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Emi [W.I.P]

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1 Emi [W.I.P] on Thu Feb 05, 2015 1:04 am

" Let me help you lose control."

Name: Suzu, Emi
Nickname: ----
Age: 23
Gender: Female.
Village: Otogakure
Village Rank: Damiyo
Skill Rank: S

Weight: 140 lbs
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Violet.
Looks Image:

Looks Description:
Emi, although not a classic Suzu beauty, was a beauty in her own right. Her long, violet toned black locks nearly brushed her buttocks when she did not have it up and out of the way. She often experiments with the hairstyle, as well as the combs, clips and hair pins she uses to keep it out of the way. The more extravagant the event the flashier her style and accessories become. The only constant to her ever changing locks are the sharp, blunt bangs that she wears. She finds that they make her younger, but not by much, however she still favors the look. When it comes to her face, she does little to change it despite her vanity. She enjoys the color of her warm violet eyes, and often times Emi finds herself forgoing makeup entirely. Sometimes it can be required, but typically that is not the case.

With her height of five feet and nine inches, she towers over many of the other girls in her family, often standing shoulder to shoulder with many of the men. Her figure is toned and sleek, and toned rather than packed with bulky muscle. Emi does her best to maintain what muscle she has, while also carefully not gaining anymore. With curves in all the right places, and legs that seem to go on for days, Emi certainly wouldn't have any problems becoming a courtesan if she was truly interested. While she has little scarring, and no tattoos, from time to time she does dye patterns onto her skin. They're always temporary, but it's a nice touch for extra special events.

When it comes to clothing, Emi keeps it pretty traditional. Around the village, full length Yukata and Kimonos are extremely common part of her wardrobe. With every pattern and color under the sun, to say that she didn't have options was a very gross exasperation. During the hot summer months, she will wear a shortened version, usually varying from knee length to about mid thigh. To find her typical casual clothing is a rarity, perhaps even a bit of a honor, for Emi doesn't find herself terribly comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt around those who are not very close family members. As far as footwear goes, geta seem to be her favorite. Any finish, any height and any style, you're most likely to see her in them if she has any shoes at all. Jewelry and accessories ( outside of what's worn in her hair ), is sparse at best. Perhaps a necklace from time to time, or maybe a pair of earrings. While pretty, she finds herself often fidgeting with pendants or bracelets when she wears them-- so she forgoes them all together.

Mission attire.

Personality Description:
Fluid, Flexible--Manipulative? This is probably the one quality about herself that Emi takes the most pride in. Her ability to adapt to each situation that is presented to her has kept her alive, and in a lifestyle that she would very much like to remain accustomed to. She enjoys flexing and bending others to her will, with her body or words. To do this, she molds herself to fit setting. Soft, sweet and shy? Emi will do it. Snap into ruthless assassin? She's done it. Being something she is not is far easier for Emi than staying settled in herself.

Let me do the touching.  Emi is known for her wandering fingers. Those who spend much time with her either become accustom to the constant contact or do not stick around. However, just because Emi likes to keep close contact with her allies, does not mean she allows the same to happen to her. In fact, the best judge of how Emi feels about someone is how much she allows them to touch her. There are very few in this world that are able to touch Emi without asking permission first. Those who don't ask, well... They learn quickly.

Tease.  Emi, in addition to her wandering fingers, is a horrible tease. Her flirtatious nature and near compulsion to be close to others often leaves her leading others on. Majority of the time, it's intentional. In fact, there's been rumors that her and her brother compete when it comes to winning the affections of those around them. Gender is no issue for Emi, male, female or otherwise, all are prey to her game.

Knowledge is half the battle!  As much as Emi takes pride in how she handles herself on the field, she finds herself more inclined to brag at her ability to study. Anytime she plans to leave for a mission or trip of any kind, she'll spend a week or two researching whatever she can get her hands on. Whether it be Village itself, or perhaps a combat style known in the area, or even the merchants that do business there. Emi does not like to go in unprepared-- who does? She takes in all the information she can before allowing herself to go anywhere, even with a personal guard.

Everyone has their place.  Categories, everyone has categories. Emi, no matter the age, sex, race or faction, will sort everyone she meets into a category. While she would never tell somewhere where they actually fell within her spectrum, she keeps careful track of every name and rank she goes to the effort of remembering. From time to time, she may reveal these categories to hear dearest sibling, but otherwise they remained locked up in her mind.

Aren't I beautiful? Aside from pleasure, vanity is probably Emi's second biggest Vice. She can spend half the day getting ready for formal events if allowed, and there have been many nights spent preening in front of her vanity just before bed. It seems the only time she doesn't care about the way she looks is during battle. Afterwards, she does have a short ritual to get herself presentable, should it even be needed.  

My lips are sealed. Secret keeping is something that Emi has a very good talent for. She'd heard it all, from accidental murder to bastard children. Really, she'd almost be impressed if someone brought her something about someone she hadn't heard. Despite her secret collecting, she is not a rumor mill. After all, they aren't her secrets, no need to talk about them.  

Sweets Quickest way to her heart? A basket of Lollipops and Marshmellows-- works every time.

Sake Although she is picky, a well picked Sake will always go far with Emi.

Company Not any company, either. Emi enjoys the company of men just as much-- perhaps even a bit more than the next woman. The easier on the eyes the better.


Mirrors Emi has found avoiding mirrors best. Should she catch herself in one, she often finds herself preening for much longer than considered proper.

