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Birds of a Feather (Private)

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1 Birds of a Feather (Private) on Sat Jan 10, 2015 7:42 pm

Hitomi Shiruku

Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
Hitomi had a relaxing week it seems, considering her return to home went so smoothly she couldn't help but give out a gentle smile within her memories. A few years ago she'd have never smiled like this, especially when alone but now she felt it was natural. Re-meeting her old sensei, seeing her old teammates grown, sparing off with someone she barely once knew. She could only think of how many people she's met and though some are gone it's exactly how her mother explained. A wind current that some may come and go but once together becomes stronger.

Speaking of wind there was a gentle wind that day as it blew through the trees. She swore she could hear a gentle song in the air from it, but perhaps it was just her imagination, or perhaps it was a small bird singing. She blinked her eyes open for a moment in confusion as she heard the bird's calling song and looked around for a while. She went through bushes and trees to try to find it and try as she might she nearly couldn't, that is until she stopped and took in a breath before whistling out her own tune. As she did the bird sound became louder and more pronounced as she finally found the spot it came from.

At first she felt confused to see nothing but she saw some movement to a small object. It was the bird, though rather than be a small pigeon or something it was small but had elongated legs. She couldn't help but giggle to herself at how cute it looked. The bird kept calling out but once the whistling from Hitomi stopped it seemed to sink down in a sad motion. She noticed this and quickly began whistling once more which perked the bird up to search around. Once it neared her she looked down at it as it looked up to her. At first it was scared of her and just about flew off but tripped over it's long legs. Hitomi gave out a chuckle before holding the small bird in her hands and cradle it.

The small bird seemed scared for a while but soon quelled down as it sighed out. "Please don't eat me...I promise I-I taste bad!" It's tiny voice gave out as Hitomi was a bit shocked then as she tried to keep herself calm she returned the message. "You're safe with me, just calm down and explain why you're here?" She asked to it gently as she sat it back on the ground. She half expected it to run off however it seemed to stay there. "I was following my flock back home but a strong current blew us apart, I landed here and I tried to avoid everything and find my flock." She nodded to it as she smiled a bit. "So that's why you followed my whistling, you thought I was your family. Well how about I help you find them if you can help me. My name is Hitomi by the way" She mentioned pointing out to the bird.

The small bird looked up at her with some hope then replied. "I-I'm Hane, and thank you so much but what can I help with? I'm not to good with helping stuff, I'm pretty clumsy." it sighed out looking down upon itself. Hitomi knew this feeling all to well. "Well unlike me you can fly and scout the skies, where as I can search the ground and earth so we'd have more coverage to find them, but more than that you can see if danger comes before I do so we can both escape." She gave out her plan as she carried on. "How about it, you can go back to your family if you want when you find them. But for now just help me and I'll help you okay?" She held out her hand as if to hand shake it then realized her silly predicament.

However to her surprize Hane lifted one of it's long legs to place in her hand and shook on it with a slight smile to himself. Hitomi only just noticed his gender with the color of Hane's plumage and though it wasn't important it at least let her know not to be rude on it if the situation was called to question. Even if it was unorthodoxed and definitely not completely written they seemed to have made a traditional agreement, she'd of course need to learn how to either find him or bring him to her quickly in case of need. That would be the next step in what is known as summoning. For now it was a mere friendship for the two.

WC: 787
Hane's info

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