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Kill the Rouges (Mission/Squad 0)

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1 Kill the Rouges (Mission/Squad 0) on Tue Feb 03, 2015 8:49 am


Mission that is being assigned:
Mission name: Quell the Rouges (Plot Mission)
Mission rank: S (1500 word count)
Objective: Neutralize the rouge nin
Location: Anywhere
Reward: 850 ryo
Mission description: You are tasked to assist with the neutralization of a group of S-ranked rouge ninja that have infiltrated your village. There five ninja that make up this group; but one of those ninja is a mole planted by your village some time ago to monitor the group. He's had no contact with your village for the past three months, and is considered MIA. While on this mission he's assumed a new identity, along with using a henge that has been locked by fuinjutsu. You are to assist him with neutralizing the missing nin. In addition, there is limited info on each ninja.
First and formost, these are S-rank ninja, and each are masters (S) in thier area of expertise.

Remiel, the leader, uses Doton and Taijutsu exclusively. He obviously favors CQC, but with an S-rank in Ninjutsu, he is more than capable of attacking from a distance.

Sasha is Remiel's right hand woman. She uses a combination of Suiton , and Fuinjutsu to trap trap opponents so that Remiel can pound them into dust. She also packs a powerful punch with her Ninjutsu.

Lumia is the groups' muscule. Her prowess in kenjutsu is world renown as is her sword, a replica of the Executioner's Blade. Combining this with oppressive Katon ninjutsu, she is known as 'The sword of Hell flame" who is not afraid to behead anyone who stands against her.

Tematsu specializes in strategy and genjutsu. He loves to deprive his opponents of oxygen using Fuuton then use the panic to fuel his genjutsu.

Riku is an expert archer , able to circumcise a fly mid-flight with an arrow. Combining this deadly precision with Raiton, Riku is able to change his arrow's flight pattern mid-flight.

Mission details: First and foremost, these are S-rank ninja, and each are masters (S) in their area of expertise. Attempting to corner one member alone to kill WILL result in that member using a summoning seal to summon the others. For the purpose of this mission, Riku is the mole within the organization. However, many things have occurred during Riku's three months of silence. The organization has discovered that he was a mole, and have convinced him to join their side wholeheartedly. With that being said, they are very much aware of the possibility that your village will attempt to send someone else to eliminate them or infiltrate once more.



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2 Re: Kill the Rouges (Mission/Squad 0) on Tue Feb 03, 2015 9:53 am



These Rogues must be stopped.

Multiple disturbances in his village. Reports. Bad reports. Negative reports. Reports after reports after reports. He grew tired of these multiple reports coming to him. These reports were of a group of not 3, but 5 S-rank rouge ninjas that have recently infiltrated his village, and he gave out the word to neutralize these ninja, but to no avail did the anbu even complete, as most came to his door saying that the 5 together were too strong. Even alone they pose a threat, and when cornered, they each have a scroll that summons the others. There was one particular ninja that was familiar to them, but he was still a threat to the village, and even small threats was something that Aigo could not even anticipate to let loose and wreck havoc. He had sent a recent ninja to infiltrate them, but even no word from him was avail, and he was considered missing. This was something that even the hokage himself could not even wrap around his head as he sighed. It was eventually time to take matters into his own hands. He had remembered assigning a team for himself in order for them to be taught and learned under the Hokage's watch and prowess himself, and maybe this mission was probably a bit too much for them, considering this will be their first S-rank mission together as a team, but even he could see that this team will probably hold potential in them if they try hard. He had wrote down a little note and sending it to two ninja on his team, a kunoichi by the name of Hitomi Shiruko, and an Uchiha itself by the name of Raphael Uchiha. It was somewhat strange to him, being a Hyuuga and having an Uchiha on the team. Both doujutsu users at best, although one's eyes is past his limit while the other is still developing at best. This would be exciting for the new Hokage. He attached the note to his crow with the note basically telling those two to come to the hokage's office immediately. The crow flew off into the Konoha village by an open window, to which Aigo had opened and closed afterward.

