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Escorting Creed [Double Mission|Solo]

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1 Escorting Creed [Double Mission|Solo] on Sun Jan 18, 2015 5:25 pm


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin

Name: Escort Required
Rank: C
Type: Normal
Mission given by: The Juunko Clan
Rewards: 220
Participants: Anyone
Daily: Non-Repeatable
Description: The small Juunko clan require the safe escort of one of their elderly members to a clan meeting in the Administration Building. They live in the Fire Country; just outside of the village itself, in a large compound. The reasons they ask for an escort are unknown.

Name: Bandits? Bandits!
Rank: C
Type: Normal
Mission given by: Administration
Rewards: 250
Participants: Anyone | Team Recommended
Daily: Non-Repeatable
Description: The village's intel division has been alerted to reasonably high activity from a small group of bandits causing problems at the border of the Fire Country. They are petty thieves; robbing whoever crosses the border, and discouraging tourism. Stop this small group of bandits using any means necessary. They are noted to be non-shinobi and therefore not much of a threat.
(In actuality, the bandit leader is a D-Ranked shinobi with plenty of dirty tricks.)

“Lavii there was a message left for you at the gate.” Lavii would turn to see one of his younger cousins standing behind him with a piece of paper in her hand. Lavii would walk up to his younger cousin and pat her on the head “Thank you Uzu.” He said with a smile on his face while taking the letter from her. Lavii began to read the letter in a matter of seconds. It appeared that he was needed to escort a Juunko Clan elder to the Administration building from the clan’s compound that was just outside of Konoha. The reason were listed as unknown, but Lavii had heard recent rumors that there were a influx in bandits and they had been causing trouble. There was even a mission request posted up on the board about them, so Lavii decided then and there to kill two birds with one stone. Lavii would leave from his home immediately. What he wore was black T-shirt with white stripes in the middle of the sleeves. On his arms he wore black sleeves with metal arm protectors over them. He also has leather straps around his back and chest, and his katana is kept in a small holder out in the back. The shirt itself covered his mouth and the pants he wore were black. Lavii walked at a fast pace, but it was steady and he paced himself. Lavii would eventually find himself at the Village gates; from there he would exit the village and head towards the compound in order to retrieve the Juunko Elder. It was a average days as always in the Land of Fire. The sun was high, but not too hot, and the wind blew in order to keep the sun from becoming too hot to the inhabitants of the Land; the shade from the trees would also help in the winds endeavor to keep everyone cool. The land of fire most definitely had the best climate.

Lavii would soon reach the walls of the compound. There were what appeared to be a man and a child waiting at the entrance to the compound. When Lavii would approach them they would immediately begin speaking to him. “I’m taking it you are the shinobi that is going to escort Chief to the village.” The child that was with the man was a little boy no older than 6 years of age. Lavii looked down at him and smiled slightly only causing the boy to quickly run to his dad and cling to his leg. The man would place his hand on his sons head while looking down at him. “Sorry he is a little shy to outsiders.” Lavii nodded stating that he understood what the man meant. “There are many of the Uchiha children who are just like him towards the other villagers. They are so much so that we have to home school them until we can get them to open up a bit more.” The man would smile “I see you do understand it quite well then. The Chief is right this way. I’ll take you to him.” The man would turn and head towards the center of the compound. Lavii would follow closely behind him gaining many looks from the inhabitants due to his appearance. Lavii was used to it so the looks did not bother him in the least bit. He simply ignored the glares and whispers; soon arriving to the center of the compound. “The Chief is in here.” Lavii would nod and walk inside of the building that he was led to. There he would find an old man sitting in the middle of the room. “I’m here to escort you to Konoha, sir.” The old man had his eyes closed, but Lavii would soon find them being slowly opened. “Ah, you must be Lavii Uchiha.” Lavii’s eyes widened. No one from the village, this compound, or he himself told this elderly man his name. “The name is Creed; Chief Creed.” Creed would rock back and forth before standing up. “Omph!” He would blurt out as he stood up. “All right Lavii let’s get a move on shall we?” Lavii would nod and allow Creed to exit the building before him.

Creed and Lavii walked through the forest at a much slower pace than when Lavii was heading towards the compound. Luckily for Lavii he had went to the compound early in the morning, so even if something were to happen then Lavii and Creed would still reach the village before sundown. “So, how do you know my name Creed?” Lavii would ask looking at Creed. The elderly man named Creed would smile and continue to walk in silence before speaking. “Because I know you; that is how I know.” Lavii raised a eyebrow to Creed’s reply to his question. This old man talked in a strange way and acted as if he knew everything about Lavii. “So how’s Musashi and Hitmoi doing.” Lavii would stop walking and stare at the man. How did he know them? Well Musashi sure, but He and Hitomi should not have been known by this man. “Is something wrong?” Lavii was lost in his thoughts before shaking his head from side to side. “No, there’s nothing wrong.” Lavii would continue to walking. “I hope Hitomi’s little brother is doing alright as well.” Lavii was shocked, but continue to walk. It was obvious now more than ever that this man, Creed, had some kind of special power or technique that allowed him to do this. This must have been the reason Creed would need to be escorted to the village. He had a valuable power and if someone were to kidnap him it would spell disaster for many different people for many different reasons. From that point on Lavii would talk to Creed normally, not even noticing the questions about Lavii knew personally. More time would pass and the duo would start getting colder and closer to the village.

Lavii would hear a rustling noise and immediately stop; stopping Creed as well Lavii would not be surprised to look around and see that they had been surrounded by some bandits. Lavii had started to doubt the reports to be true because they had almost reached the village, but it appeared the suspicions were correct. “Give us everything you’ve got!” One of the men would speak up while pointing a odd curved blade at Lavii and Creed. Creed would begin to laugh at the man. “You young men nowadays have too much energy for your own good.” Lavii would place his arm in front of Creed and place his free hand on his Katana. “Shut up old man!” The same bandit who demanded them to hand over their belongings would shout at the duo again. “I don’t have time for this.” Lavii would mumble to himself. “I’ll take care of these guys Creed, just stay put.” The bandits would begin to laugh; never even realizing Lavii had left his original position in front of Creed and was now running his katana across the chest of one of the bandits. The bandits seemed to slightly panic by Lavii’s sudden attack and disposal of one of their comrades. Lavii would turn to the others and proceed to do the same thing to them. They tried to fight him off, but they were no match for the speed of the young Uchiha man. “My men!” a voice would seem to come from nowhere. Lavii would turn to see a man that was slightly more dressed to fight than the men Lavii had just disposed of. “What did you do to my men?!” The man yelled towards Lavii who was standing over a body of one of the men. Lavii looked at the man and formed a few hand seals before he could even more and vanished from sight only to appear behind the man. Lavii would hold up his katana to the man’s neck. “Now I can kill you or capture you. Make the smart decision.” Although this man was weak the report said this man used dirty tricks so in order to be prepared for those Lavii would have his sharingan activated. The man would attempt to raise his hand and Lavii would run the blade of his katana through the man’s neck. Lavii cleaned his blade before turning to Creed and bowing. “I am sorry you had to see that.” Creed waived Lavii off and continued to walk. The two men continued towards Konoha and would end up reaching the village in two hours. Lavii took Creed straight to the Administration building for him to attend to his business. “Thank you Lavii.” Lavii smiled at Creed. “No problem.” Lavii would say before turning from Creed and leaving.



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