Close minded people You can't say you don't like it if you haven't tried it-- simple as that.

" Do I look okay in this ?" Don't ever ask Emi this, ever. She's hit men and women for less, don't give her an excuse to do worse.

Catch Phrases: " Let's lose control. " , " Pleasure is mine. " , and " Let me educate you, child. "

Nindo: " Knowledge is life, ignorance means death. "

Element Affinity: ---
Sub Element Affinity: ----

Chapter 1: Let's start with some history.
The Suzu clan handled their children very strangely compared to most other larger families. Children-- yes, even twins, were separated based on gender. Typically, the girls go on to he raised and later instructed by their mother, while the father took the boys. In Emi's case, it wasn't quite so simple. With her mother's death brought on by the birth of herself and her older brother, it left her in a tricky situation. Initially, there was some concern as to who would take over the young Emi's care, but that was quickly put to rest by her aunt.  

Unlike their mad dog counterparts, majority of the sorting process for girls is done based off of physical features. The Suzu have a very set standard for their ideal beauty; petite, 5'4" and under, large eyes and a soft voice. Those who do not, or they feel will not fit into this category by the age of 8 fall into the Spymaster or Secret keeper category, and are separated further from those who will go on to become Courtesans. There are no exceptions made to this rule, and with Emi already towering half a foot over her other cousins and sisters, she was pulled to take part in the Academy, and the supplementary lessons that went along with it.

Emi's path would be a long one, it would be painful and it would not be easy. However, it was a bright one and if she could see herself now, well... She'd be more than eager to start.

Chapter 2: We all have our talents.
Getting pulled from the courtesan courses was not a failure, in fact, in many ways it was an honor. Her class size, at the time of her joining, was only three. They were separated further from the family, even going as far as to have them stay in another part of the compound. Mixing with the other classes was highly discouraged for them, they had a whole new set of skills to learn in what seemed like a very limited amount of time.

They had no time for socializing, instead, you trained until your knees gave out and the tips of your fingers bled. They were expected to be able to handle themselves in any state of dress, from full formal to completely nude. And while aspects of their training remained fix, specific guidelines that would go unchanged, each was carefully tailored to.

Weaknesses were taught slowly, while talent was pushed, challenged and expected to grow. Emi's talent? Genjutsu.
The more subtle the better, after all, if you go and change someone's entire world, they're more likely to notice it, yeah? In addition to their talent, they were given another area they were allowed to focus and expand themselves in that was their own choice. For Emi, she chose the medical arts. Her reason wasn't exactly the most pure, however, she knew they would prove useful to herself and those around her.

While her twin learned to break the body, Emi devoted herself to breaking the mind.

Chapter 3: Snake in the sand.
Although the passing of her Chuunin's exam was a step that every shinobi should be proud of, she found herself passing the event with little notice. Instead, her eyes were steady forward on the future. The Masters in Otogakure would do her no good-- they were wonderful teachers, but her skills and her talents could no longer be cultivated by their hands.

So, it was time to go elsewhere. The Suzu line was a large one, but scattered to the ninja world. Otogakure was not known for its spymasters, but it's courtesans. It took time, time Emi spent exploring medical books and practicing under new conditions. It was about two months after Emi's passing of the Chuunin exams that she was found a new master. A woman hidden in the sands of Suna. She was often difficult to find, even by her own students, but she would be a valuble woman to live by. With her location in hand, and the permissions from the Kazekage and Damiyo, Emi went on her way.

There was no fanfare, no farewell party. She left in the night, no word to her father or her other half.

Six months later

Sunburned and sweaty, Emi's blurry eyes stared blankly at the woman before her. Her pale frame swayed unsteadily under the hot rays of the sun. It'd taken her just this long to find her-- sure she had been tracking her for who knows how long. Was she hallucinating? She must be. The woman before her was tall and broad, perhaps the tallest person she had ever met. What was once probably pale skin was a deep caramel, littered with scars from battles past.  With a wild, long black hair, she looked more like some kind of wild cat than the delicate flowers that the Suzu liked to breed.

The woman's tongue clicked loudly against her teeth, and she sized the poor girl up.

"... You're Emi, aren't you? I gotta' say, you've got some pretty big balls, little girl. You could have died out here. "
"B-But I didn't-- "
" But you're about to. "

Emi's mouth opened, and she blinked lazily at the person before her. Was she right? She wasn't even sure. She was more concerned about the hunger pains in her stomach, and the thirst clutching at her throat. The woman regarded the sight before her with disgust more than concern. The desert was cruel, as was she, she didn't have time for this weak little flowers to be in her way.

" Mnn', you know you want to give in, little flower. The sand is right there, you know it's soft to lay in. I must say I'm impressed, I've been watching you for awhile now. "
"I .. why didn't you-- "
" Why didn't I just drop myself in your lap? Life isn't easy, sugar, and your targets will not do the same. I have to say, I was going to give you another week before sending you home, but you've passed. Come along, little one, we've got much to learn.  "


Emi blinked as the woman turned, moving away from the girl. Emi stumbled to follow. She hurt all over, but she pushed forward. Hopefully there would be shelter to greet her--- food even better. She'd run out of supplies, and while hunting could be done, with no knowledge of the region, she found the whole process increasingly difficult.

" Keep up, little one, I'd hate for you to get lost again. "

Chapter 4: Earning your keep.

RP Sample: (This will boost you're chances on getting an higher rank)

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