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Welcome to the Land of Rain [Mid-Timeskip]

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1 Welcome to the Land of Rain [Mid-Timeskip] on Wed Jan 21, 2015 11:06 am


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin
After several days of boating and a long walk through the land of Rivers Akio would finally step foot into the Land of Rain. It was early in the morning and the humidity and morning fog swept through the area. Smiling softly the blue haired shinobi would run his hand along his thin black cloak. While he was still wearing his matching black undershirt and trousers along with his sandals Akio had made sure to seal both his chunin vest and metal head protector with his villages symbol into the scroll he had secured over his shoulder with a strap. Nearing the small industrial based village Akio was not surprised at all as tiny droplets of water began to fall from the sky. Cascading on Akio's cloak before rolling down to the bottom of the article of clothing and steadily dripping onto the moist ground.

Taking a short moment to turn his nose up to the sky Akio would allow himself to enjoy the feeling of the cool rain on his face. "Yeah, this village definitely stands up to it's name." Akio thought just as the rain intensified greatly, the rain quickly shifting from a few droplets to a rain storm within a split second. While Akio knew he had work to do in the Land of Rain the boy was smart enough to know he had enough time to settle in before acting on his plan. Seeking out a nearby inn the former Kirigakure shinobi would use the ryo he had saved up to pay for a nights stay. Quickly paying the innkeeper for the night the shinobi would make his way to his assigned room, dropping his large scroll in an empty corner before hanging his cloak on a provided hook. Already exhausted from his long trip the newly rogue ninja would slip off his sandals before falling back on the bed and covering up. He would need to make good use of the few hours he had to rest up from the long trip before getting to work. On top of that he would need to also get his hands on something that would keep the rain off of him while he was out. Which wouldn't be hard since he was currently in a land that was known by it's rainy weather pattern.

A trend that seemed to have no end to it besides a few second breaks that would quickly be interrupted by the next rain storm. For now though Akio would let such thoughts wonder from his mind as he drifted of to sleep. If he were to be functional for his planned mission Akio knew that he would need to sleep as much as possible. His legs ached and his feet were beaten red from the long walk he had just finished. The last thing Akio would feel as he slid into unconsciousness would be the throbbing of his feet and the burning feeling in his legs as his eyelids began to grow heavy.

WC: 500


Jutsu Costs:

C-Ranked Shinobi Jutsu Costs/Adept Costs
E-Rank Jutsu: 5 Chakra Cost/ 2.5 Chakra
D-Rank Jutsu: 10 Chakra Cost/ 5 Chakra
C-Rank Jutsu: 25 Chakra Cost/ 12.5 Chakra
B-Rank Jutsu: 40 Chakra Cost/ 20 Chakra
A-Rank Jutsu: 50 Chakra Cost
S-Rank Jutsu: Cannot Use
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