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A Reunion of Time (Takeo/Kuroo/Hitomi Private Social)

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Hitomi Shiruku

Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
She had walked to the training grounds that day, After returning from Suna and realizing herself for the time. She wanted to take a walk on memory lane as she looked around to the younger children. Some academy students and some were genin training vigorously. She couldn't help but smile silently at seeing this as she made her way over to a tree and sat her back against it. She couldn't help but close her eyes and sigh in some relief, reminiscing back to her younger self sitting her and training on this tree, how naive she once was to train herself to near exhaustion and had to be halted many times. She gave out a small giggle at the thought before opening her eyes once more.

She took a good look around once more and noticed two figures coming up, once of course being ahead of the other which didn't seem to striking until they got closer. The first thing she could see was how her teammates once looked like as younger teens flash in her eyes before reality set in and formed into what they were now. They didn't seem like to much changed at first but soon enough she could tell the differences appearing on them with each second that they came closer. She gave out a better smile towards them as she let them walk up.

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Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin

OOC: You sort of just put me and Takeo walking together even though this is the beginning of a thread but I'll see to it and improvise.

It had been awhile since he had roamed the streets of Konoha so openly, at least to his free schedule. It was just a good old day in the village, like any other, except when he could so clearly remember the day news broke out about how his father went missing, and how one of his brothers had died. So dear to him, he only saw darkness for several hours being barricaded inside his own house, keeping to himself just to feel a bit more in control. Time went by, and he eventually- well, partially moved on, never actually having such weight lifted off his shoulders, but it was a better feeling than having nothing to be felt at all. Maybe a thought of 'I'd have rather had gotten my heart ripped out then and there,' once or twice during his mourning days, but otherwise he was at tip top shape- well, he seemed to be that way. Never really was.

So, though he had relatively recovered from losses, there were things that still would remind him of them regardless of where he had went. Kuroo himself was a big reflection of his father, at least when he was younger. But staring down the streets, he followed the trail of citizens that took their time. His hands stuck into his black pants, he decided to go to the river that was around the outskirts of town. But, when he not been paying attention of where he was walking, he had accidentally bumped into a boy. "Ah, apologies for my- Takeo?" he questioned, looking at the boy in front of his face. Vaguely familiar because he hadn't kept in contact with his old teammate for practically three years, he still couldn't forget someone he had known (but let's face it, he only recognized him because he was always clumsy, and was most likely the one who bumped into him.)

"If my eyes haven't bested me, I say it is very much you, Takeo Hanamura," Kuroo stated, cocking his head to the say to get a better glance at his face. If his light brown hair and casual clothing hadn't already given him enough evidence to claim that it was the boy he had worked with for a average amount of time, he didn't know what would. There wasn't anyone else in his contacts that he knew much around the village besides the couple of people he had met a mere three years ago. Man, did those three years seem to be really far off. "So, what plans have you had today?"

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