The mission was of great importance to him and his villages. The rouges must be stopped at all times. The whereabouts of those 5 are unknown as of right now, even if Aigo could activate his Byakugan and search the entire village, it would still prove useless. His clones that had scoured the village had flocked into crows and flew back to the Hokage mansion as they disappeared on sight. His main concern about this would be as in where are they hiding? Was it abandoned or public? Since these ninja were of S-rank persona, how strong where they? In all aspects? The description of the 5 could not be given by his own ANBU force, but they did say that they were strong and extremely dangerous together or alone. Proceed with extreme caution. These had made things all the more exciting for Aigo to explore in this village.

"...Where are you five hiding..."

His words exactly. It was as if these 5 were stalling, waiting until the night time to strike when everybody was asleep. He kept his eyes on the window, looking at the Konohagakure village, shifting his featureless white eyes on every building, every stature of the building, the corner, the alley, the entrance and exits, the people that were walking in and out of buildings, the rooftops mainly. He had checked every aspect of this village to make sure to notice the location of these 5 missing ninjas, but these people would not come out during the daytime. His crow had rested on his shoulder once more as he gave it a bird seed to eat. He was patient and calculated with his search for these people, but in due time, he would grow rather impatient. He had put his hand on his chin, brushing the mask that had covered the bottom of his face, in a more thinking posture, that of a high-rank commander or lord in thinking. He had made a low sigh once more as he closed his eyes and opened them, swiftly moving from one building to another in sight of the 5. Still no avail.

"...Where are you five hiding..."

It was not even night time yet, and already the place that his crew were located in, was dark as hell because of no light, or so how he liked it. He stationed himself in isolation from the other 4, going into a more private and separate room in the abandoned building on the other side of Konohagakure, even though the building was still in the Hokage's window site with how wide the window was. There was something about this group that had questioned him in the slightest, portraying to that mole that they had recently found out 3 months ago. He was fully aware that the Hokage of the village might send someone else to eliminate them or even infiltrate once more. He or she had already send one person and to that avail, he joined their side. His negotiation skills were always topnotch in his eyes. He had wondered what Sasha was doing. He hadn't really talked to her in the past couple of days recently. Eh, she'll get over whatever she was getting over probably. But, onto more pressing matters, this Administration Building that had housed the ryo in Konohagakure. That was the big picture, and plus they need to kill the Hokage. But every time they would come close, that damn mole would always tell them to fall back for some strange reason. Just like the mole he is, but he was a very valuable and useful mole in this operation.


No words being said from the leader of the group. The red haired, 5 foot 8 inches, versatile fighter had rested his hands behind his hand and looked up at the ceiling. The organization had always said that their leader was two people in one body, hence when his eyes change color, his personality becomes much colder then it is, or used to be. With the personality that he has now, they would think nobody disobeyed him in the slightest, seeing as though winning was everything to him and power completes all, as to why he gave up the accomplishment of victory in his fights with other shinobi, he believes and personally knows that he is always right, because he always wins. It was funny to him actually, that those who oppose always ended up dead or surrendering themselves to him, calling him master and looking at him in the eye when they do. Nonetheless, he only showed mercy to the organization, but if any of them were to disobey him...

"Hmph... they would all be dead at the speed of light..."

W O R D C O U N T = 1152/1500



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3 Re: Kill the Rouges (Mission/Squad 0) on Tue Feb 03, 2015 9:20 pm


