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1 PRISON BREAK! on Sun Jan 18, 2015 4:36 am


Trying to get out

"GOT DAMN!" Hendricks would say as he would make his way out of his cell, someone freeing him. For three years he has been in here once again, but this time it was more torture then serving an sentence. Weird how he would be hurt this bad for just killing some little girl, the child got in his way. Or he went on some type of rampage, he didn't really know. His memory was very poor. He would begin to walk down the hall, all of the noise seemed to be dying down. He would stop and jump to the ceiling, two men running down the hallway he was in. Luckily they didn't see him but what he heard made him a bit worried. They said that only a few prisoners had got free and only let out an hand full of others, but only about two were left to be contained.  

"I better hurry up, I will get my revenge for being tortured." Hendricks would say as he would crack his neck and begin to jog down the hallway. He would stop though as he felt an sharp pain in his arm, and he would see he had something in it. It was what they used to impale him into the wall. Looking back he would see that this was making an blood trail, and he could have that. So he would begin to try and pull it out. 

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2 Re: PRISON BREAK! on Thu Jan 22, 2015 6:41 am

OOC: This seems fairly interesting. I'm going to take the liberty of naming the prison and assuming that it is located in Kiri. Can I put a call out, since the Mizu is tied up (shame, I was looking forward to rp'ing soon, I consider you a legend, Erwin). So, yeah, I'll do this before returning to my training topic, so don't archive that, please. Also, how do you make that really cool border?!

Shikazuka Kaguya, or rather, Wolf, as she was known in ANBU was making haste towards Sūpāmakkusupurizun, or Supermax Prison. The facility was located near the edge of Land of Water and Wolf was hoping to make it at daybreak, seeing as it was currently nighttime. Kiri, and really, the Land of Water was currently in the middle of a peace spell and the breaking out of the Land of Water's largest prison center was a threat to that peace. She should have been travelling with the Mizu, however, he was tied up with Mizu business and thus couldn't be of assistance. She wasn't that far, but she knew that any other ninja, ANBU were a bit farther behind and that the military would take even longer. Wolf wan't one for unneeded emotions and feelings, but she wasn't stupid enough to know that it would take luck and hope at the least to contain this, especially seeing as this was this one of the most dangerous facilities in the Land of Water, maybe even the world.


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