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The lost Shadow [PreTimeSkip]

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1 The lost Shadow [PreTimeSkip] on Wed Jan 14, 2015 1:08 am

Kimura quickly finished doing his rounds through the village. As it was once again that time of the night when he needed to check and make sure that all things in the village were safe and well. Though most of the village was sound asleep or doing what they did at night. Kimura wasn’t as luckily as most of them. Considering he was the Anbu captain he was always the one left with the night duty on the guard. Meaning that it was him who was going to have to do all of the security checks around the village during the night time. And he would be lucky if he got one or two Anbu members to help him with the duty of the night. As it was the time that most of the attackers tended to try and invade Kumo. Though it was also one of the most deadly of times. Because Kumo was already hidden away in the mountains covered by the clouds, but at night it got even harder to navigate. The only light that one could use was that of the lightning in the clouds. And sometimes that got even deadly as the lightning decided to make its way from the clouds and strike the ground.

And if one could not read the lightning they would most likely get themselves caught in the path of it. And that was not a faith that most people wanted to find themselves in the middle of the night. All seemed good for the most part in the land though. As Kimura was sure that no one would be stupid enough to try and actually invade the village of Kumo around this time. As the village was now entering the time of the Lightning season. The time that the mountains would be the most deadly and unpredictable, making It even dangerous for ah ninja like Kimura who was born and raised out in these mountains. But none of that mattered right now. First Kimura needed to make his way back to the village and check in with the Raikage. Since he would probably want to know the update, as well as want to know how bad the weather was getting in the mountains.

This way the Kage would be able to inform the village that the Lightning season was now upon them. Meaning that not only would they all need to be very careful outside of the village. But the annual village lightning festival would be fast approaching them. Which would mean that the village would soon be covered in decorations and soon tons of events and competitions would be coming to the village. This was usually the time a lot of the lower ranking ninjas would rank up, if they were lucky enough. But It would also mean the fast approaching of some dangerous animals and creatures. Even Kimura’s Hotaru clans legend of creation has a story from the lightning festival. Some say the Lightning bugs came during the season of lightning. Though it didn’t completely make since to Kimura, or a lot of the other Hotaru. But who were they to contemplate the legend of the clan.

Darting back to the Village Kimura would use the roof tops like always. This way it would be more unlikely for people to see him moving in and out of the village. Though most people were probably in their houses or sleep, Kimura always felt it best if he stayed out of sight even if no one was looking for him. Especially when going to the Raikage office. Once Making it the office Kimura would come to see the office was empty but that was oddly strange. As the Kage never left before Kimura got back with the night Reports. So instantly Kimura’s combat sense would kick in and he would start to look over the office until he noticed a note on the Kage’s desk with his name on it.

“Dear Kimura, my dear friend I have decided that I need to travel the world in search of myself. As I miss the thrill I had when we were once just members of the Anbu. And without that meaning of life I don’t feel that I can continue to lead this village without causing problems to myself. So I feel that this journey is not only for the best for me, but the village and its people as well. So I am going to leave on this night and travel the world. And so I ask of you to watch over the village and take over as Raikage until I am able to return. And for this task I ask you I leave you the gift of my legendary Seven Swordsman blade. You will find it under the desk and I am sure that it will help you in being able to protect the village in my Absence while I am gone. Please let the village know that I am safe and will return once I am able. Thank you Tosen The Firefly of the Lightning. “

Instantly small tears would start to fall from Kimura’s face once he removed his mask, something that would shock even the devil himself. As Kimura was not one known for his emotions especially one to cry. But he just couldn’t believe that the Raikage would not only leave the village but leave it in the trust of Kimura while he was gone. This meant that the Kage had true faith in the skills of Kimura. And was sure that he would be able to keep the village together while he was gone. So reaching under the desk Kimura would grab a box. Opening the box he would take out one of the swords of legend. Putting it on his back Kimura would make his way to the center of the Village to sound the message Alarm. To inform them of the knew Raikage. The Firefly of the Lightning.



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