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
Lavii was doing what he always did, walking through the Uchiha Compound. He had on his more casual wear. Today was a relaxing day; the weather in the land of fire was perfect today and Lavii was out enjoying it; he wasn't the only one the Uchiha children ran around the complex laughing and playing. The elderly would be found playing everything from checkers to pai sho. "Ah, Lavii how are things going today?" Dan Uchiha, a short elderly man would ask Lavii as he walked by him. "Everything is going good Dan. How are Rena and Jack doing?" Dan would laugh heartily as Lavii asked about his grandchildren. "Well you know Rena just recently started attending the academy. She tells me there is a boy with eye like a Yamanaka in her class, but his hair is red, as for Jack he has gotten bigger and just said his first word not to long ago and you won't believe what it was."Lavii immediately would think about Hitomi; that boy Dan was referring to could be Hitomi's younger brother. Dan would have a gigantic smile on his face whole he waited to see if Lavii would guess just exactly what Jack's first words were. "Ummm, was it Konoha?" Dan laughed; he laughed so hard in fact that he began to tear up. "No no no, his first word was Lavii." Lavii's eyes widened when he heard this. Dan continued to chuckle. "It appears you are influencing the youth of our Clan as well as us of the older generation. We are truly happy to have had you born to our clan Lavii." Lavii rubbed the back of his head before smiling. "Come now Dan. I think you are giving me to much credit. Most of you are the reason I am like this. When Hyuu left you all helped me and my Mother; the clan and my mother raised me and helped mold me into what I am." Dan smiled at Lavii's answer. "See what I mean you are even humble."

That's when a white crow would come soaring towards Lavii at a alarming speed, It would land gently on the should of the Uchiha figure head. This crow had a note attached to its left leg. Lavii took the note and immediately knew this was a personal summons from the Hokage, or rather Lavii's newly appointed Sensei. It was not often that Chunin formed a squad with each other, but it appeared that Lavii as well as Hitomi had garnered much attention within Konoha as of late and the Hokage figured that the two of them had great potential and could be molded into some of the strongest shinobi within borders of the Land of Fire. When Lavii retrieved the note from the crow it would fly off to return to it's master. Lavii would open the note and begin to read it. "Lavii report to my office immediately. There are urgent matters that you and Hitomi will be assisting me with. This is going to be our first mission together as a team and it is imperative that you understand that you or Hitomi could die at anytime during this mission. Do not take it lightly. These people are not like the bandits and low level shinobi you have faced in your past missions." Lavii read that message five times before almost vanishing from where he was standing. He would have headed home to change into a uniform fit for a mission. Lavii wore his forehead protector leveled, exposing both eyes. His boots extended up his calves and his flack jacket is a simple chest-guard that has clipped-on shoulder pads with high collars and a black strap across his waist with rectangular pouch behind the left of his back. On the back of the flack jacket, Lavii has the Konoha crest In addition, he wears a red armband with the Uchiha crest over his left bicep. His long sleeve compression shirt covered the lowered half of his face. All the clothing he wore was black except the flat jacket that was red. Lavii's Katana was sitting snugly in the holster that was located on his back. Lavii would vanish from his room leaving a single leaf floating in the wind. He would soon find himself standing at the door that led to the Hokage's office. Lavii would knock before entering. "Coming in." he said as he opened the door. He normally wouldn't do this but the vibe of the not was no no kind of time needed to be wasted.

It appeared Hitomi had not gotten here yet. Lavii did not say anything as he awaited for the arrival of Hitomi, so that they could be debriefed on the current situation. Lavii wondered exactly what was going on and why it was that he sensei had such a look in his face. Lavii could tell that he was in deep thought while waiting for the duo of Lavii and Hitomi to arrive.


This woman found herself sitting in the corner without saying a word she let out a loud sigh. Which caused the others to look her way. Although they looked towards her they all were used to her behavior. She did not talk at least not a lot , so the occasional sigh could be heard from her in these situations where they did not have anything to do. They had to wait until the night hours before they could do anything and that was the worst part of it. They had been here since early this morning really before the sun had come up. Let's say it was around 4 am when they had to come in here to hide and it was now around 6 or 6:30; you could imagine just how frustrated and bored someone you be if they had to stay in a old building for over 12 hours. Frankly this woman who was known as Lumia was becoming quite irritated with how long this was taking. She shifted about causing her imitation Executioner's Blade to clang against the wall that herself and the blade were propped up on. She would stand and walk towards the direction that Remiel had went to. She would find him staring out the window up towards the Hokage's office. The Hokage had been trying his hardest to get rid of the group, but unfortunately for him they were far more powerful than what was being thrown at them. Lumia was starting to think that the Hokage would come to fight them himself although that would mean he would become an easier target to kill. When he reach Remiel she began talking in a calm voice that was soothing to one's ears. "Leader, when are we going to get to leave this place?" She would ask with a obvious tone of frustration; she however had every right to be frustrated. She knew this village was full of shinobi, but hiding her made her feel as if they were scared and only willing to come out during the night. They had proved that they couldn't be beaten already, so why continue to hide like this. It made her angry; it would not show in her voice, actions, or demeanor. She would appear to remain un flustered by these thoughts although she figured she might not be the only one who felt this way.



