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Seigi Ikazuchi, Suna ANBU Captain

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1 Seigi Ikazuchi, Suna ANBU Captain on Thu Jan 15, 2015 5:43 am

Seigi Ikazuchi

Suna Anbu Captain
Suna Anbu Captain


Name: Seigi Ikazuchi
Nickname: "Motanai Bijū" The Tailless Tailed Beast
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Village: Sunagakure
Village Rank: Jonin
Skill Rank: S (Anbu Captain)

Weight: 165 lbs
Hair color: White
Eye Color: Yellow
Looks Image:

Looks Description:

Seigi is skinny but very tone, his build more athletic than anything. Often concealed within a cloak and mask though, not many people know the true identity of the ANBU captain, the man understanding that anonymity is his greatest ally, especially in trying times such as these. He often carries a small gourd on his right side containing a small amount of sand, no bigger than a normal pouch to carry items in. His left arm is completely covered in bandages, covering up his ANBU tattoo as well as a disfiguring scar just beneath his elbow. His expression is often hard to see, as he wears a scarf covering the lower part of his face, hiding his mouth and his nose, but it is often implied that he is either scowling or emotionless. His outfit usually consists of a few layers. His basic training outfit is a sleeveless shirt, similar to the "fishnet" shirts that Shikamaru wore underneath his vest. His pants were tight, but not too tight that he couldn't move freely, just tight enough to prevent the enemy from grabbing onto them. His pants were tucked into his sandals, to prevent sand from slipping into them, as well as a sash tied around his waist for the same thing. He sometimes wore a jounin vest, to things such as public events or when he was off duty, but when on duty, he would wear a poncho-like brown cloak, covering most of his torso. It also had a hood he could pull up, over his head and scarf.

His ANBU mask was similar to the Kitsune mask, looking similar to a fox. On the left cheek, it had three claw marks in red. Having been used through various missions and fights throughout the years, it is covered in small scratches an dents, showing it's experience and proving that Seigi was indeed a veteran to battle. Unlike the usual ANBU mask, this one was made of pure metal, also able to act as a kind of "guard", not much, but it'd definitely hurt if he headbutted you with it.

Often seen as "handsome", Seigi would be considered a heart throb to many of the girls among Sunagakure, and he'd be lying if he said that he didn't know it. It didn't make him vain, however, as his face was often hidden beneath his mask or his scarf, for both his own protection and theirs.

Personality Description:
Seigi is a very quiet and very introverted man, but that doesn't mean he necessarily doesn't like people, he just.. doesn't get along with many. He's the kind of guy who would rather have 1 or 2 close friends rather than many who he doesn't really know. He's very protective of his friends and his home, willing to go to any length to protect both of them, making him perfect for his rank. Often brooding and dark, he isn't really the worry type, but does try to think of any and all possible things that could happen. Some would consider him smart, a prodigy with his use of ninjutsu perhaps, but due to his quiet and secretive nature, nothing is really known of the man. He dabbles in secrecy and enjoys his privacy, just as any other person would, only difference, it being his job to be quiet and secretive. During combat, he has become cold and merciless, granting no reprieve to those he deems unfit for it. If you fight him, you better kill him, otherwise, he will destroy whatever gets in his way. Mentally, he is a very strong man, having undergone training against torture, genjutsu and just plain old pain. He is calculating and unforgiving, not afraid to use his own intelligence and tactics to get what he needs out of someone, also having been trained in the art of information extraction. If you pose a threat to him, his village or his friends, he will fight you, gain the information he needs and then dispose of you when he doesn't need you anymore, lest you can prove yourself worthy to him in some way. He is very honorable though, and will inform you on his intentions, priding himself on not lying to his enemies, and always believes in the sacredness of a fair right. You try to land a cheap shot on him and he'll be unforgiving.

He enjoys peace and quiet and when he gets the chance to, loves reading books and relaxing. He's a harsh teacher to genin and even chunin, but understands that scrutiny is often the best teacher. Some have called him hard and even a monster (giving way to his Tailless Tailed Beast nickname, both his attitude, his ferocity and his massive chakra pool) but he doesn't mind the criticism. In fact, he welcomes it. It throws people off of who he really is, and if you really truly get to know him, you know that he can be the best friend, mentor and shinobi you will ever meet

-Fighting: He is often at home in the midst of a spar and believes the best way to get to know someone is to fight them.
-Learning: A shinobi's best friend is a scroll containing something he doesn't already know. If he isn't fighting or on a mission, Seigi is often found nose deep in a scroll or book
-Eating: Seigi's one weakness is food. Due to his high amount of physical activity, he often eats twice as much as the normal, full-grown man.

-Liars. If there's one thing he hates most in this world, it's when someone he trusts lies to him. He won't hesitate to cut you off after that.
-Cheats. Very big on honor, if you're going to fight him, you're going to do it the right way. Otherwise, he won't hold back.
-Abuse of Power: Again, very honorable. If he finds out about another shinobi abusing their power for their own gains and using the village's resources for ill will, he will cut them down where they stand, even if it's the Kage.
Catch Phrases: "Even gods can bleed."
Nindo: To protect Sunagakure, no matter the cost.

