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Kouga Manjidani Clan

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1 Kouga Manjidani Clan on Thu Jan 08, 2015 10:18 am

Clan Name: Kouga Manjidani Clan
Clan Element: Advance Smoke Manipulation & Supekutāai "The Specter Eye" (Secret Clan Jutsu)
Special characteristics/traits: Unlike most clans, the Kouga is incredibly diverse when one speaks of its members. Whether for love or political gain, the Kouga Clan have co-mingled with outsiders to the extent that there are fewer members in the clan that actually posssess the abilities of a true Kouga. So much so that only 4 in every generation of Kouga will actually possess the traits. When such an event does occur, it is an highly celebrated event. Those that possess the true traits and bloodline are viewed as royalty amongst the clan. They receive the best training under the most skilled and wisest in the clan. The family of the child are elevated amongst the clans society as a result as well. This because only one who possesses the trait can lead the clan. The direction of the clan is place solely on the clan leader, hence the reason why the development of the "chosen" members of the Kouga clan is so imperative. Naturally, because despite origin and upbringing, each person has their own ambitions and goals which the society encourages; so long as the end is for the betterment of the clan.

Those that possess the trait will always have black hair and goldish-brown eyes, there are no exceptions. Their canine teeth are longer than the average person by a mere inch, but it gives the individual a feral look about them. They are the only members that possess the ability of Advance Smoke Manipulation, which is what the ancient was once renown for. Even further still for those that have proven to be the most skilled amongst the chosen , defeating not killing the other chosen, awaken the Supekutāai known mostly as the "Specter Eyes".

All members of the clan are traditionalists and rely on farming and personal labor to flourish rather relying on trade. This self-reliance has made practically all members of the clan very proud and regal, even those that do not possess the clans pure bloodline. From their attire to their homes, the Kouga appear to be stuck in feudal Japan. They are skilled bukijutsu practitioners, making them a step ahead of most clans when it comes to that particular area of expertise.

  • Advance Smoke Manipulation Cannot start out with this. +
  • Supekutāai + Only Granted to Clan Leader & A or S-Rank Only. The Supekutāai is immediately destroyed and useless once it leaves the hosts body.
  • Restricted to Smoke Manipulation as an Element - Must Train 1k to learn. 1k to master.
  • Restricted to only 3 Specs Incapable of learning more than this amount
  • Distinct Hearing Can identify a particular sound in a room full of noise.

Location: Originally from Konohagakure - Currently Kumogakure

Bloodline Name: Advance Smoke Manipulation & Supekutāai
Bloodline Ability:

Advanced Smoke Manipulation
The prized ability of the Kouga Clan that is passed down only to a rare few of each generation. The practitioner is able to manipulate, control, even create a thick black smoke that is nearly impossible to breathe properly in. The unmastered use of the ability allows for the user to manipulate smoke that is already present only. It isn't until one has truly mastered the ability will they be able to create smoke from within their own body. One is able to even make the smoke dense, so much so that it can be used to even effect the physical world (I.e. Become solid).

Due to the nature of the users Bloodline, it is impossible for one to steal the ability of the clan due to the fact only those born to it are built to possess. One who was not born to it, regardless of skill and expertise at such things, will ultimately be setting up a death sentence for themselves (two weeks ic or 4 ooc) before said character dies; due to an incurable disease that eats away at all the nutrients in the body. The end result being a mummified husk of a person, completely skeletal save for the skin. Only those that have mastered this technique, proven to be the strongest amongst all the Kouga Clan, and taken up the mantle as the clan leader; will awaken the deadliest and most feared of the Kouga jutsu, the Supekutāai.

Clan History:

At a time when most shinobi relied solely on physical skill and prowess, the Kouga Clan thrived as one the best in the shinobi world. This closed society of people lived to serve the shogunate with unbridled and unmatched loyalty. The clan served as the shadow, excelling at the art of both of illusion and camouflage and the secret ability to create and manipulate smoke. At its birth, the clan was ran by three elected officials that oversaw all the tasks of the Kouga ninja. Naturally, with three minds set to a single task; arguments always came about when dealing with a crisis. It would not be long before infighting broke and the clan separated into three factions. To this day the clan remains scattered into three different factions though all answer to the clan leader. The first clan leader had in fact waged a small campaign with only the best, brightest, and most loyal of the clan to bring the 3 factions in line. This leader, Shibata Kouga, was the first in the clans history to ever possess the Supekutāai and with it, ordered the complete unification of the factions under his rule as leader. Few argued and those that did were immediately labeled traitors, names erased from any text, and the put to death. Once united, Shibata then ordered the clan live away from the influence of the world and only come from the shadows when beckoned.

