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The Dead Have Risen

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1 The Dead Have Risen on Tue Jan 13, 2015 9:48 am

He had been gone far to long from his home and from his family.  Still the place brought up memories he had seemingly forgotten about after his revival.  The disappearance of Hana and Achilles, both of whom were good friends of his.  He even remembered his mission abroad to Yukigakure, which he still hoped was apart of Kumogakure's control, lest his death was truly meaningless to the furthering of Kumogakure's standing in the world.

During his three year absence, he had received no news from his home and he himself assumed they had long forgotten about the Teaching Senju who abused his students.  They may have even been glad he had disappeared without a trace.  The only one he hoped still remembered him was his own sister, Kiyoko.  The mischievous sibling that brought him great joy to look upon.  And thus he found himself, standing before the massive gate of Kumogakure wearing tattered clothing, jounin vest sporting more than a few tears in the fabric.

Being officially dead had its perks for the Immortal Senju, no one really bothered you.  To most of the guards he was simply a passing vagrant looking for work, thankfully his protector was hidden underneath his clothing to hide his true identity.  His first step into village was one that nearly brought tears to his eyes.

It had been far to long.


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