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Beyond Kingdom Hearts

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1 Beyond Kingdom Hearts on Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:25 am



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While Sora had been saved from his fate, and the plans of Master Xehanort's new 'Organisation XIII' delayed for the time being, the worlds have been on edge. But there have been many changes in the short time since Riku ascended to a Keyblade Master. Joshua, Shibuya's Composer, had unlocked the gateway back to their own realm, reconnecting an assortment of worlds, but doing so awakened hidden secrets. Something from...

Beyond Kingdom Hearts

"When New Doors Open... A New Adventure Begins."

We are a Canon focused Kingdom Hearts roleplay, set shortly after the events of 'Dream Drop Distance'. With an expansive KH, Disney and Final Fantasy cast available, along with our own unique additions to the universe. We include some worlds and characters from Square Enix developed titles, while also incorporating worlds & characters from 6 popular 'Tales of...' games. Original Characters welcome too.

Come join us for a new experience in fun with roleplay.

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