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1 [Work-In-Progress] on Thu Jan 15, 2015 1:17 pm

"Are you saying I am a monster?"

Name: Malakai René Morgenstern
Nickname | Title | Sobriquet: The Ripper of Amegakure no Sato | The Poisonous Salamander | Kai
Codename: The Black Death
Age: Twenty-Six Years Old
Gender: Male
Village: Sunagakure no Sato
Formerly: Amegakure no Sato
Village Rank: Jounin [Sercetly Anbu]
Skill Rank: A-Ranked

Height: 6’1 ft.
Weight: 215 lbs.
Hair Color: Raven Black
Eye Color: Emerald Green [Malakai] & Crimson Color [The Ripper]
ANBU Attire:

Looks Description:

  • General Appearance: Malakai René Morgenstern is a man of slightly above average height of 6’1 ft. In conjunction with that slightly above average build, he is built much like another other Shinobi of his size. He has a rather toned upper and lower body that has been created from years of Taijutsu training. Due to that muscle, he weights roughly 215 lbs. On to Kai’s physical attributes, like his hair color, eye color, tattoos, and scars, he doesn't have any scars or tattoos, and he has a really dark black hair color that matches his naturally tanned skin perfectly. Kai does have one physical feature that gives him a very unique appearance that other Shinobi do not commonly have. Kai has a condition known as Central Heterochromia. The effects of this condition are seen within the iris of Kai’s eyes. Directly around the pupil, Kai has a bright metallic green color in his iris, but immediately after that color he has a second color in his iris that is pitch black. Due to his mental illness, Kai’s central color can change from Metallic Green to Crimson red in a heartbeat, which will be explained later on.  Malakai has a very effective hair style that compliments the extremely hot weather of the Howling Desert. He styles his hair in a faux hawk fade hair style that leaves the hair on the sides of his head really short with a single medium wide strip on the top that is longer to give him that unique look.

  • Casual | Civilian Attire: Malakai René Morgenstern has various different attires that he dons on various different occasions, like one for his days off [Civilian], one for when he is on duty [Jounin], and the last one is when he goes into the dark for his unofficial job as a village ANBU. The first attire that will be described is the one that is worn the least amount of time, which is Kai’s off-duty attire or his civilian wear.  Kai dons a simple pair of shorts, a white T-shirt, and a simple pair of flip-flops when he isn’t on duty or traveling as an ANBU of Sunagakure.

  • ANBU Attire: Malakai’s ANBU attire has two appearances for when he is in the village and outside of his village. Due to the extreme heat in the Land of Wind, Kai will don a simple pair of grey pants, a V-necked White T-shirt, his customized ANBU Vest, and a sand brown cloak for clothing. The Customized ANBU vest takes the appearance like the common ANBU vest appearance, but it is much tighten on the upper body of Kai and it isn’t grey it is a black color. The Vest is made out of a strong black leather material that allows him to have a bit more movement, and the vest is light enough to keep him from overheating. The second appearance is for when Kai is out of the village as an ANBU of Sunagakure. He dons a pair of black jeans, black combat boots, the same customized ANBU vest that goes over a long sleeved V-necked shirt, and a black hooded cloak. Kai’s customized vest has two front small scroll holders that fasten with a simple button. On top of that, he has two hip pouches for other items, like weapons or more scrolls.  The customized mask that Kai had created takes the exact appearance of the standard Plague Doctor mask. The material is the same as other masks, but the mask is a couple of pieces attached together to give it the unique beak-like appearance. The eye holes have also been customized to keep his eyes completely hidden, and they are covered by glass. Weirdly holes have also been customized to keep his eyes completely hidden, and they are covered by glass. Weirdly, the eyes have a green glow when Kai is in the dark. This glow isn't anything special it is a simple cosmetic effect.

  • Jounin Attire: Weirdly enough, the attire that Kai dons the most is his Jounin attire, which consists of a simple pair of black jeans made of a unique breathable material that was specially created for Shinobi in the Land of Wind. The clothing that covers the upper body can range from a simple white t-shirt to a colored V-necked t-shirt. The Jounin vest that Kai wears is virtually the same as the one he wears as an ANBU, and he simply goes around barefoot in the Sunagakure no Sato and wears a pair of combat boots when traveling.

