling so much loss, he had been a lot more quiet and preserved, but then he changed his ways slightly to accommodate himself. Kuroo has special way with his humour, and also a small sense of being selfish (forgetting the stuff his mother had taught him.) He is likely to develop emotions of hatred towards those who despise him based on first judgments and appearances. Among his selfish side, as said with his humour, he likes to mock others in a jokingly way (not trying to offend,) and will make flirtatious-cocky jokes when given the chance. He has a set of values that drastically changed, however he doesn't regret changing to be a different man.

Kuroo is a very adaptive person, knowing and recognizing his environment well. One of the few positive things on his reputation is that he is experienced in adapting to both his surroundings, and with other people. Though he may not specifically like one over the other, he is well qualified as being a ninja who can change between environment, people, and situations. This applies to him the most because of how he is a sensory-based shinobi. During the years he had learned a bit more about how he was capable with being so adaptive and flexible. Considering the fact he is an adaptable/flexible shinobi, he is quite intelligent, with leadership abilities and average teamwork skills.

- Comedy.
- Cleanliness.
- BBQ Pork buns.
- Relaxation and peace.
- Dirtiness.
- Evil intentions.
- Speeches or lectures.
- Ignorance/annoyance.
- Feeling of loss and abandonment.

Catch Phrases:
→ "Good form, but not good enough."
→ "A man unwilling to fight for what he wants, deserves what he gets."
→ "Ah, pick a partner who know's what he's doing and you'll do just fine."
"Don't build up the hope and fail, succeed instead."
Nindo: "If there's one thing I'm good at, it's surviving."
"Those who don't try will die a sad death. I, on the other hand, will become a strong shinobi and die a worthy one!"


Element Affinity: Suiton
Sub Element Affinity: Katon


A dark gloomy day, the Land of Fire. Thunder heard in the near distance. The boy was born to a large family, even though it didn't really last for long. Through genetics, many of his siblings had died at a young age, while only 3 survived. That meant he had two brothers, and himself. Kuroo grew up being the fifth child of the family, with his two brothers ahead of him being the fourth and second. His second born brother was Koichi Tetsurō, and the brother that was two years ahead of him (fourth child) was Yukio Tetsurō. His father and mother were a busy couple, as his father, Sanada Tetsurō worked for intelligence division of the village, while his mother worked for the medical division, while handling the three kids at the same time.

It was always busy in the household, there was no such thing as free time for them. Kuroo, Yukio and Koichi were taught basic fighting techniques from their parents, but were never anything difficult or technical. Sanada was a extremely smart dad, and so his genetics were mainly transferred into Kuroo, over the other two sons. Kuroo was too smart, smarter than his two brothers, however he still lacked the experience of being a "shinobi" at such a young age. Since Yukio was 2 years older than him, and Koichi was 4 years older than him, they were enrolled into the Academy way before him, leaving Kuroo home alone most of the time. This led him to be an extremely quiet child, exposed to this type of a lifestyle.

After a few years, Kuroo finally moved on into the Academy, but on that same year, Koichi graduated at the age of 10, where Yukio had one more year left in the school. Of course, Kuroo was quite jealous of his brothers, but this only lead him to strive for larger goals. It was always a competition between the three brothers, hell, you could consider them the best of friends, since they were so close before. Kuroo was the youngest of the few ninja in his class, where everyone was around seven, but Kuroo was six. His parents couldn't handle too much stress, so they had to let him enter the Academy earlier than the usual. Of course, this was not a issue, but Kuroo would constantly be picked on for being the youngest.

The picking of Kuroo eventually became dreaded. Why? He was the smartest, he picked up techniques and concepts much more easily than the rest of his class. That's when everyone became much more jealous of him, even the teachers were surprised themselves. The Tetsurō household was commonly known for having smart children, but not at smart as Kuroo was. Teachers were delighted in having such a strong individual, however, he was a target. Everyone would always ask him for help, but Kuroo could only shrug it off and say it was natural to him, with no way of assisting them.

Eventually, everyone became much more open with him by the end of his Academy years, where he graduated at nine years of age. He was finally becoming a stronger ninja day by day. In the Academy, they taught you the most basic of ninja techniques with kunai, shuriken and ninjutsu. He spent 3 whole years training, and he finally made it to the rank of Genin. His two year older brother, Yukio, graduated one year earlier than him.

