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Word on the Hokage? [Closed]

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1 Word on the Hokage? [Closed] on Mon Jan 19, 2015 2:41 am


Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin
He arrived shortly in council member Kukashi's office. Kukashi was an elder ninja of the administrative advisory council, serving in his administration and Lady Kagura's. If anyone were to know everything about Kojirama's status, it would be him.
"Ah... Musashi, you've returned", Kukashi greeted with a smile. He had been reading a newspaper and sipping some tea.
"Nice to see you, too. I come in urgency. I heard that the Hokage is missing. Where is Kojirama?" Musashi asked.
A look of worry appeared on Kukashi's face, before it turned into understanding of Musashi's intentions.
"It happened about a few weeks ago I guess.... he just disappeared. Nothing strange or out of the ordinary happened surrounding that day, but we just couldn't find him anywhere. He wasn't in his office or his home, or anywhere else in Konohagakure. We dispatched ANBU black ops to search for all traces of him in the nation, but he could not be found. There was no note. The last thing we saw or heard of him was that he was at some diner and was heading home after he paid the bill. Listen, keep this a secret for now. It's already taking a lot of pressure on us to keep this hidden within select people. Maybe he went off training his Senju powers somewhere or he got whisked into his summoning world. Maybe he's doing his own investigative work. Worst case scenario is that he got kidnapped and he's dead. Until we do all we can and we're not able to keep this hidden anymore, we will let everyone know and decide on a new Hokage. It's a rough time now, Musashi..."
Musashi was worried, indeed. The Hokage suddenly disappearing for weeks without leaving any clue behind was very suspicious. He thought that he should get to the bottom of this. Could it be that he went to Sunagakure, the new bustling village around the block? It had re-entered the circle of the Five Great Shinobi Nations, after all. Perhaps he was doing undercover work there. But it still didn't do any good that he told nobody about it. None of the elite Jounin, ANBU, elders, Daimyo, or his family knows where he went. Musashi left it alone for now, as he exited Kukashi's room, feeling a bit worn out...


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