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Prologue: The Demon Hidden in the Sand. [Flashback, Training]

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Seigi Ikazuchi

Suna Anbu Captain
Suna Anbu Captain
"What a loser!" Kagura boasted, pushing the young Seigi down into the sand, the young boy landing on his butt. The group of academy students began to chuckle among one another, nudging each other in the ribs, giggling at the abuse of a fellow student. "I can't believe the son of the "Demon of the Sand" is such a wimp!" He almost yelled, mocking Seigi's father's title. Gritting his teeth, Seigi jumped up to his feet, throwing his arm back, then lunging forward, pushing it out as he approached the bully. He hadn't expected a full frontal assault from the "wimp" and in return, didn't throw his arms up to block the blow. Seigi's hit connected with the boy's nose, an audible crack escaping from the hit. Blood began to instantly spew from Kagura's nose, the red dripping down his face, onto his own shirt. Falling backwards, he fell into one of his friends, his expression one of pure horror and confusion; he never had someone fight back before.

As Kagura fell, Seigi's shaking fist dropped to his side. "Make fun of my dad again," Seigi rose a shaking finger to the group of kids, an obvious fire within his eyes, "And I'll kill you!"

The group fell silent for a moment, their eyes falling on the defeated leader, shifting between the boy that had knocked him down and Kagura, who only returned the confused gaze, their loyalties obviously being questioned at this point. "Well, what are you waiting for!?" He asked the group, shifting a bloody hand towards Seigi, as if to say "Get him!" The group looked at the boy who stood firm, knowing what was about come. He had been beat up everyday after school for two years now. He could take one more day.

As the group descended onto Seigi, he tried to fend them off as much as he could, pushing them away, punching a few, but eventually, he curled up into a ball, hugging his knees as their kicks and punches came down from above, hitting him numerous times.

"I wish I wasn't weak." He thought to himself, feeling his own nose begin to bleed from a punch that made it's way through.

"I wish I was strong like dad." He said to himself within his mind,

The sand beneath him began tremble, but the group of misfits and miscreants hitting and punching Seigi didn't seem to notice, their concentration unbroken on assaulting the young boy. But, Seigi noticed. He reached a hand outwards, out of the circle of young boys assaulting him. As pain racked through his arm and his now exposed side, he tried to crawl away, only to be assaulted more. He was tired of it. He was tired of the pain, of the bullying, of the constant harassment. Tears began to well up as he let the hits sink in. Rage began to build as he thought about how weak he was compared to the older kids. He couldn't help that he was smarter! He didn't have a choice! He HAD to be here! But they didn't care. They saw a target and they knew exactly what they were doing to him. Seigi couldn't take it anymore. He was tired of the pain. He was tired of the bullying.

He was tired of being weak.

Throwing his hand up into the air, the ground around him began to shake once more, the whole group noticing now. Clenching his fist, he concentrated inwards, knowing that this trembling feeling was coming from him. Had he inherited the same abilities as his father?

Sand began to erupt around the young boy, taking the group by surprise. Using this moment to stand up, Seigi then pushed his arms outwards, pushing the bullies away from him using the kinetic force of the sand. Then, swinging both hands towards one of them, sand began to crawl up his leg, encasing his lower half. Confused, the group began to scream. With one hand still on the other bully, Seigi brought his other to Kagura, who was now running away, holding his broken nose. Sand reached outwards, grabbing his ankle, tripping him as the rest of his comrades began to run off.

"No! No! Don't!" Kagura began to shriek as the sand began pulling him backwards, towards the boy. Seigi's arm reached upwards, the sand picking up Kagura by hit foot, hanging him upside down. Releasing his other hand, the other boy began to run off, running out of the small alleyway. Seigi brought his full attention to the leader of the bullies. Dropping him, Seigi was beginning to feel exhausted from his beating and the sudden use of chakra. He had never experienced anything like these abilities before and it was definitely a new and strange feeling. Letting out a heavy sigh, Seigi looked at Kagura, who at this point, was scared beyond belief.

"Pick on me or anyone else again," Seigi brought his closed first into his right hand, making a smacking sound, "And I'll beat you up. You got that?" Seigi's words echoed inside the bully's brain as he nodded towards Seigi quickly. Seigi grinned, letting his arms drop to his sides. "Good."

The boy jumped to his feet, exiting the alleyway as he did. Seigi let out a sigh, sitting down as he did, feeling his own bloody nose. Then, off in the distance, he heard that dreaded word all children hated hearing.


Seigi sighed again. He was gonna get grounded.

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