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Raizen "The Deceptive Angel" Suna

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1 Raizen "The Deceptive Angel" Suna on Wed Jan 21, 2015 10:39 am

"To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting."

Name: Raizen Suna
Nickname: "The Deceptive Angel", "The Demon in Disguise", "The Psychopathic Slayer"
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Village: Sunagakure
Village Rank: Genin
Skill Rank: D

Height: 5'3
Weight: 120lbs
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Fiery red
Looks Image: Avy up above
Looks Description:
Raizen is above the average height and weight of a boy his age.  Not only was he usually the tallest of his classmates, his eyes appeared to hold a burning red fire.  He has pitch black hair which was also unusual for someone in the Suna clan.  His hair is semi-spiky and falls around his head.  It is shoulder length.  Raizen is a muscular, fit kid sporting a beautifully balanced skin tone of pale and tan.  Because of his features, he is often remarked as being as beautiful as an angel.  

Personality Description:
While Raizen appears to be an angelic being who would not hurt a fly, on the inside he is a cold, manipulative, and deceiving individual who will use whatever means to achieve his goals.  He is often seen being nice, kind, and caring.  However, this is all a lie.  He only uses positive emotions and expressions to deceive those he wishes to obtain something from.  With others, he lets his true personality be shown.  Raizen does care for his people and comrades.  He is a Suna at heart and will cut down those who speak poorly of his people.  He is protective, especially of his own family.  He is not afraid to speak his mind to even the most authoritative individual such as the Kage.  Despite his insane personality, he is rather intelligent, possibly genius level and has a natural tack for battle strategy.  He can figure out his opponent very easily and devise a way to counter them.  He is observing, always taking note of his surroundings and the people around him.  Due to his wary personality, he is not the most trusting person and often requires reason to trust someone, unless they are of his clan.  Raizen has great instincts and can act on them when needed to get out of risky situations.  

Raizen's true personality is that of a merciless, psychotic killer.  It is not often shown, usually only seen by enemies or those who have truly angered him.  He does not let his comrades see this side of him because it would destroy the deceiving facade that he has built up for so long.  Raizen often does not know right from wrong when he is like this, losing control of his morals.  Even though this personality is buried deep within him, it often speaks to him as a voice in his head, further increasing reason that he is an insane individual.  
Suna Clan
Candy (Mainly lollipops)
Sour foods
Disrespect toward Suna Clan
Being looked down on
Spicy food
Catch Phrases:
"You wouldn't hurt a little boy like me now would you?"
"The essence of lying is in deception, not in words."
"You lost the moment I became your opponent."

To always protect family
To become the strongest

Element Affinity: Saton
Sub Element Affinity: N/A

Raizen was born into one of the leading families of the Suna Clan.  At birth, many gave praise to his mother and father for birthing such a beautiful child.  Many dubbed him as an Angel for his angelic appearance.  Despite the many words of praise for his exterior outlook, what was on the inside could only be described as Satonic at best.  Since birth, Raizen showed devilish tendencies, but they often were pawned off as cute, babyish qualms that many adored rather than feared.  However, as he grew older, what was once thought as cute, babyish qualms grew into more elaborate and destructive incidents.

Raizen showed promise as a future Shinobi early in his childhood.  Because of this, his father began training him so that Raizen would one day enter into the Sunagakure academy and from there begin his journey to become a fine ninja.  As he was taught they ways of the Shinobi, his father soon realized that Raizen possessed skills that could one day be on par and possibly surpass that of his descendent Gaara.  As a result, his father increased the difficulty of Raizen's training.  Raizen reacted differently than expected.  He did not tolerate having his childhood taken from him and soon began to enact devilish pranks that were so elaborate nobody would ever think it was him.  His father would often find himself the subject of such pranks.  These ranged from simple replaced floorboards of their home causing his father to fall into the floor when he stepped on it to giant boulders rolling down toward his father when they were training outdoors.  His father met many near-death situations, but even if would try to assume Raizen, Raizen would simply use his cute, angelic looks to quickly remove all doubt.  It also did not help that his mother was always on his side and truly believed that Raizen could do no evil.

After years of torment from his only son, his father soon decided that it was time to allow his son to enter into the Sunagakure academy where he would be around children his own age and find his own path.  This was not the greatest decision as Raizen soon found that he did not really enjoy being around such pests.  He was mature for his age, being only 12 years of age at this time.  The maturity was practically thrown onto him by his father simply due to the fact that Raizen did not have any other siblings, did not meet many other children his own age as he grew up so he was isolated, and he spent a good part of his years training to become a top Shinobi.  Due to this, he developed a personal disconnection from the world around him.  He did not have much care for people or other worldly things save for those of his own clan and family.  He was taught to always protect and care for his clan.  He was a Suna.

It was this ideal that eventually led to his first kill. One day, as he was walking home from school, he witnessed the bullying of one of his clansmen by some random fellow who appeared to be drunk. Now, he was near his home, the rooftop visible in the distant. However, he could not let such impudence go. A psychotic rage and killing intent filled him as something inside snapped. Grabbing the nearest weapon he could find, a rock about the size of his own hand, he snuck up behind the bully and leaped upon his back and began bashing the individual in the head with the hard weapon. The Suna child ran away the moment Raizen jumped on the man's back, not seeing what was transpiring behind him. The man had no time to retaliate as the rapid strikes from the child to his head were deafening his reflexes and his consciousness soon left him as did his life. Raizen, not feeling as though the job was completely done continued to release his rage on the man, a psychotic grin crossing his face as blood splattered all over him. It was such enjoyment for him that he was only aware of his surroundings when he felt large hands slap the weapon from his hand and his father's figure looming over him. His father had come looking for his son when he realized that it was pass the time for him to return home. Seeing the bloody mess that his son had made, he asked no questions. His father always did have an inkling of something unnatural about his son. It reminded him of his great-great grandfather Gaara who was once the same as a child. The father disposed of the dead carcass for nobody to find using Saton and took his son home, never speaking of this event ever again.

Graduating at the age of 13 at the top of his class, Raizen was the pride of his clan and class.  He was seen as an angel who did no harm.  He often used this to his advantage, able to manipulate those around him and bend them to his will.  He found great enjoyment in doing so, but his time at the academy was over and he was now thrown into the next stage of his Shinobi life.  It was here that he would find a team and his real journey begins....
RP Sample:

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2 Re: Raizen "The Deceptive Angel" Suna on Thu Jan 22, 2015 7:53 pm


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

Gonna tell you now rather than later to bump the age, I am not allowing anymore 8-10 Genin running around since there has been far too many and it has gotten out of hand.

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3 Re: Raizen "The Deceptive Angel" Suna on Fri Jan 30, 2015 10:52 am

Advice taken and character sheet complete

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