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Taking a Demon Home [Closed]

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1 Taking a Demon Home [Closed] on Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:32 am


Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin
Musashi was browsing the busy consumer streets of Konohagakure, part of hundreds of customers today as there was a special village-wide sell. Merchants were happy to display their products and craft, while people like himself had a bag of ryo to take something valuable home today. Musashi saw one girl at the candy stand walking away with a rainbow-colored swirly lollipop, licking the delicacy with a pink hungry tongue. He found himself walking into a shop with lots of men in there, and he knew that he'd be attracted here because it was a store that sold swords. Blades of all kinds were up in displays or walls. Musashi walked over to a scabbard, feeling its grainy structure that tickled the palm of his hand. Grabbing the handle, he saw the dragon-shaped grip before he pulled out the blade, revealing the glinted metal to the outside world. He unsheathed the sword, but knew that he could not give it a few good slashes and thrusts with so many people around. He simply flicked the edge of the blade and tapped the metal from the side. It was a good blade, he could tell. If he were to use it, he would likely slay a population equivalent to the number of men in the room before the blood started to severely impair the cutting edge. But it was useless to him. He had the Takashi blades with him, which could put every single sword in here to shame. It wasn't a matter of pride, it was just that no matter how fanciful these weapons of war looked, they were not the real deal when it comes to fighting an equal or superior level opponent than the swordsman who was wielding the sword.

He left the store, for it was nothing but a world of antiques in there. Aimlessly, he walked into a small shop of wooden carvings and sculptures. He had always been fascinated with the craft recently, but never practiced it; he only observed. There were many carvings, including one of the current Hokage Kojirama in all of his liking. There were many popular Buddha sculptures, miniature in size, as even the biggest of these things weren't any bigger than his chest. His eyes ran through a row of craftmanship before it rowed back and stopped to see a very nasty-looking thing. It had bulging eyes, horns portruding from the head, a dragon-like mane around the face, and a very angry, twisted expression. It was a sculpture of an oni. The demon graving was very fine work if one were to look at all of the details. One would easily see that this was to embody something demonic and monstrous in nature, as far removed from human appearance as possible and to fully resemble an evil animal. Looking at the face, it looked as if the demon was about to eat someone, especially with its mouth open. Sadly, its miniature T-rex like arms and overall small size did not support its intimidating appearance. It was just a mean-looking scrub. Perhaps it would find its place at his home?

Musashi paid the merchant ryo and took the demon graving with him, holding it in his hand. There were several sharpened points on the sculpture, but nothing pricked him, and it was just wood. He thought about using it as a model to replicate if he were to sculpt wood one day. With him for now, he was taking a demon home.


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