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Battlestar Galactica | New Earth

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1 Battlestar Galactica | New Earth on Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:35 am





Five years following the attack on the Colonies, the last remaining survivors (a mixture of Colonials and Cylon defectors) discovered at the last possible moment a lush planet hidden in the corner of a distant galaxy, one that was more than capable of supporting life. After a long and arduous journey, the Battlestar Galactica, the warship that had protected the Fleet for so long, was incapable of making another faster than light jump. Although not the planet the Fleet had initially set out find, a new home far away from the reach of the Cylons was their ultimate destination. The planet was called New Earth, a homage to the myth they had not only believed in, but found.

After abandoning most technology in hopes of breaking the cycle they were entwined in, life for all inhabitants now is difficult, but not without its rewards.

Please consider joining us as we are about to embark into Part Two of our journey, including: Cylon shenanigans; the native inhabitants, some of which are more than they appear to be; and day to day life that tends to offer its share of surprises.

This RPG takes place post Daybreak (for those BSG diehards), however, it does have a few AU changes that we would love to discuss with you. Original characters are welcomed and encouraged, and you need not have a thorough understanding of BSG to participate. We are welcoming of ideas and would love to hear what you have up your sleeves! Whether you can post once a day or once a week, if you enjoy science fiction and fun writing, give us a go.

Bonus donuts to people who consider joining: Galen Tyrol, William Adama, Boomer (realistically Cylons in general), Aaron Doral, or Romo el Presidente

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