Personality Description:
~Dominant Persona~

  • Ambitious: Malakai René Morgenstern is a very ambitious man. During his early life in Amegakure no Sato, he moved through the ranks quickly and always strived to gain more fame and fortune. Even after he began to let The Ripper loose in Amegakure, he still strived to push that envelope to be a very well-known Shinobi. This ambitious nature shows out in his earnest to complete missions for his new found home, Kazekage, and fellow Shinobi. He is always looking for a mission to complete, a task to do, or something to bring about more fame to his name. If Malakai is in control, he will always have a positive ambitious in his actions, which means he will only do things to push his fame and respect within the village.

  • Courageous: In conjunction with that Ambitious attitude, Kai has a courage that keeps him from being afraid when facing death or anything that might cause him fear. He doesn’t fill fear naturally. He was trained, after making Chuunin, to be a part of the ANBU organization of Amegakure no Sato. The ANBU training stripped away his fear emotion by constant making him face new things that would push that fear emotion. He had to face unspeakable things while undergoing this unethical training methods that were borderline torturous.  The final result was a Shinobi that didn’t feel fear, and he would face whatever he came up against in his missions. Due to the mind breaking methods of training, the mental stability of Malakai was ripped into a split personality, which was created from a mixture of this method of training and his early childhood experiences with his father.

  • Mellow: Kai is what one would describe as a mellow individual. He is ambitious about making a name for himself, but he has an overall mellow attitude. Malakai will stay mellow for virtually everything, and if he isn’t mellow he will usually hide it very well. In his training as an ANBU, Kai was taught that any negative emotion was deemed useless, because it could cloud your judgment in the heat of battle or in the middle of a mission. This laidback attitude can be seen the most in his everyday life of training, sparring, and teaching younger Shinobi.

  • Calm and Collected: In conjunction with Kai’s mellow attitude, he is fairly calm and collected in heated situations. These heated situations can be anything from heated arguments to the heat of battle between himself and another Shinobi. Kai doesn’t get angry or frustrated at those things. He has learned to clear his mind and always look for an alternate option of proceeding. If he does get upset, he turns into a different person altogether. He acts rashly without calming his mind, and he doesn’t listen to reason. Even though, he doesn’t get angry often or frustrated when he does it is a rather interesting experience to see.

  • Merciful: Despite his Split persona, Malakai is a very merciful person. Unlike The Ripper, he will not take a life unless he absolutely has too, and he will even grant someone mercy if they ask for it. This is one of his main personality weaknesses that he can’t get over. This merciful personality is even seen in his reaction to the things that his Split Personality does while he has taken over Malakai’s body. Despite his over merciful personality, he does have one thing that if it is done or happens. He will not give any type of mercy towards that person. If that individual harms a child or even kills a child, Kai will never forgive that individual, and The Ripper knows this, which is why he has never once killed a child while taken over Kai’s body.

  • Flirtatious: Malakai is what some people call a womanizer. He seems to get himself in trouble by always flirting with other people’s wives or even hitting on woman leaders of various organizations and nations. Malakai will purpose flirt with diplomats to get the upper hand on various negotiations as well as use it as blackmail if he actually sleeps with them. Malakai does keep some of his exploits a secret though. He tends to keep his personal achievements secret while he exploits the females taken in foreign lands, like Land of Fire or Land of Water. Despite his flirtatious attitude, Malakai will never flirt in the midst of battle, training, or sparring. He doesn’t like to mix those two together, because it only serves as a distraction, which could get him killed.

  • Friendly: Malakai René Morgenstern is a reasonably friendly Shinobi. He usually acts very nice to people of his Nation as well as diplomats from other nations. He waves to children in the village. He is usually seen with a smile or something of that nature on his face at all times unless The Ripper has taken over his body. Malakai’s friendly attitude is usually universe, but he does have some situations that instantly make him become frank and blunt with individuals in they put him in these situations. One such situation is if someone he is training is late for their session. Malakai prides himself on his self-improvement sessions that he schedules his Squad training sessions around his own self-improvement sessions. If one of his students is late, he will quickly become frank and blunt, which can be seen as unfriendly at times. More situations involve causing him to fight when he doesn’t really want too, using him as a shield in a fight, and other various other situations that someone doesn’t wish to place this Shinobi in.

