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I, Monster.

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1 I, Monster. on Sat Feb 07, 2015 9:47 pm

"I'm here, little sis. I'm always here."

Name: Suzu, Yuan
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Village: Otogakure.
Village Rank: ANBU Captain.
Skill Rank: S.

6 feet. 1 inch.
Weight: 198 lbs.
Hair color: Jet-black.
Eye Color: radiant gold & fire-hues.
Looks Image:
Looks That Kill:
Looks Description:
There is an ambivalent beauty to this darkness; a demeanor that would often take away from the image that would provide bliss to a certain type of onlooker, is oft-swept beneath a proud guise; a masquerade beneath the flesh that allows one the projection of “perfection” to the judgmental gaze. Sun-kissed flesh that hasn’t bore witness to the ravages of time – no, not yet. Perfect angular features that allow every droplet of rain to caress before slipping off and away.

Personality Description:
He knows the rules; it’s just that matter of: ‘doesn’t give a fuck’. The sentiment can be felt from whether it be the way he lives or the way a decision is made; there are no simple, logical conclusions – a single situation doesn’t need to be met with a singular response. Very much of that ‘in the moment’ type of mind; his actions are nearly purely instinctual, allowing the moment to dictate decisions has worked so far… and it doesn’t appear he’ll be changing any time soon.

  • His Sis; families first yanno? Not that mushy shit either; more so that waist deep, heat of the moment, toe curling, barrels of sweat type of like.
  • Instigation; always up for an argument – hopefully one that leads to a fight.
  • Other people’s things; they weren’t yours… now they are. Things look better that way, don’t they?


  • Humility; stuck up folk – every one of ‘em. Fuck ‘em. He’s brash. Fuck you too.
  • Locked Doors; what’re you trying to hide? It isn’t gonna be a secret for too much longer.
  • People’s Opinions; yeah… didn’t ask for ‘em, don’t need ‘em.

Catch Phrases:

  • ”Come. Suck on this chakra rod…”
  • ”Fuck you and your army of retarded midgets…”
  • ”We’re going to see just how long your constitution holds up… ‘til you’re eating from the floor beneath my feet.”


  • "A new Era of Domination has begun..."

Element Affinity:
Sub Element Affinity:


  • Chapter One – From the Pot

    A late night; screams, moans, cries – children were again born into the world. This family, one of no repute; a Mother absent a husband – bringing twins into a war-torn village. A girl. A boy. While it may have seemed fortuitous, the children would never know their mother. They would’ve barely known one another – with the exception that their appearances nearly mirrored one another. The Mother died that night – clan “policy” was to immediately begin raising the children apart from one another, apart from the opposite sex. Girls were escorted off to grow up knowing only a courtesan’s life-style, until finally learning the ninja way of life therewithal. The boy, however, the boy was to grow up in a far more brutal environment. If the women were the spies – the men were the foot soldiers. Trained in the lethal arts, knowing only how to take a life – often even at the expense of their own. This is where the boy’s tale had begun – where he’d become the man he is today.

  • Chapter Two – Into the Fire

    There comes a time in a boy’s life, where he has to make a decision: give up or grow up. As a part of the Suzu Clan, that decision is placed before them even before they’re rightfully allowed to become Genin. From the day they’ve been enrolled into the program, each group is carefully selected; common traits shared amongst the children allow for simple groupings to be monitored before carefully arranging the induction ceremony that places these groupings against one another – the winner being the one left alive at the end – capable of becoming a Genin and furthering their learning.

    As one might expect, the Genin Class is generally… small. However those who’ve been selected are the “cream of the crop” the elite of the children – however the training experience prior affects the children, they interact with far less enthusiasm [except for the select few that may have enjoyed the Induction Ceremony], they never really place trust in those around then – preferring only taking part in group activities as a necessary action to better their odds during a mission.

    It is here, however, where Yuan differed. His psyche was akin to that of a simpleton – nearly forgetting the ordeal moments after the blood had washed from his hands. As a Genin, he showed little-to-no hesitation towards attempting friendship with those Genin that had accompanied him to class – for the moment they were his equals, even though at the back of his mind… he knew he was superior. It didn’t take long for him to show just how right he was. A natural with weaponry – kunai in particular – teachers took notice, however they also noticed a lack of empathy for his opposition, and even simple spars were brutally short. The children opposite him often spent a lot of time beneath the touch of medical-nin – sometimes even missing weeks at a time in recovery. The boy was a savant, however he knew no restraint.

  • Chapter Three -

RP Sample:
Sample Provided:
Thus they had tripped, fell, stumbled, and he'd landed in heaven -- a momentary black out leaving eyes to open as if being awoken by the shaking of the pretty little thing that sat upon the ground next to him. As lids opened, a ray of sunlight shot around vaguely glowing locks that lay in such disarray; it threatened to blind for a moment before remembering that he still resided both outside in the middle of the jungle and beneath a checkered canopy overhead that with a quick lean of his head shielded him from losing sight again.

Hey, Mister, are you alright?

Was he? Had the trees killed him comically? Nah, he deduced quickly that the angel would've been trying to explain his untimely demise instead of wondering whether or not he was okay. Atleast that was heaven in his book; Hey, you're dead... play this harp and worship the lord all day. It clearly must've meant that life still lingered in his blood, even as his body felt a slight twinge of pain from whatever stone or stick rested beneath the lower half of his back. The moment was clearly awkward, Nathan took too long contemplating whether or not this was heaven, only to finish his thoughts outloud.

"So you're not an angel..."

The words were clearly to himself, although the his sudden deduction may have been a detriment to the girl's pride even more so than the small trickle of blood that supposibly marred her face. A hand pressed into the ground, forcing his torso upward and allieviating the pain that was caused by a particularly round pointed root that jutted out of the ground, that probably was some sort of joke the jungle gods thought was rather hilarious. Nathan's eyes once again wandered back to the girl next to him, he'd almost forgotten she was still there and had asked a question.. what was it? Oh, yeah.

"Uhhh... yeah.. I think I'll survive."

Eyes wandered around the floor beneath them, as if to see if their were any other annoying roots out and about -- or if it were just in that one spot. Turns out the floor of the jungle was riddled with 'em, that it wasn't just out to get him today. Alas, good news, this wasn't going to be him versus the island jungle. Attention once again turned back to the girl who clearly didn't belong out in the middle of the jungle either. Eyes wandered upward on the body; taking self-assessments and trying to decide whether or not he'd let her continue whatever trek she was on, on her own.

"Are you lost or something? You don't look like a forest creature..."

The question was almost stated as if he already knew the answer was going to be yes, and yet it was followed up with him acting like he actually knew what a forest creature looked like. Neither could've been further from the truth -- but then again, what reason did he have being in the forest? Was he actually going to admit he was lost? Probably not.

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