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Facing the Truth [Open]

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1 Facing the Truth [Open] on Mon Feb 16, 2015 2:14 am


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin
Throwing the large scroll over his shoulder Akio tied his forehead protector loosely and hung it from his neck. Stepping out of his rented room Akio didn't waste any time as he headed straight for the administration building. The one he knew would contain the one that was known as the Mizukage. While he was nervous Akio couldn't help, but be glad he was back home after the long leave he had taken. The same leave he had failed to report in from and most likely would cause him to be declared a run away. Although seeing as he hadn't run into any problems yet he figured he would be just fine for the time being.

Step by step Akio grew closer to the building that was his target as he ran a hand through his blue hair. This was the moment that he would figure out just were he stood in Kirigakure, was he still welcome or would he be a case that was suppose to be killed or restrained on sight. Which ever one was the case he wouldn't back down from whatever he would face at the Kage's building. Stepping toward the door of the building Akio paused for a moment as he scanned his surroundings. He hadn't ran into any resistance and he was only a few more steps from the door. Strange seeing as the old man that was once his Sensei was not Kage. Unless the man had been replaced or had neglected smaller things in favor of more important matters. Shrugging Akio took the last three steps before standing in front of the door, knocking loudly. While he could have just walked in he figured this was a better coarse of action. After all he would need to be confronted by someone, at least on a casual level which was better then nothing and hopefully would answer if he was considered a threat to the village or not.

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