Sharingan Development

  • Ryo: 3,758|53,000
  • Word Count: 2,450|5,550
  • Tomoe: Unastered 3rd Tomoe

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4 Re: Kill the Rouges (Mission/Squad 0) on Wed Feb 04, 2015 2:13 am

Hitomi Shiruku

Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
Hitomi had been in the hospital that day, not for herself of course but for another. She was sitting by the bedside, looking him over and sighing out deeply. "Wake up dad, your son and daughter are growing up...your wife is getting more and more worried to being alone." She paused for a moment seeing him take in a breath, she smiled a bit more as it assured her he was still here and could still hear her. He didn't need to speak to really tell her what she needed to hear. But with that a med-nin nurse had come in with a note for Hitomi, addressed from the Hokage. She knew this was important, if not urgent as she placed her hand on her father's for a moment. "I've got to go for now, don't stop breathing okay?" She asked as if it were a request to him.

With that she went into a dressing room to get dressed in her normal attire, as being within a hospital she had to wear specific clothes when around her own father as not to give him a disease that could kill him. Once dressed properly, and allowing her hair to trail behind herself as it should, she made her way out of the hospital and just as quick as she was out of the door, she lept to the skies and then began running quickly to the site she was called to. She didn't wish to disappoint, but she had taken her time more with her father than the mission and thus was a bit late on the clock, but she'd take the blame for it herself if need be. As she finally neared the office she barely saw Lavii go in. She soon followed suit as she walked in as well.

What she was wearing was apparently what she dubbed to make her lighter so she could travel in the air quickly to avoid attacks. it was a light purple dress, covered over by a kimono-like style of a throw and the midsection pulled down by a large teal band. Her legs were adorned with one set of black stockings and the other a X shaped pattern. To some it was an odd style, but it's what she grew to like and grew to know which is better suited to battle. She was ready, but was she ready for the mission that was to be relayed was the question. Sure she could fight a little but she focused on supporting her team along with her tactics. Perhaps that's why she was put on the team along with Lavii, when mixing wind and fire in battle it causes much more destructive power than before with less effort.

With that said however, she walked in to see Lavii standing ready and then the Hokage himself ready to give out information upon the mission. She wasn't sure what to expect but she knew she had to be ready for whatever it was that was a threat to Konoha. She could only hope whoever she was to possibly go against in this, had no clue about herself or even who she was. She was now known around the village as per being a student under the Hokage, but she didn't want people to know everything about herself, so she remained a bit still seclusive to the friends and comrades she made. One being Lavii who knew some things about herself, such as her fear, but didn't know anything as to her father or even her little brother, only the fact that she had one of each.


He seemed eager for the day, more than usual of course with his crazy antics. His face just about plastered into a grin about as wide as a jaw could crack. He listened to Lumia and her gripping before taking a minute to chuckle out then speak. "Oh shut it, I'm just as excited you know. But leader said to stay and that's what we gotta do." He chuckled once again curling his fingers around each other. He may not have all the sticks in a row but what he lacked in sanity he grew in skill. A deadly combination to choke the very lives out of others as ordered, and best yet the Hokage was next on the list. All his smaller throwbacks just proceeded to make him enjoy toying with them more before finally ending them or leaving them so scared and battered that they'd never return quite the same way.

It was only a matter of time now, a few more inches, or even a few more hours and then he could mold and rip the mind of the Hokage himself, piecing it back together in his own twisted way as he chokes the man of his last breath. It was exciting to say the least of Tematsu pictured it. He was ready, his hands curling onto each other as if he was a bit impatient himself, he then stopped mid way to crush his hands together in a choking fashion and gave out another laugh to the action.

WC: 850/1500



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