Naturally, after Shibata Kouga's death, many leaders tried to pick where the man left off. Sadly, few could command the fear that Shibata imposed on those that would rebel. Only a few years after his death did the factions begin to show signs of separation. None were able to quell the violence and once again, rebellion and separation threatened the livelihood of the clan. It was the granddaughter of Shibata, Shikana Kouga, who would take up the mantle of leadership and quell the fighting; for she, too, possessed the Supekutāai. It was then that all knew, after going through several leaders that had all died mysteriously in office, only one possessing the Supekutāai could command the loyalty of the clan. Thus, as decreed by Shikana, only one who possesses the ability will lead the clan. Under her rule, Shikana remained true to her grandfather's ideals and made the clan isolated from world. It was not until many years, three different clan leaders rule, did one attempt to change the clans way of life.

The shinobi in the outside world were constantly at war, vying for dominance. Naturally the war itself had found its way to the Kouga Manjidani doorstep. The leader at the time, Maede Kouga, was known for his kind heart and skill as a healer; thus could not turn away from such bloodshed. For the first time since a clan leader had been made, the Kouga clan opened its doors to any shinobi in need of medical help. To protect their charges, the Kouga protected all within their territory regardless of outside allegiance. Over the course of the war, the clan grew in size due to many shinobi wanting to remain with the Kouga; whether out of love or personal choice. Maede, being kind as he was, allowed them to remain only if the let go of past allegiances and vow a blood oath to the Kouga. Many were more than happy to comply. This time period turned the Kouga Manjidani clan from its isolation and accepted outsiders to live amongst them.

As time passed the clan eventually completely left behind its isolated tradition and allied themselves with Konohagakure, the neighboring village at the time. Under the leadership of Jun Kouga, known amongst her peers as the "Cur Kouga" for agreeing to the alliance, the Kouga clan served the village; though many of the clan were outraged by this. Though none were foolish enough to press the issue past conplaints, for even still people feared the legacy of Shibata Kouga. The position of clan leader changed hands thrice under the alliance, all of those men and women eager to serve Konohagakure. It wasn't until the 20th clan leader, Shishimaru Kouga, was cheated out of a chance to be Hokage did the Kouga begin to once again alienate themselves from the village. It is believed that Shishimaru distrusted the competence of the village elders and rather than rebel, the clan would simply gives its allegiance to a village more deserving. This was seen as treason to the current Hokage and in response he sought to have Shishimaru's head as penance for the clan's crime. The result being known as the "Kouga Rebellion". The battle was waged for half a year, both sides taking loses; but with the Kouga clan so astoundingly outnumbered, the toll was greatest on them. In the chaos, Shishimaru and the one that was selected to be the next clan leader were both slain by Konoha. The leaderless clan quickly fell to turmoil and had all but surrendered to the might of Konoha, when one child who like many before him bore the legacy of Shibata took the mantle of leadership. Yokuno Kouga, the 21st leader of the Kouga Manjidani clan, was but a boy of 14 but had rose through the ranks to Anbu. Credited as a genius, Yokuno was a shinobi that desired only to be just that. However the death of his brother, the heir who died with Shishimaru, was said to turned the boy into one of the most feared leaders. In his the boys wake he not only fought back Konoha's final assault, but also lead the clan away from Konoha into the territories of Kumogakure. It was in Kumogakure where the Kouga clan finally set its roots, with the assistance from the people of Kumogakure.

Currently the clan is led by its 25th leader, Noh Kouga, a woman that is a descendent of Yokuno. Though the clan still choose to live outside the village, some do reside within the village; most of them being shinobi or shop owners. Those that actually possess the true skills of the Kouga, I.e. smoke manipulation, have become rare amongst the clan. This is believed to be because of the mingling with those that are not of the bloodline. This is why those that possess the ability are viewed as royalty and being that only one with the legacy can lead the clan; these few are taught only by the best in the clan in all areas from cooking and foraging to fighting and politics. A regiment that started by order of the 21st clan leader, Saito Kouga, said to have been the greatest strategist to ever come out of the clan. To this day there are a few young shinobi that carry Legacy of Shibata, being groomed to add to the mighty history of the Kouga Manjidani Clan.

Members: Open *Only 4 may possess Smoke Manipulation*

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2 Re: Kouga Manjidani Clan on Wed Jan 14, 2015 3:36 am

Secret Clan Jutsu
Name: Supekutāai
Rank: A-S Rank [A-Sustained = C, S-Sustained = D]
Type: Genjutsu
Used For: Defense
Element: N/A
Range: Eye Contact
Duration: 5 Rounds of Posting-8 Rounds of Posting (A-S)
Hand Seals/Charge up: None
Description: Known notoriously as the "Specter Eye" by ally and foe alike, the users develops an ability that wields fear like a weapon. The Supekutāai is easy to identify once active being that the users pupils turn brilliant gold while the rest around the pupil turn crimson, almost like a raging flame. 

Those that look upon the Supekutāai will feel the symptoms of fear at an accelerated and heightened level. The feeling regardless of the individuals bravery or composure; will make the victims body tremble, reduce the their physical prowess and awareness, and for those that are much weaker (100% effect) they will be paralyzed with fear.The ability itself does not involve genjutsu, thus Kai does not break the effects. However, the ability follows genjutsu rules being that one cannot kill those that are under this effect. Below is a simple scale that shows how much the ability effects the victim which does vary by rank.