Element Affinity: None (Will learn  Saton element IC)
Sub Element Affinity:

History: Seigi was born in Sunagakure to two very loving and very caring parents, both of which belonging to the Saton Clan, in which he was considered lucky. The times of war were persistent and Seigi's father often left on missions into dangerous lands, leaving his family to wonder if he'd ever come back. But of course, his father was a strong Jounin, the leader of his very own squad, and they often returned, damaged, but in overall good shape. Seigi's mother ran a small weapon's shop in the village's center, selling various kunai, shuriken and even swords to help bring in a stable income to help support the young Seigi.

He was enrolled into the academy at an early age, beginning his studies with a more advanced class, the boy showing a natural affinity for Ninjutsu. But, because of this, Seigi was often bullied for being younger than the rest of his classmates, and would often come home with black eyes and bloody noses. The boy was distraught for a time, believing that no one would be his friend, that no one would accept him because he was better. This routine went on for years, almost every day being bullied in some way. But after school he would come home and take his anger and aggression out on a training dummy his father had put in the courtyard of their home. After years of bullying and abuse, Seigi had finally had enough and one day, took a stand against the group of young shinobi that were the root of the problem. Challenging their "leader" to a fight, he utilized what he had learned in class, along with his own method of fighting, and beat the bullies to a pulp. Although he was reprimanded for his actions, he was allowed to stay in that class, progressing along with his peers with a newly gained sense of pride.

It wasn't long before Seigi gained his headband, becoming an honorary Genin. Both of his parents were at the ceremony, which was still, one thing he was thankful for. The fighting between villages had been robbing kids of their parents, creating orphans, as well as killing children, fathers having to bury their child due to a simple border dispute or a trade mission gone wrong. Seigi was assigned to his first team and almost immediately given his first mission. The boy was beyond ecstatic as he set off into the world for the first time, his two team mates, Hiro and Satuka, as well as his team leader, Takashi, trailing behind him.

It was shortly after reaching Chunin that his father never came back home. It was supposed to be a routine mission. Travel to Kirigakure, extract a defector and come home. His father never came home and the defector lost contact. The Kazekage told them that it was an ambush to get his father out into the open. Seigi couldn't believe it. From then on, his mother simply wasn't the same. It was as if a light in her eyes had died along with her husband, and it wasn't long before she followed him into the dark. Over the next few years, she began losing weight. She grew pale, as if a cancer was eating away at her. She wouldn't eat and wouldn't sleep. No matter how hard Seigi pleaded, she kind of just shut him out. The last few months were the hardest on the boy, staying with his bed-ridden mother until she passed, taking care of her every need. After that, Seigi wasn't the same either.

Having lost both of his parents, he became cold and merciless. He lost the light he once had for travel, and each mission he received seemed like an inconvenience. He'd take the dossier with a sigh and set out, but he just... wasn't the same. Growing older, he was then given the rank of Jounin at a fairly young age, instantly being bumped up to ANBU during Sunagakure's economical downfall. As shops began to close up and merchants began to move away, he could see the city dying. He saw his mother's shop be boarded up and closed. He saw his village become abandoned. As members of Sunagakure fled to the wind, Seigi stayed. He stayed for as long as he could, cherishing his last moments at home. And then, once he no longer could, he moved on to Kumogakure to join the rest of his village. Once there, he took over duties of keeping Sunagakure's traditions and culture alive, as well as helping out the villagers anyway he could. The ANBU captain, his old friend Hiro, would also give him secret orders from time to time, also granting him his first mask. It was simple, looking similar to the Kitsune mask but with three red claw marks on the left side. He took it, thanking Hiro, and set out to begin his first missions as an ANBU against the Daimyo of Otogakure and the preservation of the Sand.

It wasn't long before Sunagakure was revived.

At first, the ANBU were recalled to the dusty town. Meeting with Akira, the Kazekage, they couldn't believe the plans at first. But through careful manipulation and discretion, it happened. The village returned, slowly but surely, and before he realized it, he was able to return to his home, to his mother's sandy grave.

But tragedy was not done with Seigi yet. He and Hiro were on a mission to the Land of Iron to meet with a possible contact who had information on a mysterious group. Although Seigi hadn't heard anything, apparently Hiro has and wanted his best man on it with him, meaning Seigi. The duo traveled east, meeting in a temple within the mountains, but they should have known better. The trap had been set and they had unknowingly walked right into it, being attacked by 4 mysterious robed figures all at once. Deciding it was best to retreat, they did their best to escape the mountain, but upon their exit, Hiro sacrificed himself to save Seigi, his dying words telling Seigi to protect his home at all costs. Holding his dying friend within his arms, he returned home alone, taking the title of ANBU captain.

It was shortly after that that he donned a new persona as well, gaining a new mask as well as a dusty brown robe. He would carry out his own personal missions under the guise of "Baku, the Dream Eater" Preforming missions that Sunagakure technically couldn't authorize.