  • Intelligent: Malakai René Morgenstern is what some people will call a Genius. He has a very high intellect that is easily noticed in his vast knowledge of Ninjutsu and the human body. This knowledge is what pushes him to become the Head Medic of Sunagakure no Sato as well as the ANBU Captain of Sunagakure no Sato. Malakai is fully arrogant when it comes to his Knowledge. He fully believes that he is usually the smartest man in the room; and at times, he will show this sort of arrogance to everyone around him to prove that he is smarter than everyone else. That being said, Kai doesn’t fully wave his intellect in front of the people around him. He is sort of secretive or passive when it comes to that, but The Ripper isn’t like that at all, which will be discussed in the Split Persona Section.

~The Split Persona~

  • General Information: Malakai René Morgenstern suffers from a mental illness known as Split-Personality Disorder. This disorder was created from a combination of an abusive home life, and the mental breaking ANBU training that was routine. Either one of these situations by themselves wouldn’t have been enough to split the mind of the Young Malakai, but the combination of the two easily fractured the mind of Malakai. Due to this Split personality; Malakai has two very similar and different personalities. One that is known as the dominant persona and the other is known as The Ripper or The Split Persona. If someone knows about this condition, they will easily notice that when the Dominant or Original Personality of Malakai is in control the Man’s eyes are Emerald Green around the pupil followed by the coal black ring around that before it gets to the white part of the eye. If The Ripper is in control, the color of the eye changes from Green to a deep crimson color. These personalities can change almost instantly when a certain trigger is present. Due to the Dominant persona, being dominant, the triggers mainly go for the transition from dominant to The Ripper. The Ripper Persona is triggered by a good number of stressors. Those stressors could vary from being physically knocked unconscious to seeing a large amount of the Opponents blood. If Malakai is knocked unconscious by a physical attack, he will remain unconscious for a brief period of time before The Ripper Worms his way into control (Three Posts), and if Malakai is drenched in blood, loses a lot of blood, or inflicts a large amount of blood loss on to the opponent the Ripper will instantly take over.

  • Ambitious: The Ripper has a very different form of Ambition than Malakai does. While Malakai wants to gain fame throughout the nations as a Medical Genius, The Ripper only wants to be an outlaw. He wants to be feared and in control of a large outlaw organization. Included in his negative ambitious actions, The Ripper wishes to experiment on the various ways to transplant and implant various KKG into his body or the body of others. Along with that Infamy, he wishes to be known for building a great out organization, which is led by him as well as a number of generals.  Even though, The Ripper’s strongly wishes to perfect his body, Malakai has that same unconscious idea implanted by his Split Persona. Even though, he will not murder the people to get the DNA samples, like The Ripper will, he will try to get the DNA via barging.

  • Merciless: Unlike his Dominant Persona, Malakai, The Ripper isn’t merciful. He is a complete merciless demon that will kill whoever he wants at any time he wants. The Ripper will virtually rip, maim, and kill anyone that he wants too. Even though, he will kill whoever he wants. He will never kill a child, because of Malakai’s strict code that he wishes to keep. The Ripper doesn’t do this because he is afraid of Malakai. He keeps that code because he doesn’t want Malakai to try and get rid of him through some Ijutsu or something similar to that.  

  • Mellow: The Ripper has a very unique mellow personality. The Ripper absolutely loves getting stoned, and he loves being stoned a lot. Due to this little activity, he is usually always mellowed out by the THC running through his body. When he is stoned, he will usually let a lot of things go that he normally wouldn’t because he doesn’t really want to physically confront those people while stoned. If The Ripper is pulled into a fight stoned, he will usually parry a lot with his hands before countering with his legs or with grapples. He has a very laid-back persona, which is something that isn’t a normal thing for the Split Persona.

  • Demonic:

  • Flirtatious:

  • Stubborn:


  • Killing
  • Training & Sparring
  • Drinking & Smoking
  • Reading Novels
  • Partying
  • Rain


  • Annoying Shinobi
  • Defeat
  • Party Poopers
  • Genjutsu Users
  • The Ripper
  • Boredom

Catch Phrases:

  • "For Fucks Sake..."

  • "Are we getting serious now?"

  • "You got to be fucking kidding me..."

  • "I hate to break it too you, but I am The Ripper of Amegakure. Good Luck."


  • "You have to Protect what you love whether that be yourself, your village, or something else entirely. You have to determine what that is and protect it with all your strength."

