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Heirs of Zeus : An Ancient Greece Roleplaying Forum

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Empires were built and razed by the people. But who were the people? Who was it that decided what became an empire, and what fell into the dust? On Heirs of Zeus, you are the people and it's you that have the ability to create, or sack an empire.

The year is 482 B.C. 8 years has passed since the war against the invading king Darius I of Persia, and many of the men who fought and defeated the king has returned home to live in peace. But the victory is stained with distrust, distrust against the other city states. The Athenians say that it was the gods who blessed them with victory, while the Spartans pray their soldiers strength for slaying the Persian King. This has caused the City States to divide within, and the people to start throwing stones at each other. The general mood of Greece is bad, and the higher ups fears that if nothing is done to unite the people once more, there might soon be Greece blood on their spears. At the same time, King Darius I's son Xerxes I of Persia have been busy, planning his revenge ever since the day 8 years ago when his father was killed.

Partake in the events of Ancient Greece as a Hoplite of Mytilene, a Diplomat of Megara.. Or why not the secret lover of an important politician in Athens? The world is ours to shape, as long as we have the imagination to.

Heirs of Zeus is a mix of historical events from the world as we know it, with an AU aspect to keep things interesting. The people will have the chance to change the course of history through their actions, and make their footprint in history.

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