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1 Dracadia on Mon Jan 12, 2015 10:44 am

Dracadia Member

Getting Started | Available | Setting Information | Dragons | Races | Advertising

Long ago, the monsters known as the Ternarium arrived in Dracadia through a strange rift that tore open like wound in the land. The Ternarium festered out and began to spoil everything they touched. The only purpose these foul creatures had on their agenda was destruction and annihilation of the once beautiful world. Dracadians stood against these monsters, hopeless and over-powered. Just when it seemed lost, the Gods finally stepped up to help save their people and the world they created.

Three breeds of dragons were gifted to the people. These special dragons would mentally bond to a person forming a mental connection upon hatching and stay with them for the rest of there lives. Bound for battle against the monstrous Ternarium. Each breed of dragon was distinctly different in look, size, and ability from one another, but what they shared in common was their love of the people they would bond to and the unyielding desire to destroy all Ternarium.

Massive establishments called Forts were built to house dragon Keepers and train them for the war against the eternal enemy of the people. These Forts were nearly a city unto themselves and would become the homes and base camps for these special people, soldiers who were the last hope of all humanity.

Do you have what it takes to fight the good fight?

What we have to offer:
+ A brand new setting, Inspired by such works as Anne McCaffery's Dragonriders of Pern series and Gary Gygax's Dungeons and Dragons.
+ Three distinct breeds of dragon and four elemental types which can be mixed and matched up for your character to bond to.
+ Four playable races with their own perks and faults to make them different for a very open style of play from intricate love stories to inner turmoil with other players.
+ Dual Bonding capability - Don't limit your characters to just one dragon anymore!
+ Unique shop for items, creatures and character perks!
+ Player Hosted Events!

What we are accepting:
+ Applicants for Upcoming Hatchings
+ Fire, Earth, Air and Water - Dragons, Lizardlings and Wyverns (Males and Limited Females)
+ Limited Time Ranking Positions - Visit us for details!
+ Gryphonrider's for the Gold Battalion, positions limited for first time characters

Upcoming Events:
+ 8th Hatching to be Febuary 13th 2015! Come be apart of the first hatching of the new year!
+ New race of animal shapeshifters!
+ Two Year Anniversary Event, Established since 2013 and still trucking along.

Come and join the fight today!

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