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Suna no Kai [WIP]

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1 Suna no Kai [WIP] on Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:58 pm

Suna no Kai

D-rank missing ninja
D-rank missing ninja

Nothing can stop me from loving my brother.

Basic Info

Name: Suna no Kai.
Nickname: Princess. The Desert Flower.
Age: Thirteen.
Gender: Female.
Village: Sunagakure no Sato.
Village Rank: Genin.
Skill Rank: D.

Appearance Info

Height: Four feet, eight inches.
Weight: Eighty-six pounds.
Hair color: Blonde.
Eye Color: Sometimes Blue. Sometimes Green.
Looks Image:

Looks Description: ?

Personality Info

Personality Description: Innocence incarnated is perhaps the best way to describe this future representative, who is not only kind and caring, but thoughtful towards everyone.
Likes: Kai likes a great many things, but nothing can compare to her love for her onii-chan, otherwise known as Tai or Kisuke. He may be her cousin, but she doesn’t refer to him as such since she shares a brother-sister relationship with him over that of mere cousins. She tends to follow Tai around a lot, which is why one usually sees the child with the clan leader. When she spends the night at his house, she prefers to sleep in the same bed as him. When he isn’t busy with work or on a  mission, she prefers to be in his company. It isn’t love, like one between couples, just a sisterly love for her brother.
Kai, despite never meeting her, likes the Kazekage and her associates, they being the individuals that helped rebuild Sunagakure economically as well as aesthetically, buildings upgraded and the like. It also helps that the woman is a kind individual, and sometimes she wishes that her own mother was like Akira, though she immediately shoves such thoughts away. Since Suna has been restored to its former glory, and perhaps even better than it had been before the economy collapsed, Kai as aspired to join the Kazekage’s team and perhaps one day become her bodyguard.
Kai likes Tai’s hat, going as far as to steal it from atop her onii-chan’s head and running away with it, though the chase is never long since he has far superior speed compared to her.
Dislikes: Though one would like to think Kai incapable of hatred, that’s a delusion for everyone hates or dislikes something. For Kai, she immediately hates any who speak ill of her onii-chan, otherwise known as Tai or Kisuke, leader of the entire clan and representative of the Jiki Suna branch. With her loving her older brother, he actually is her cousin but she doesn’t refer to him as such, speaking ill of him is the easiest way to get on her bad side.
Another thing Kai hates is politics, having been involved in them since she could speak and comprehend what others were saying to her. The reason for her immersion in politics despite her age has something to do with the fact that the Suna branch of the clan is grooming her to be their future representative, and if Tai is to ever fall, their future leader. Immediately one could see the reason why she hates politics, they are boring and she hates the fact that anyone believes that her onii-chan would fall. The only reason she attends the meetings is because Tai is there, and she does like spending time with her onii-chan, even if it’s during a political meeting which is boring.
Surprisingly, Kai hates her parents with a burning passion, only able to tolerate their presence for a limited amount of time. With her father being the representative of the Suna branch, and still displeased that Tai ended up as the leader of the clan over him, her father tries to pit her against her onii-chan. With a mother that does nothing, since she agrees with her husband, and not liking the fact that the two speak illy of Tai, well there’s no mystery as to why she hates her parents. Yet she still lives under their roof, technically, but she spends her nights at her onii-chan’s place whenever possible.
Catch Phrases: “I am going to be just like Onii-chan!”

Elemental Affinity Info

Element Affinity: -
Sub Element Affinity: -

Background Info

Kai is the only living child of Nagi and Ayano, the former being the current representative of the Suna branch of the Desert Dweller clan. She’s technically the youngest of the couple’s children, yet her twin brother had died at birth, though no one but her parents and the nurse who delivered her know this since their son’s birth was never documented. Despite the baby girl being their only child, the parents weren’t very involved with the infant, though that left room for her cousin to bond with her. Tai, her cousin though she never refers to him as such, is somebody that Kai would consider her primary care-taker, being more involved in her life than her own parents. She was practically glued to Tai the moment she laid eyes on him, and though she’s naturally a happy child, she was even happier when Tai was around. Jump forward two years and Tai had quite the follower, though her time with Tai was diminished ever so slightly due to her father suddenly wanting to be in her life. Truthfully her father didn’t want her around Tai, especially since the two males would be fighting over the title of clan head in the near future and Nagi wanted his child on his side. Yet keeping the cousins from one another was nigh impossible.

Though he believed that he would win the position of clan head, Nagi began immersing his daughter in politics and the like early as a failsafe. She may have only been three-years-old at the time, but she had been thrusted into the world of politics, a world her mother hadn’t bothered to shield her child from and her father wanted her to get use to. Kai was expected to learn quickly, observe what her father did as well as how he handled himself during clan meetings. She wasn’t allowed to speak, though she wouldn’t have even if she got a chance, but she had to pay attention so that she could give her father a detailed report of the events. To say that the toddler was bored is an understatement, the meetings only bearable because Tai was there. She continued to be taught various things by her father, trained in the ways of Saton when she was four-years-old though she could control the sand with ease. Her father was rather hard on the child, expecting only the best out of the future representative and setting his standards too high. She would complain about her treatment to her mother, but the woman didn’t care, and telling her father that she didn’t want to attend a meeting or train would only result in punishment.

So, when Kai was six-years-old, she did well to stay away from her parents, spending time with her older cousin. It was something Nagi didn’t like, but something he couldn’t fully control either with his daughter being rather sneaky, much to his displeasure. He really didn’t like Tai, and that dislike for the younger male only grew upon him receiving the title of clan head over him. Furious, Nagi began to train Kai even harder, expecting more of her, and even going as far as to attempt to pit his daughter against the cousin she loved dearly, something that only resulted in her hating her parents with a passion. She began spending less and less time at the house, and was very happy when she began the academy. Though Kai could had breezed through it with her prior training, she did well to act the part of an average student so that her teachers didn’t get any ideas of skipping her a couple grades. After classes, Kai would be found with Tai, the person she considered her brother though others considered to be just a little creepy due to his attachment to the future representative.

Four years was spent in the academy, and during that course of time Kai became more attached to Tai, spent less time at home, and made plenty of friends. Though it should be noted that she traversed the desert for a month or two due to economy collapsing. Now a Genin, Kai is looking forward to be placing on a team, hanging out with Tai, and making new friends.

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