RP Sample:

Seigi didn't like this. It wasn't the fact they they were traveling into the middle of nowhere to meet a contact they had no information on. It was that his superior, his friend, his own Captain believed it and requested Seigi to come with him. It wasn't that Seigi had a problem with following orders or doing missions, it was just that this one felt... wrong. He couldn't quite place his thoughts on it and it was just a feeling but, Seigi was pretty good with his hunches. And this one just screamed ambush. The duo continued up the mountain side, their boots crunching the heavy snow beneath them, both wearing their ANBU mask to protect them from snow blindness. If it weren't for the fact that he had no idea what he was walking into, Seigi would use chakra to heat up his body, but he had to conserve everything he had if they were to be successful.

"Hiro," Seigi spoke over the howling wind, directly behind his counterpart, "I've got a bad feeling about this."

"I know." Hiro spoke, turning back to look at Seigi. "Me too, friend. Me too."

Folding up his arms beneath his poncho, Seigi and Hiro continued further, both of them shivering at the stinging cold, Seigi simply wishing that they could be out of it already. He'd rather be losing a fight than be in the cold. It was so different yet so similar to the desert. Barren. Uninhabitable. Perfect for ambushes. Although, Seigi would much rather prefer the heat of Sunagakure rather than the cold of Iron.

Approaching the giant doors to the temple, Seigi couldn't help but gasp in awe of the massive, ornate doors in front of him. Upon closer inspection, one could see it depicted the 9 tailed beasts underneath Hashirama and the Senju fruit. If they weren't on a mission, Seigi would love to introspect it a bit more, learning what he could from the history presented before him, but it would have to wait til later. Opening the massive doors, the two men walked into the main causeway, which had already been lit by torches. They weren't alone. Proceeding forward, Seigi remained on the alert, his ever watchful eyes carefully examining everything around them.

The only sound in the temple was the howling of the heavy snowstorm outside and the footsteps of the two shinobi as they entered the main hall of the temple, a giant statue with 9 mouths sitting cross-legged in front of them, as well an a man, sitting cross legged in front of it.

"Kata?" Hiro called out, the two moving closer. He remained unmoving until they were but a few feet from him, in which he opened his eyes, relieving himself of his meditative state.

"Ah, you came." He muttered, grinning.


At the mutter of the final word, four robed figured appeared before them, seemingly out of nowhere. All of them worse masks, similar to Seigi and Hiro, yet, one could tell that these were not ANBU masks. This was something else entirely. They moved in unison, summoning swords out of their sleeves, attacking the two men. Seigi jumped backwards, withdrawing his own kunai, deflecting the first one's attack, following up with a spinning back kick, pushing them behind him, putting some distance between them, while he then moved forward, throwing his kunai at the second figure approaching him. They brought their sword up to deflect it, giving Seigi the perfect opportunity to strike. Sending a heavy palm int their chest, they were propelled backwards, their back hitting the knee of the giant cross legged statue. All the while, the man didn't move an inch.

Looking over to Hiro, he was struggling with the other two, and Seigi moved to help him, but was stopped as the two were on the move again, moving towards him once more. Getting in between them, Seigi cursed beneath his breath, bringing his hands up to form handsigns.

Snake. Ram. Monkey. Boar. Horse. Tiger.

A giant fireball erupted from Seigi's mouth, leading into a continuous stream of chakra-enhanced fire as he moved his head from left to right, the two mysterious figures moving out of his way, around him. Seigi proceeded forward again, moving as fast as his feet would carry him, jumping towards one of the figured attacking Hiro. Kicking them in the side of the head, they went barreling away from him as Hiro preformed a water jutsu, a syrup like substance erupting from his mouth, trapping the other.

"Let's go!" Hiro exclaimed quickly, turning tail. Seigi began to follow him as the duo quickly made their way to the exit. He should have known. He should have figured it out sooner. He should have-

The sound of metal piercing skin stopped Seigi dead in his tracks. A sword blade appeared through Hiro's back, just as they were on the verge of exiting the massive doors. Seigi roared as everything seemed to just go black. In a rage, Seigi moved forward, in front of Hiro, sending a heavy palm into the center of the swordsman's chest, sending him spiraling against the door. Drawing the blade from Hiro's chest, Seigi plunged it into the man's, pinning him against it. turning back to face Hiro, his friend was already turning pale.

"G-Go." He muttered through shaky breaths, blood already beginning to pool beneath him. "I've got this... Brother."

He began to preform handseals with his shaky hands, grinning slightly as he did. Seigi placed a single hand on his head, as if his own silent way of saying goodbye. As the rest of the figured began approaching them, Seigi slipped out of the door and into the storm, just as the earth around the door began to crumble, leaving nothing left of the temple to be seen from the outside. Seigi was, once again, alone.

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2 Re: Seigi Ikazuchi, Suna ANBU Captain on Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:05 am


Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin
Your looks image is broken for me, so if you can fix that that'd be great.

Also, provide at least 400 words of content for both appearance and personality, as you're applying for ANBU Cap. and we generally expect more description for the higher ranks.


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3 Re: Seigi Ikazuchi, Suna ANBU Captain on Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:47 am

Seigi Ikazuchi

Suna Anbu Captain
Suna Anbu Captain

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4 Re: Seigi Ikazuchi, Suna ANBU Captain on Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:48 am


Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin


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