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[FLASH BACK] The Story of Hiryo Nara | P

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1 [FLASH BACK] The Story of Hiryo Nara | P on Tue Jan 13, 2015 2:41 pm

"Mother, Father! I'm home!" The small, squeaky voice echoed through a hollow, wooden house being met at the end by a short female and a very tall male. The female had a tan skin tone with long, black straight hair that fell perfectly over her forehead revealing her eyes, nose and mouth. The male who was fairly taller then the female had a slightly darker skin color with medium length, spiky ended black hair with a tint of dark blue. "I'm in the living room Hiryo!" the female voice echoed back in reply to Hiryo. Footsteps were heard running through the hollow house letting off small echos created by the wood that was used to create the house. The footsteps were by a young boy who had just entered the Kumogakure Ninja academy known as Hiryo Nara. The Female was Rin Hio the mother of Hiryo and the male was Nike Nara, the father of Hiryo. As Hiryo entered the living room, he would jump directly into the arms of his mother as his mother welcomed him with open arms. He was a family boy being brought strictly around family so it was only natural that he had missed his parents this much. They would hug each other with a firm grip for a few seconds before finally letting lose and smiling at each other. "Go see you're father well I finish folding this washing. He is out the back training." Rin would tell the young boy well turning her attention back to her washing and starting to fold it and pack them into neat piles. Hiryo would nod back as a way to let her know yes and make his way through the house towards the back door. Pushing the door open, Hiryo would find his father holding a wooden katana dashing towards a dummy that was tied to a tree. When he was close enough, he swung the katana from right to left towards the head of the dummy and when it connected he would counter-act the swing with a spin the opposite direction well changing his level and swinging another hard strike but this time from left to right towards the knee caps of the dummy. Once landing, he would hold the position for a while before dropping the katana and standing to his feet, dusting his hands together and stretching. "I knew I had heard you're voice inside, You can hear your voice from miles away haha but I guess you seen that Hiryo eh? One day you will get to this level or maybe even surpass it." Nike would say turning his head towards Hiryo and smiling."Father! you are amazing!" Hiryo would say with big, gleaming eyes, amazed by the technique his father just performed. His heart was beating faster then usual, blood boiling and his gears tuning. He was ready to practice hopefully with his father and to show this, he would run over before stopping 5 meters away from Nike. "Spar with me father." Hiryo would say with a smile rising his dukes and watching Nike with a close eye only stopping to blink but on his first blink, Nike vanished from sight and appeared behind Hiryo without Hiryo even noticing. "Maybe tomorrow Hiryo. For now lets go inside, it's getting cold out." Nike would say patting Hiryo's head before walking inside. Hiryo wasn't pleased with the answer he got but he would never dare to disrespect his parents so he would just nod at his father and follow up behind him inside.

Later that night, his parents wanted to take a lovely stroll to the local store to buy some ice cream for the nights desert. The store was only a few minutes away and they had faith in Hiryo's strength to protect himself so they left the house leaving Hiryo in the kitchen doing the dishes well waiting for his parents to get back with desert. He continued to do the dishes but finished them within a few minutes and strangely his parents were still not back. Hours began to pass and Hiryo started to worry but he didn't think anything tragic happened because he believed his parents were strong shinobi until hearing a knock on the front door. Hiryo heard the knock and ran to the door as fast as he could opening it, only to find three jonin standing before him. Two of the three Jonin were holding two dead bodies but since it was night and no lights were on, Hiryo couldn't identify the bodies until they entered his home. The Jonin entered the Nara home and rested the bodies on the couch revealing the identities.... Rin Hio and Nike Nara... Hiryo couldn't believe his eyes. His parents, slayed, dead... at his feet. A young 9 year old boy standing before his dead parents.

"NOOOOOOO! MOTHER!!! FATHER!! PLEASE WAKE UP! YOU CAN'T!!! MOTHER PLEASE!!! FATHER WE HAVE TO SPAR TOMORROW!! WAKE UP!!! PL...." Hiryo yelled at the top of his lungs pushing each body when their name was said. The Jonin didn't want to cause any commotion with the neighbors so they tried to calm Hiryo down but couldn't touch the boy. Each time they tried to touch the boy, their hands were slapped so they just left him screaming until the Anbu Black Ops arrived. Hiryo started to have flashbacks of all the important memories he held close with his parents with waterfalls falling from his face and onto the wooden blood mixing with the pools of blood that were created from the dead bodies that rested on the couch. He held onto his shorts with a very tight grip until finally letting out one last scream that could be heard throughout the village then going into a sudden state of shock not being able to move or talk - he was basically a statue.

With Hiryo now frozen and the Anbu Black Ops arriving at his house.. they had no choice but to take him to a hospital to get treated both physically and emotionally so the three Jonin picked Hiryo and carried him to the nearest hospital. Hiryo was literally a statue! they couldn't change his position, even the strongest ninja in strength couldn't budge him so they couldn't do anything but put him in an isolated room with his mouth open, eyes rolled to the back of his head, on his knees, hands hanging with blood all up his arms and over his clothes... the only thing left to do was to wait for him to wake up... not even the doctors knew how long it would take for him to come back to reality.


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