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Hiragana, the Black swords of the mist

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1 Hiragana, the Black swords of the mist on Fri Jan 09, 2015 12:37 pm

Clan Name:Black swords
Clan element/'s: lightning
Special characteristics/traits: black eyes
Location: North of the village hidden in the mist.

Bloodline Name: Hiragana
Bloodline Ability: Fast ground speed
Secret Clan Jutsu:Triple edged Dragon

Clan History:The Black swords are a clan of swords men, known for there craftsmanship and abilty with a sword. There history can be traced back to the first nija war, where they severed as the black ops for the Water Clans. The sword welled by the first member in the family known only by the Black Fang, was in possession of 5 techniques used by his family, in which only one has been recovered. The power of these techniques are known though out the family.

There are 3 branches, the pure blooded, in which they have a right to be the head of the family and clan. The crafters, the ones who have made the swords of the family since the clan was in the first War. And the shikami branch, in which few have been heard From. Each branch protects a sword used by the Bladk Fang. The first held by the main branch is called Fenris, rummured to be able to cut thought iron like butter, and to be as shape to cut air. The second held by the crafters, is called Denrig, a sturdy blade, able to stop even the strongest of strikes and still hold, the blade being able to stop even a mountain from falling. The final one, the third blade is only rumured, for it has been sealed away, for the sould of a demon has been lock inside it. The swords name is Dogma, and was able to turn the wielder into a unstoppable swords man, though with the cost of there own chakara.

Members: 12 per branch. Total of 36 members total.

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2 Re: Hiragana, the Black swords of the mist on Sun Jan 11, 2015 5:18 am


Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin
- You need to give more description for what the Hiragana ability is. I should see at least a paragraph elaborating on "fast ground speed".

- Please put "Triple edged dragon" in the appropriate jutsu template/


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