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Recruited Darkness

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1 Recruited Darkness on Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:07 am

RD Admin

"we didn't just recruit witches... we recruited darkness..."

An american horror story coven rpg

cordelia foxx (goode) is now the supreme witch of the coven.
with her mother fiona passed and her new council members, queenie and zoe, she is determined to uprise the fallen witch population.

though with an announcement out to the world of the returned witches, brings new faces dying to take a spot in the academy.
but with the worlds new knowledge, comes also their hatred.

witch hunters from all over have gathered with only one thought in mind...

to kill every remaining witch on earth...

but that won't be easy seeing as the witches have advantage that they don't..

their power..

it grows stronger and stronger with knowledge and skill.
every witch born with their own unique sort.
but not all magic is good... some of it sends off bad energy to those who absorb it.

little do these witches know, there is a force much darker than hunters coming for their power…

dark spirits have been awakened by the power released from all the witches that have passed and the more that decease, the stronger they get. and their plan to destroy all witches in order to regain enough power to take over the world has just begun...

will they be able to use what this darkness craves the most in order to defeat it? or will the crumble and fall into extinction?

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