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Jace Hiragana

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1 Jace Hiragana on Fri Jan 09, 2015 12:18 pm


Name: Jace Hiragana
Nickname: Hirga
Age: 13
Gender: male
Village: hidden in the mist
Village Rank: Genin
Skill Rank: D

Weight:120 lb
Hair color: White
Eye Color: Black
Looks Image:
Looks Description: A slender boy, with long black hair with a peirceing gaze. His hair is messy and spikes. He wears a black fur coat over a blue shirt and wears black pants. He wears his ninja band on his right arm near his shoulder, and his weapons by his side, under the coat.

Personality Description: Jaec is a strong hearted boy, with a determined gleam to his eyes. While he is not the most talkative of people, he dose enjoy the pleasure of meeting others, as well of meeting them in combat. He enjoys battleing aswell as trainings,putting it over most other things, and will try to stay to th shadows and be nice and surprising. Jace is also quite cocky when it comes to combat.

Likes: Duels, training, and water
Dislikes: talking, genjutsu, and snakes
Catch Phrases: While annoyed, Jace might say this. " You might want to think twice before something unfortunate happenes." While he trains with others. " You might want to take notes."
Nindo: To surpass my sensei, and become the greatest swords men in this era.

Element Affinity: lightning
Sub Element Affinity: none

History: The hiragana family, known as the Black swords of the village hidden in the mist, mastieres of the sword, and the youngest, also the most talented of his generation in the family, was the heir to his fathers name, and the one who would gain his father sword after his death. Jace was one of many children born, and though the youngest by many years, he was the most cherished. He surpassed his eldest brother, by the age of 10during his sixth year at school. After a few more years he was able to impress his uncle, the strongest of the family. This uncle decided to train Jace, and though the years of school, Jace was taught as much as his uncle could teach. Though there was one in the family who knew everything the family held. Every taijutsu and ninjutsu. The real black sword, the one who gave the name to the family, his grandfather, passed away, hidein his secrets from the rest of the family. Jace as a test from his uncle was to seek out a scroll from a cave, that his grand father hide. While out finding this scroll, Jace wasn't challenged by any challenge, but when he found it he found his eldest brother, waiting for him, a scar from th last battle on his face, clear as day. He was there to stop him from completing this task, to stop him from becomeing the next in line to take the title of the black sword of the hiragana family. After a duel between brothers, Jace won, though with a cost. His voice box was damaged, after a hit to the throat. He wasn't able to spea for the next Three years, in anything but a whisper. This has caused Jace to becomes a silent swordsman. The scroll, was a technique used by his grandfather, a tai jutsu move that was taught to him when he was a Genin, a sword techniuqe that allows him to use 3 swords, the triple bladed dragon, a ability that allowed the user to weird 3 swords and fight with ease. Jace spent weeks training, perfecting the technique and came home, stronger and more skilled than before. After finishing the year he was on his first day as a Genin.
RP Sample: As Jace stretched his arms out while sitting at his desk, the teaching babbling about some sort of jutsu, capable of confusing the weak minded, and allowing you to strike at there weak points, Jace turned his attention to his friend. He was a skilled ninja, a expert it seemed at useing genjutsu. The perfect rival for someone who is weak on the subject. Just then, the teacher stopped and pointed at him.

" Mister Hiragana, would you mind comeing down here as a test subject for the other students?" She says as his friend stands up, being the first to try the genjutsu. "Now mister hiragana"

Sighing Jace stands up and walks down to the front of the class, his training swords by his side. He stood there waiting. As his friend came up to him and tried to use the genjutsu, nothing happned, the same thing happened about five times, which then the teacher tried, with no avail.

"Mister hiragana, go back to your seat, we need someone else to do this." The teacher said, the final exam for this class was close by, yet for some reason the teacher didn't gove any tests out, she just taugh like usual. Curiosity being a standing factor. The end of the class the teacher directed every student out side.

" ok class now we are going to do a test of abilitys, we need to see how you are doing, now some chunin are here to watch, so don't make a fool of yourself." She said. Each student was to use a varity of moves of there choice to try to impress the judges, either by useing it on one of them, or by useing a dummy. After multiple students trying and failing, as one succeeding, Jace was next, a murmur behind him. He was the lowest ranked student, not doing any work, and always starting off into space. He was expected to fail, and the teacher looked at him and said "Jace step away, and go to the sidelines, you will not pass this exam, your to inexperienced."

This made Jace frustrated, why would she care, it was just a test, fail or pass it's worth a shot. Jace, pulls his training swords out, only pulling one out, leaveing the other two sheathed, he only pulls it half way out, takeing only one step, appearing nest to the dummie, his sword next to its head. He then pulls a second Balde out. Shifting slightly to face the dummie, he sent a flurry of attack from swipes, stabs and hilt smashes, he pulls the third sword out, placing it next to him he place the second one to his right, and starts a ninjutsu, which after completing he becomes a blur, striking the dummie constantly, while seemingly holding all 3 practice swords, when he finished, he placed all three swords back and started walking away as a Chunin directed him to stop. Turning towards him, he heard two words.

"You passed."

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2 Re: Jace Hiragana on Fri Jan 09, 2015 12:40 pm

List of current jutsu

  • Body Replacement Technique
  • Cloak of Invisibility
  • Clone Technique.
  • Rope Escape Technique.
  • Transformation Technique.
  • Tree Climbing Practice
  • Water Surface Walking Practice
  • Cliff Climbing Practice

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3 Re: Jace Hiragana on Thu Jan 15, 2015 5:20 am


Hi. First off, you don't list your jutsu here, just your other information. You'll need to increase your personality and appearance by at least two hundred [200] words. You should also read through everything and correct any typos. Thanks.


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