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We Are Not Your Heroes//Cyberpunk Superhuman Fantasy

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What Is The FUTURE?___________


The Fourth World War chars humanity. Ninety-seven percent of the world's population exterminated by bio-nuclear fallout. The Earth turned barren. Desolate. Empty. Yet, from the ashes of intolerance and ignorance, a new world was born. The remnants of the global community merged into a single, seamless, unified society. A utopian society. A city was built unlike any other in history. A Great city. A Prosperous City. A Megacity.

The FUTURE is...?___________


Humanity regains its former glory. A new Age ushered in. Technology. Medicine. Artificial Intelligence. Societal ills washed away. Save one. Man's inborn desire to rule Man. Where the governments of the previous age once presided, massive super corporations arose to control the lives and actions of the population, their goal no different then before: Supremacy.

The FUTURE is...?___________


But the Ghosts of the old world did not die with it. The bio-nuclear bombardment of World War IV irrevocably altered Human Evolution, spawning a new, unique breed of Humanity. Humans who possessed astounding, sometimes frightening abilities. And with this evolutionary shift, a new age had come with it: the age of the Axion.

The FUTURE is...?___________


In time, Axions became feared. Before long, hated. And shorter still, the enemy of normal Human society. The City Rulers, seeking to quell the Axion epidemic, institute the Gene Laws. Possession of superhuman attributes is outlawed. Several hundred Axions are arrested and destroyed in Law Camps. Thousands more died enduring inhumane, radical experiments. Yet, Axion evolution continued forward....soon surpassing Humanity...

The FUTURE is...?___________


Axions grew stronger. Less and less endured capture. More and more resisted. Humanity grows fearful of its reign as the dominant species. Corporate Propaganda fans the flames. Stricter, harsher laws are passed. More Axions are targeted. More Axions fight back. Before long, an invisible War had begun between Humanity. And its wayward Offspring....

The FUTURE is...?___________


Lies surround You. Family forsakes You. Allies Abandon You. Friends betray You. Enemies embrace You. Strangers comfort You. Within the Megacity, Nothing is what it seems, No One can be trusted, and Truth is just another Lie. In the future, There Are No Heroes. All there is... is You.

Enter The Fray

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