Primary Element Affinity: N/A
Secondary Element Affinity: N/A

History: (Please try to make this large enough considering your rank or skill levels in question, this means that if you have a higher skill level you need more history in order to have that skill level in the roleplay. If you don't you probably won't be accepted.)
RP Sample:
Things in Sunagakure no Sato would be getting very interesting soon or later. He stood outside of his former workplace with a slight smirk on his face. He used to love going inside that very hospital to perform various experiments with any newly created poison, toxins, or serums that he can crated that day. Despite him thinking he was completely alone; a man would suddenly appear next to him and imply that he was his new aide. “Did the Kazekage expect my return to the village? Or does this man think I am someone else.” Isaac thought as he glanced over with his uniquely colored eyes that were bright metallic green with a coal black that directly surrounded that color. Unbeknownst to the duo; a man was beginning a plan in the basement of that very hospital. He was most likely the strongest being that Isaac had encountered to date, because the simple fact that he had yet meet the legendary newly appointment Kazekage, who was said to be able to match just about anyone in the lands. In the end before the man appeared out of the doors of the hospital; Isaac would speak to the other man standing next to him. The man that claimed he was the aide of The Cleaner. “Aide? That is rather amusing. I just returned to this village, mate. I doubt the Kazekage even knows that I am here. Hence the records under my arm; I would glad introduce myself but I didn’t catch your name.” Isaac would speak to the man while holding back a small chuckle. He was just having a bit of fun with the tense man.

About the time he finished his sentence to the man next to him; a man with the hat of the Hokage on his head exited the Hospital and directly spoke to Isaac about performing an implant for him. Funny thing is that Isaac had never performed an implant on someone before. Eye transplants were rather easily done. Simply make sure you take care of the eyes, cut out the current eyes, and replace them with the new found ones. The implant of advanced elements or other bloodlines was a bit trickier. One had to figure out a way to stabilize the current DNA while integrating forgiven DNA to create something that was a mixture of them both. Isaac had obviously dabbled in that art. He was actually on the verge of creating such a technique to fully integrate the DNA of one clan into the body of someone not a part of that clan, or even a remote relative to said clan. Isaac would ponder the downside to not working out an agreement with the man. The only thing would be a negative outcome would be wasting a bit of time. If he simply refused; he had not doubt that this man would wreck shit around the village. Plus; he said he had goodies to trade for it. This brought on a whole another thought process for Isaac. “I will be happy to do the implant, mate. I am Isaac René. I used to be Head Medic here for a short period of time.” Isaac flashed a simple smile as he looked at the man before him.

Unbeknownst to Isaac and Streac; the man before them was currently reading his mind. The funny thing is that Isaac mind was filled with various things that were related to the Specialization jobs within the ANBU organization of Sunagakure no Sato. Directly after the Chuunin exams; Isaac had been presumed dead to be fully enlisted into the ANBU organization as a recruit to be trained in any field he wished, which is why he was so good an Ijutsu and medical practices. Thus, the only things that the man would uncover would be related to the ANBU corps instead of the actual village of Sunagakure no Sato. Various Cleaning missions, guarding the various heads of the Sunagakure no Sato government, and even cleaning up after ops done by Sunagakure no Sato in general. That is why he was named the Cleaner after all.

Isaac would patiently wait for the introductions of the men beside him, which would hopefully be something good. Then, he would presume to say this to the Hokage. “I will be taking something in exchange, but what the price is shall be discussed in my old office and operation room. If you will follow me.” Isaac proceeded to lead the Hokage and the “aide” if he wanted to come to the elevator. Once everyone was in; Isaac would press the third floor button. “The third floor had been reserved to the ANBU once upon a time. That is where most people got uncover body modifications as well as implants done. It will have everything we need to complete the process.” Isaac smiled once again as the doors opened up to reveal a huge loft and suite combination that had the entire floor spaced open with one office over to the far right. Various cabinets were spaced all around that held the necessary supplies to preform major procedure. Isaac would point to one of the beds in the back of the room by his former office. “If you will go there mister Hokage. I will wash up and we will get the details of this surgery.” Isaac would quickly walk into his former office, flip a light switch on, and place his stuff on his desk. After doing that; he threw on a white doctor’s coat and went to wash his hands. Afterward he would come back to the Hokage, who was hopefully on the hospital bed, and ask, “Alright, Hokage. What are we doing today? We will talk about payment after I know exactly what I am getting into.” Isaac would said their patiently without any tenseness or signs of anything but a caring and professional persona.

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