S-Rank Supekutāai Effects
Vs. S-Rank = 25%
Vs. A-Rank = 40%
Vs. B-Rank = 55%
Vs. C-Rank = 85%
Vs. D-Rank = 100%

A-Rank Supekutāai Effects
Vs. S-Rank = 10%
Vs. A-Rank = 25%
Vs. B-Rank = 40%
Vs. C-Rank = 65%
Vs. D-Rank = 85%

Name: Kouga Ninja Secret Ninjutsu: Substitution
Rank: D Rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Used For: Defense
Element: Smoke
Range: Self
Duration: 1 Round of Posting
Hand Seals/Charge up: None
Description: Similar to the basic body replacement jutsu, the user vanishes leaving a thick smoke in its wake. The smoke only envelops the immediate location the jutsu was used in; lingering for only one post (users next turn) before completely dissipating.

Name: Kouga Ninja Secret Ninjutsu: Smoke Shuriken
Rank: D-C Rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Used For: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: 10m
Duration: Instant
Hand Seals/Charge up: Ram
Description: Focusing their chakra, the Kouga ninja are able to solidify smoke. This particular jutsu forms into the shape of a 6 point shuriken which is immediately sent flying at targeted location. Colliding with a solid surface will cause the shuriken to immediately dissipate, thus the shuriken are used to slice rather than impale a victim. With a D rank amount of chakra only 3 can be made; C grants 6. For this jutsu to work smoke must already be present (any smoke will do).

Name: Kouga Ninja Secret Ninjutsu: Smoke Screen
Rank: C-Rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Used For: Defense
Element: Smoke
Range: 20m
Duration: 3 Rounds of Posting
Hand Seals/Charge up: Snake - Ram
Description: A jutsu used as a means to create a diversion and hinder an opponent's vision. The Kouga ninja spews forth a large amount of black from there mouth which immediately spreads out 20meters in a matter of a couple of seconds. Immediately upon use the user is covered in the smoke screen, causing one to immediately lose sight of user.

Name: Kouga Ninja Secret Ninjutsu: Smoke Clone
Rank: C Rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Used For: Defense
Element: Smoke
Range: 40m
Duration: Instant
Hand Seals/Charge up: Rat
Description: A clone made completely of smoke, because of this the clone is easily spotted as a clone; takes on the users size and shape, but appears as nothing more than a black smoke silhouette of the user. Upon contact or at the users whim, the clones explodes in a nonlethal blast of smoke that spreads out 15meters from the clones position at the time. Should the clone leave more than 30 meters away from user, it will automatically explode on its own. Again, the blast does no damage whatsoever and makes very little noise (no louder than say the wind when it brushes trees).

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3 Re: Kouga Manjidani Clan on Wed Jan 14, 2015 6:59 pm


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

Need to pick one. Eyes or the smoke manipulation.

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4 Re: Kouga Manjidani Clan on Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:22 am

Hyuuga - Gentle Fist & Byakugan (Two clan abilities)

Uchiha - Sharigan (Evolves and allows for other abilities)

My clans second ability, the doujutsu, only activates after one has taken up leadership. The two above, after a fashion, pretty much follow the same concept. Just to clarify, custom clans are the only ones not allowed to have two abilities? If thats the case I will remove the doujutsu, though its nothing more than what the Uchiha benefit from with a little training (murder or whatever lol). This is just my little attempt to save my clan, if its no dice then I shall proceed to dismantle me clan (I.e. make the doujutsu a clan only Genjutsu.) The idea was to have a major clan in Kumogakure to match the likes of Konoha or Kiri.

Edit: Made edits, but if possible I would still like some clarification on the above statement.

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5 Re: Kouga Manjidani Clan on Thu Jan 15, 2015 5:29 am


The Hyuuga problem seems reasonable, but I'm not sure how the Uchiha fit in. Most if not all Clan techniques that only the Uchiha own are only accessible within levels of the Sharigan. They don't gain advanced releases or categorized hijutsu like the Nara, but even their techniques can be shared with outside forces.


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6 Re: Kouga Manjidani Clan on Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:34 am

Uchiha point taken. My question is still unanswered though. Is there a double standard on canon and custom clans. The requirements make it difficult to attain. My cons are a bit much because of the fact those that possess the smoke manipulation can only use smoke, no elements. Everything about the clan has to be earned, whereas the Hyuuga start with their ability, albeit weaker than mastered.

Point is, the doujutsu, doesn't even seem as over the top as most and is put under the same restrictions as genjutsu (I simply wanted a more lengthy uninterrupted debuff process as a perk.) If that isn't possible, Im gonna make the edit that the clan can use other elements since without the doujutsu, they will be too nerfed.

Back to my main point though, is there a double standard or no? If there is, I will need more time to tweak the clan to make up for the lose of such a major ability.

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7 Re: Kouga Manjidani Clan on Thu Jan 15, 2015 7:00 am

On second thought, you can archive the clan. I'd have to edit the clan to history and details to much. Don't feel like dealing with it.

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