From the beginning of his life to where he was headed, Kuroo strove improve himself. He wasn't directly assigned any missions for the first while after his graduation from the Academy, so he had time to himself. Unlike his brothers,  he was bored and had nothing  to do. His brothers would be able to go on missions that was much more exhilarating than what Kuroo would be doing at home. Time to time, he'd just help out local neighbours and attend some meetings about getting assigned into a team. But on his own time, he'd constantly train and improve his techniques, whether it was strength wise, or the execution of the jutsu.

But finally, there was going to be a change.

At first, he did missions solo, worked alone, and alone only- at least not until he was assigned to a team with two others. One was a medical and fuuton kunoichi, the other was just a fuuton user. His sensei was a wise man, which taught them a whole lot. But rather than really becoming close with any of them, he had a somewhat distant relationship with Takeo, and a unusual rivalry between Hitomi. He found himself lost between the two, being the one that seemed like a leader, though being the quiet one around. Missions were completed at a high success rate, though they obviously didn't do anything hazardous- not to his knowledge. Simple woodcutting, sensory tests and other things similar were done, but nothing ever too serious.

Though earlier before the others, Kuroo set his mind to becoming a Chunin through heavy efforts of finishing enough missions rather than waiting for the Chunin exams to have rolled around. Though it took him a lot of time, through his blood, sweat, and tears, he managed to complete enough missions. A majority of his completed missions were done without his team, however the least they had done was give him some extra missions in addition for his promotion to Chunin.

But even the good came to an end eventually. During the time he hadn't spent with any of his brothers (not even his own team,) one of his brothers had passed unfortunately, and that was Yukio. He had been sent on an assassination mission, and though he was successful, on his return back, he had been ambushed and killed. His body was never found again, though blood tests from evidence showed otherwise to prove he was actually gone.

This left him in a state where he cared for nothing, because even though he hadn't kept in contact too much, it was too frustrating for him to know his brother had died. His biological brother was gone. He spent time at home mourning his death, accompanied by Koichi, his last brother to remain. To think that things couldn't have gone worse for him, his father Sanada, had gone missing after an intel mission, and now his entire life was just an entire mess. After finding himself to keep himself composed once again, he had changed quite a bit, his mind often roamed into things that didn't need to be thought about, and he lost the love that was keeping him and his family together. The only way he kept himself calm was through his cocky remarks and humour.

When he reverted to being a bit more social (still silent at times,) he had also seen to become a ladies man- just somehow. He wasn't sure what happened, maybe it was his growth, or maybe it was his clothing. He had changed his entire attire, fixing himself up to a white dress shirt, black tie, and black pants. He no longer disliked, or even hated women (at least generally,) but they would still annoy him time to time. Kuroo would just smile and walk away, leaving them with confusion- which was his entire plan whenever there were women who came up to him. (Not to mention a couple of flirtatious remarks to get their hopes up and then just breaking them.)

He grew quite distant from his team, and even his last brother and mother. During this time, he spent a lot of time being nearby water- not because it was his elemental specialty, but because it was always soothing for him to see. It allowed him to stay calm, chill, and most of all intact after the losses. And when by water, he would train on his spare time, to stay fit. He loved the waters, whether it was the vast oceans and seas, or even a mere small pond or lake- it was the only thing which kept him from being broken.

Now, he remains in Konoha as a phantom and supposed 'ladies man,' spending his time near waters. He doesn't speak of his father's disappearance, nor his brother's death to anyone- he hides it from hindsight. He really does only use his humour and flirtatious/cocky remarks to speak to others to keep himself from being suspicious.
RP Sample: Nah.


"Good form, but not good enough."

"I tried to be a better man, but I failed."
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2 Re: Tetsurō, Kuroo | Konoha Chunin [2015] on Fri Jan 09, 2015 4:07 am


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin


"Good form, but not good enough."

"I tried to be a better man, but I failed."
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3 Re: Tetsurō, Kuroo | Konoha Chunin [2015] on Fri Jan 09, 2015 6:18 am


Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin


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