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Hattori (W.i.p)

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1 Hattori (W.i.p) on Fri Jan 23, 2015 4:01 pm

Clan Name: Hattori.
Clan element/'s: Suiton.
Special characteristics/traits:

  • Often have dark sclerae with yellow or golden irides, and blonde hair.
  • Clan members are usually proficient in medical or sealing jutsu and prefer bukijutsu over taijutsu.
  • They're unique in that they can shrug off most poisons in a short period.
  • Hattori always have a pet Salamander. See Pet Systems; Use Inuzuka price.
  • The Black Salamander's venom sacs can be quested for with a 2500 word thread; requires the IC approval by the clan leader and admin approval. Implant rules apply.

Location: Scattered.

Bloodline Name: Hisaichi [Afflicted Earth]
Bloodline Ability: drain the water. sugars. and proteins from surrounding plants to create a substance they metabolize into poison.
Secret Clan Jutsu:

Name: Hiden no jutsu: Hisaichi [Secret Technique: Afflicted Earth]
Rank: C, B, A
Type: Ninjutsu
Used For: Offensive/Supplementary.
Element: Suiton.
Range: 1m [C-Rank], 5m [B-Rank], 20m [A-Rank]
Duration: Refer to Description.
Hand Seals/Charge up: Dragon, and subsequently place a palm flat on the ground.
Description:[What does this Jutsu do? What does it look like etc.. details are important.]

    C-Rank: The poison is created in the saliva glands where it can be applied to weapons. The poison at it's lowest evolution causes the target to feel an intense stinging sensation followed by numbness [stinging 2 posts; numbness 4 posts;] from the afflicted wound. Can be applied to 4 main weapons, 8 secondary before the jutsu would be needing to be reused; which can be stored, traded or sold.

    B-Rank: After becoming an Ninjutsu Adept, the Hattori clansmen can convert more of nature into a potent liquid allowing them to add their poison to Suiton C-Rank and below, only once per use of this technique. This poison causes inflammation of the wound, accompanied by burning sensation until eventual numbness [inflammation/burning 3 posts; numbness 4 posts;]. Can also coat 8 main weapons with poison and 16 secondary; which can be stored, traded or sold.

    A-Rank: This rank can be purchased after gaining Ninjutsu Mastery. Now capable to kill a small forest or even counter senju's mokuton [b-rank and below] if timed correctly, the final step of the poisons evolution is quite fierce. It intoxicates the very breathe of the user, causing them to wear respirators in public. If it were not for the respirator anyone in the vicinity of the user [5m]  succumbs to a drunken like limp state while feeling an extremely intense burning sensation throughout the body [limpish 2 posts; Limp 1 post; Limp/Burning 4 posts; Passout/?] this usually lasts until the target passes out from shock, or somehow overcomes/counters it. Enough poison is made for 4 posts or be added to one B-rank or lower suiton technique.


  • Plants/Trees/Weeds/Grass, etc must be in the vicinity of the technique.
  • The natural material left by this technique is dried and can be considered dead. It is highly susceptible to Katon and spot fires.
  • C-Rank Poison cured by applying honey onto wound.
  • B-Rank Poison needs Ijutsu to be cured, or extracted.
  • A-Rank requires the target to stay in the vicinity of the user for both "limpish" posts so the poison has enough time to effect more of the blood stream. Respirators can protect the target from the poison. Ijutsu users need a Ijutsu mastery and use a technique B-rank or higher to cured.

Clan History:(At least one paragraph)
Members: (How much members are aloud in this clan?)


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